Marketing Strategy Of A Successful Network Marketer

 Marketing Strategy Of A Successful Network Marketer


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We’ll this has been one wild ride so far.  Each day I blog, market that blog post –  in different social media, and I read about marketing and sales concepts in social media groups in their posts, other people’s blog posts and in books that I read each day.  What it has done is open up my mind to learning how to become a better communicator a better marketer and that in turn leads to sales.  To date I have seen some success in my network marketing and affiliate marketing journey

I also listen to the Costa Rica Masters Retreat and The 15K Formula, going back and forth between the two of them.  These are products that started out with Empower Network and now are given as bonuses for people that buy as customers the products that teach beginning and advanced network marketers how to sell their products, build their teams and gain mass influence over their competition in their company…Interested? Read on.

I am blown away by the quality of the content.  These gentlemen,  Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood, Chris Record, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, and Rob Fore, Tracey Walker, Tony Rush and others share along the way as I explore the products I bought.  These  are some serious sales and marketing geniuses, and the Empower Network courses.

I got ALL IN as soon as I heard how great The Inner Circle was, and I got the money together.  They are phenomenal, and worth way more than they are charging.

Easily from what I’ve seen so far there is $20,000 or more of value in just one of the videos in the Costa Rica Masters Retreat.

I know I have spent, since 2005 learning complex sales from a mentor, Dan Kreutzer of The Samurai Business Group in contractual obligations.  They are training me one on one and in a group of mid-level small business owners.  The quality of Empower Networks course as far as content goes, is on par with what I have been learning since 2005! My outcome has been set at $20,000/ month since then.

Update: Not there yet, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel(The Grinders Tunnel) as I have watched as a partial participant $20,000 months occur for my workout partner Chad Ockstadt.  It was this breakthrough that made me see this really is possible. That plus the fact that I watched Arthur Tubman and Chris Record make over $300,000 in product launches that I was part of learning the skill of digging your own traffic wells through a variety of different methods.  Let me know in the comments if you want to know what they are.


But, it is blogging that I truly have found a passion for, even though there are some days that I do not want to blog.  Do you know what it is like when you feel guilty for not creating a blog post?  I do.  Tony Rush said in one of the products or it might have been in an Empower Hour call.  If you need to take a break, take a break, for a day but not two.  That has helped me keep moving forward and it will help you too.


My First PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign

 Network marketing successs


I have been buying paid advertising, from CPC Brokers, Joel Straight, John Chatman and  because I did not have the ability to use my various suspect and prospect lists that I own from my sales and marketing agency.   AWeber will not let anyone receive information from me unless they double opt-in, because of the canned spam act.  I have ˜2000 in one list and another 500 in another…hmmm there must be a way I can clean this list up and have it used …haven’t figured that one out yet.  I’ll let You know as soon as I know.

My answer two years later I found is, I can not.  I sent an individual email to everyone of those people and told them that if they wanted more emails from me to get on my AWeber list.  Since then I have built a 1400 person and a 270 person list of people that have opted-in to my lists.  I also found out that I can set my AWeber account so that my opt-ins are single opt-ins only.

This is a business choice you will have to make.  One the one hand, single opt-ins are easier to get opted-in to your list.  But, if they are that easy they usually do not convert that well.  So far 4 people have joined my team and all quit eventually.

But from working with Chad Ockstadt I have learned a great deal about the number of people you need to get into a network marketing company because about 80% will quit or do nothing once they join.  In fact, I have learned that if you want to have a steady income you need to get your lead flow up to 30 people a day of good people and of them 2 will join.  3o leads a day and 2 new sales a day of your front-end product(your lowest priced product) and you are set for life.


SEO With Your Content Marketing

 SEO magic

I have also been doing SEO with Google Keyword Tools on some of my blog posts.  I pick low-competition, long-tail, keywords that have some good, global and local traffic for the kind of article I am writing in my daily blog posts.

I write one post to help people that join my team and one on a popular topic that is fun to watch.

That is what you do when you are just getting started.  Now I write blog posts that I have done the targeted long-tail keyword research on.  I try to pick keywords using two strategies so far:

1) Only choose low competition keywords that have at least 1000 people searching for the keywords on a monthly basis

2) Using the strategy that John D Rockefeller used I am picking the keywords no one else wants just like Rockefeller refined the oil that all the other companies considered low grade crude oil.  He proved them all wrong when they laughed at him.  In the end it doesn’t matter if they laugh.  Results speak louder than any laughter.

