Marketing Strategies For Your Solavei(TM) Business|How Can Customers Find Me?

Marketing Strategies|How Can I Get More Customers For My Solavei(TM) Business? 

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To find more customers for your business it is important to keep the following 4 ideas in mind:

1) Have a great mindset. Read Inspiring business books daily.  The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone is a great book to start.
Listen to great audios daily. 

2) Know who you want as your best customers to be in terms of

a. age
c. ethnicity
e. location
f. education level
g. annual household income


a. What do they like?
b.What do they no like?
c. What do they love?
e. What do they hate?
f. what do they need?
g. what do they do for recreation?
h. What do they do for a living?
I What do they want?

And figure out who your Sweet-spot customer is. This is the customer that becomes your friend because they are just like you or maybe they have certain business skillsets

3) Decide what of the thousand’s of different marketing strategies you want to use to reach your sweet-spot customers

4) Decide whether you will learn how to do these marketing strategies or whether you will outsource your marketing work

I’d like to thank Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert my mentors for some of the sales and marketing concepts above find them here if you are a superstar salesperson and want to be legendary:

I hope you have learned something from today’s Hangout. It was my intention today to leave you better off in your knowledge of what it takes to find customers in your business.

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