Here is how I am looking at it.  If I can find a long-tail keyword with only 30 people looking at it per month that is still 30 people that are targeted to my solutions to their problems and I would be silly to pass up the opportunity to help 30 people.

You see you will constantly be sorting out the many people in the world that say they want to be successful to find the few that really are willing to do what it takes to create their own success. Then you teach those few how to sort out the many.  If you do anything else in network marketing you will start to lose money.

Those are the best to write.  They are fun to write and they will produce leads if you produce the content tied to a call to action that is tied to a marketing funnel

I also write posts from what I learn in all the products.  This is essential because you will understand the products enough to help people buy them, and you are producing great content, don’t share all the answers to people’s problems in these posts, leave some unanswered that they can get answered when they buy your products.  You become an authority this way.  The more posts you write with good content the more the search engines will reward you by ranking your content over others.  The best part is once you get it the way you want it:

1) correct punctuation and grammar mistakes

2) get good images that you have the rights to use

3) Link your posts to outside websites of high authority

4) link your post to a couple of your other posts

5) make it possible for comments and likes and shares on social media for your posts


You will find that your website ranking in will grow.  I got one of my blogs to 300,000 in the World and then got slapped for something.  So I started my blogging over.  Then, I got slapped again and I started over again.  Why would I put myself through all that torture?  Because I want to make this a business for myself and my family for generations to come, so I need how to do this properly.  What is properly?  Blogging that gets results.  What results will I achieve? Thirty new, targeted leads a day.  That is the way you measure Freedom.  Thirty new leads a day and two new sales of your front-end product.  You want to form a relationship with your customers over time.  The reason being the lifetime value of the customer will be greater than the small front-end offer price they paid you initially.


The Viral Video Marketing Funnel

Viral Video Software Net Video Hunter


People want to relax when they are not working.  They want to laugh. They like to watch viral videos and movies.  I was getting about 100 viewers/month when I started.  The reason I know that is I placed a code in my blog from Google Analytics.  It measures on a daily, weekly and monthly, the number of people that view and some read my blog posts.

Then one day I learned that you can attract leads of a less targeted type(Rockefeller would have liked those leads.) I did a test marketing campaign, and people would watched a funny or cute viral video, and then clicked on a link that took them to a capture page from Prosperity Central(one of my lead wells)  I captured the non-copyrighted video onto my computer from facebook or any other video sharing service, using NetVideo Hunter software.   People were willing to opt-in, and share my videos, always videos from people, never any copy written videos. The kind of videos you see on Americas Funniest Videos.  A smaller percentage of people that watch these videos want to make money online too, But it is not very targeted.  But it worked for Kevin Sousa. So I tested it and I am testing it some more.


I Blogged Under The Wrong Assumption For A Year


Brian Couch was nice enough to call me on my BS( I thought I had posts on the front-page of Google) and told me I was doing my long-tail keyword research wrong.  I was tracking my results while still logged into a Google product.  Of course my posts were landing on the front-page of Google.  I was logged in.  I soon realized no one was seeing my blog posts, except the 30 search engines most days.  That explained why I was not getting leads or sales from my blog.

But, I also was missing a big part of online marketing using content marketing.  I was not tracking my ads or blog posts.  Now I am and I can see when a lead comes in from a image link or link from my blog post that tracks:

1) What type of link it is

2) What the content or link is about

3) The date of the post.

Using the simple code of &tid=typecontentanddateofpost


The Right Way To Do Keyword Research

Brian and others over two years have shown me the right way to do keyword research.  I am now finally after of year of doing it wrong, seeing real results and much greater results than I ever got before on my own.  Now my posts do get seen by 1200 each month and that number is growing. Lawrence Tam sees numbers in the 5,000 views, so I have much further to go.  But, I am seeing a trend of my posts taking off almost on their own now.  I am fine tuning my:

1) Syndication Strategy

2) Repurposing My Content Strategy


My next goal or outcome is 500 per day people will see my blog on a given day.

Today actually, I learned of a new syndication strategy that I think will get me much greater results for each post.  You need to take Massive action when you syndicate to get great results.  What does Massive action look like?   Take a look at the Infographic I found on Pinterest today.   This is massive action that you can take on one post:

Infographic from Michael Q Todd on Pinterest


I am cleaning up all my old posts and numbering them


When I look at this, one of my first blog posts, I realized how bad my writing was( maybe still is) but now I am cleaning it up.  I can barely read what I wrote.  I hope my writing and blogging has improved since two years ago.  They say you need 10,000 hours of anything to become an expert at it.  I still have a ways to go.  I will always be learning and getting better and better as a writer.  It takes time writing, to become a good writer.  Reading books from good writers helps too.  Listening to audios helps as well.

That is my goal.  That is my outcome in life as I love writing.

The most exciting part is that new unique viewers are increasingly coming to my blog posts and staying longer and not bouncing as much as when I started writing :)  That makes me very happy!  Thank You to my new and recurring readers!

If You are not in Empower Network and You’d like to make money blogging from the comfort of your own home…keep reading


Don’t Pay More Than $0.50 per Click

PPC Lead Cost Fifty cents or less


I completed one CPC campaign, and it cost me about $1 per click.  So far it has brought me a list of 100 AWeber, auto-responder subscribers, and 19 have double-opted in so I can send them additional emails.   I watched a training video in The Prosperity Team Training Back Office.  I have also bought leads for $500 and received nothing in return.  What did I learn from that?  Never to buy from that guy again.  In fact I forgot all about him as soon as I learned he scammed me.  There are plenty of places you can get good leads if you do not want to drill for your own leads.  I recommend that you learn how to drill for your own leads.  Once you do, no one has a strangle hold on your business ever again.  Learn to Drill for your own leads.  If you’d like to learn how I will be happy to guide you in the right direction.  Because although everyone and their Mother seems to be an expert online they really are nothing more than guides to the right resources, techniques, tactics and strategies.  It all falls into three main areas of marketing online or offline:

1) Market research – You have to learn whom you are going to sell to and whom you are not going to want to sell to.

2) Marketing Strategy – Now that you know whom you want to sell to you have to decide how you are gong to do it

3) A person to do the work – Either it will be you or you will pay someone to do the work for you.


Email Marketing For You If You Are New To Online Network Marketing


The nice part is that Empower Network has swipe emails that convert well, and they will also send emails for you if you tell them it is OK to do so, that will be coded to your affiliate account.  We did not have that in the beginning of Empower Network.  It is a great feature since mars of The Launchman joined Empower Network art the request of Jonathon Cronstead from Digital Marketer Circles. 

 Now I do not have to write emails unless I want to add additional broadcast emails or I learned tonight that I can send broadcast blog casts.   One great way to get good traffic to your blog posts is to send them to your email list daily.  I am starting this test soon.  Stay tuned to this blog to see how well it works.  Always test, measure and tweak all your drilling for leads campaign’s.  When you get one that works, scale it up and monetize.  Do not throw your money at campaigns unless you have measured them and know their opt-in and sales conversion numbers.  That way you will know exactly what to expect.  I spent about $30,000 learning this lesson the hard way.  Now, you do not have to do that. Keep your blog and audio subscriptions current, add a media hosting account monthly ,so you do not have to worry about getting your video channel shutdown(I lost 350 videos that way) Let me know if you want help reducing the chance your videos will stay up. Comment down below if you’d like this safeguard marketing tactic. Lastly, do not be discouraged if your content is less than perfect in the beginning.  My first set of blog posts and emails were ugly.  I cleaned up all my first set of follow-up emails and I am in the process of cleaning up my blog posts.  Warning:  Check your categories for where they rank in Google and other search engines.  I deleted 1700 categories.  That hurt my standings in Google.  I did it because someone I should not have listened to told me I should not have more than 4 categories per post.  Not always true. 

Lesson learned: Only listen to people that are on stage that are making $30K/month or more for marketing tactics and strategies.  There are lots of “experts” out there until something changes online with algorithms or other terms and condition changes from certain websites.  You have to be flexible and innovate from following successful people, then testing what they say, measuring the results you get and then if it works scaling it up.


 My Results In The Beginning

Tom Lincoln


The pay per click advertising campaigns I have running in the very beginning now are based on pain, fear and gain of my prospects.  Examples are:

Results of my first PPC(Pay Per Click) campaign was 400+ clicks, 19 opt-ins so that was a 4.7% opt-in rate which is terrible.  I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but I own the domain rights for two years through GoDaddy.  I forward my domain easily to my capture page provided to me through the Empower Networks affiliate system. Copy that link into the forwarded domain window in GoDaddy manage your domain screen and in about 2 hours you test your website address to make sure it goes to your capture page and you are ready start generating leads, subscribers, confirmed subscribers and eventually converted sales.  

There are tutorials now in your Empower Network back office to help you do that easily.  Your job is to keep the leads coming in consistently and let the EN system do it’s “magic” with the Level Up Sequence, and convert a portion of them to sales and upgraded sales.  

I’ll let You know when that happens.  The future is looking very bright!  I was such a NOOB back then, but I have learned everyone starts where they start. I was no different.  The only thing I had going for me would not help until I started doing workout partner calls and then later workout partner texts using Google Voice.

 More results:  You do not want customers that will respond to this kind of a marketing message 90 days cash.  These are people that will not invest in their future.  These are people that are in too much trouble for you to help them, except for sharing this with them:

Two Videos From The Secret Scrolls

Tell anyone that is already in too much pain ion their life for you to help them to watch these videos for 30 days in a row.  It is what I started with and my life got so much better when I did just that. for women that own horses and can’t always afford the cost of owning a horse.  This was a terrible Idea I let die.  This campaign only brought in 4 clicks so far, but it may still be running.  I changed it to a facebook page called pay For My Horse which is growing.  The name above kept being confused with a porn site.  Oops!  Bad idea!  80%-90% of the ideas a marketer gets fail.  It is part of the industry that most people will never understand.  The 10% that works is then scaled up.  You are constantky digging lead wells.  It is kind of like Rockefeller drilling for oil wells


If You are not in Empower Network and You’d like to make money blogging from the comfort of your own home keep reading

Who Is A Good Customer For Empower Network?

In the beginning two years I targeted the wrong market.  Lesson learned.  The best audience for Empower Network is not opportunity seekers.  It is not people that hate their job that have never been in a network marketing company.  Most of the people that seem to do the best in this company have been ion several network marketing companies in the past.  These people usually have had at least 5 people on their customer list.  Then there are people that have run teams of hundreds to thousands of customers on their customer list.

It is too big a jump in belief to start people on their very first network marketing company.. Can this be done, Yes, but it will be harder than attracting people that like network marketing as a business model but they struggle with one of the following areas of their business:

1) Mindset was wrong with them or their downline

2) Producing Sales

3) Team Building so that members want to stay long-term, and dealing with team leaders leaving to go to another company.

4) Gaining Mass Influence in their chosen marketplace.

It doesn’t matter what company you are in.  If you are in one of the following situations we can help your business:


1) Your business is in pain.  You are in pain.

2) You are in fear that you will be in pain

3) You have an impending life-changing event coming up that you need to be financially ready for

4) You have a financial goal or outcome set but you are stuck.

Stuck is a terrible place to be.  We understand.

Attract people to your main business and bring in an extra $30,000/month into your bank account.

I am not guaranteeing you this amount but it can happen.


Your results will vary. To see average earnings go here:

Empower Network

I also did some testing of using facebook fan pages and it is a good way to attract a certain type of person.  You can target the kind of people you want to work with. You want people that value education and freedom.  People that enjoy luxury activities.  In short, people that have at least $300 per month to spend on marketing and advertising.  Anything less makes it harder to be successful, but it can be done.  Will you do it?  That remains to be seen. and www. will be my next campaigns.   These are still running two years later.  While the idea of selling network marketing training to non-network marketers does not sound like a good idea, I am finding some traction with these, but it is still too soon to tell if these seeds will end up with a big harvest of leads and sales. 

I ran many different tests with CPC Brokers.  This and other paid advertising got me my sales so far.   I learned that CPC brokers(I think and it is only a guess) only want to run one campaign for you at a time.  The emotional pain that these people are in is great, and Empower Network(EN) is the answer to solve that pain.  That is what I thought and this was not confirmed in more testing.  Back to the drawing board!   Next, I am adding a bridge video, fist the one Empower network provides to all people that get in at the Top Producer Formula level.  You can get in at that level by clicking this link.


Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready, Fire, Aim


I learned so much so far by getting ALL IN and using all the video trainings, as quickly as humanly possible and taking massive action.   90% action and 10% learning.  Ready fire Aim!  That is how successful people do things.  And you know what?   The mistakes I am making are not that bad.  I learn from them and move on.    Now any sale that comes in and upgrades, I get paid a healthy commission of 70% of what ever I sell while doing other things I like to do rather than working a job.  I do the work once, make sure it is good, adjust it after I measure and track how it works and then I scale it up.   Once you learn how to do this it is like printing money. 

Whenever we talk about income of lifestyle we always give the following income disclosure:  Your results will vary.  To see average earnings go to That money can ad up quickly.  I am not promising you it will, but it can.

If You are not in Empower Network, and You’d like to build your current network marketing, mlm, or direct sales business while making money blogging from the comfort of your own home, the4n here is what I need you to do next:

  1. Click–>Here
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  3. Watch The Video
  4. Buy all the products



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