Millionaire Habits Continued 8 -15

I have seen these people all too often as a business consultant.


Before they quit life was great.

They were experts in their field. They had had enough of working for someone else. They were going to start their own business

I learned from watching these gentlemen or women in business that unless they learned to sell, at this level, unless they learned how to find decision makers and help them buy their products or services their business would stop.

Now, these gentlemen(pictured above, well not really they are actors representing the consultants I used to see) have a chance. They have a chance to lock arms with a network of people, men and women, that all know how to sell. They know how to help people buy.

They know how to do the marketing strategies and tactics we covered before in the previous post:

1-7 we covered in this post

In this post we will cover the rest of the Millionaire Habits, #8-#15.  These are the habits that millionaires do to get their business seen by others.  How do I know?    This is an adaptation from a post from Aaron Rashkin, million dollar earner plus, plus, inside Empower Network. and many other network marketing businesses as well as others over the years.   He has been in business, some 20+ years.

I too have been in business a long time  I started in 1993 and today it is 2015.  Let’s see that makes it (pulling out a calculator) 22 years I have been in business.  These are my thoughts on each area that Aaron talks about, that I have learned about in my business.

8) Publishing Your Conversations – Now that you have interviewed the people you saw on stage that are experts in a facet of that thing that you are an expert in, you are ready to publish in a blog post or a video or an audio that interview.  It is great content for your prospective client.  By providing this to them you take on an authority presence in their mind.  remember , it does not matter what you think.  It matters what they think.  They are making the buying decision that pays your bills, your mortgage, and allows you to have time freedom which is the best advantage to owning your own business…again preaching to the choir, right?
9) Writing Articles – Writing articles is a way to be seen as an authority and search engines will rank the article based on the keywords that are covered in it.  Doing keyword research is important but it is more important to write for people that have problems.  The article should cover the solution to those problems.  There are article submission directories that you can use as well. The popularity of any marketing tactic will always be changing based on algorithm changes by search engines so always Google the top article directories or scan which ones are popping up in search engine results before you choose which one you are going to place your article in. Hubpages and Squidoo became one, and Ezine Articles are a place to start, but they got slammed recently so research first, will always lead to better results.  You can also Google web pages like and then type the page you want to see that looks similar to the page you typed in.

10) email marketing

This is one area that Aaron Rashkin is most certainly an expert.  His video lessons on email marketing inside the $15K Formula are legendary.  I will reserve my comments until you have watched them.  You can purchase them here.  They cover email marketing strategies and techniques that he has used to get sales online. AWeber, GetResponse and Mailchimp

11) Following Up

There is a right way to follow up with customers or people that have already become members of your team and a wrong way.   The right way will allow the customer to become completely clear on the strategies and tactics they will use in their business.  The wrong way will talk about the features and benefits of the products.  It is not about the features and benefits of the products at this stage in the relationship.  It is about the problems of pain, fear of pain, or lack of gain and what resources in time and treasure both on a short-term and long term basis your new customer as to provide to their business.  It s about them and their business.


12) Making Calls

Never make calls to prospects.  It is much easier to follow #11 above when doing new member calls.  Making New member calls is the difference between a front-end offer sale and 2X to 3X your sales conversions.  The new sales professional is afraid to call customers.  The advanced professional, knows and understands that what they have to sell is valuable, probably 5X’s more valuable than what they are charging for it.  What should you buy? All of it.  That is what the advanced sales professional is always thinking.  They truly care about the success of their customers.  They know that that is the best chance for the customer to succeed.  More knowledge applied( meaning they use the products they buy and learn from them and then implement them and make sales from the knowledge) equals more income in their customers bank account, in the advanced sales professional’s mind.

They also realize that their product or service is not right for everyone.  They realize that the customer may be in to much pain to help. Or, the logistics of the situation are not right, yet.   This then becomes a future sale.  But, the sales professional does not waste the customers time at this point in the relationship.  It is a no and next in the mind of the advanced sales professional.  You can always point the customer in the right direction to some more resources to help them with their situation.  It is just the right thing to do.  Rectitude is very important for the person that is serious about a career online.  Do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do.

Making Calls
13) Masterminding

This is where you will get together with other network and affiliate marketers and share your strategies and tactics with like minded people.  This is the only community of people that are competing against each other, that share their best strategies and tactics with each other.  Why? because they live in an abundance mindset.  In essence they really are not competing against each other.  Their strategy may or may not work for you, but it may and vice versa.  It is great to get around other like-minded people.  Together we all achieve more and their is plenty of abundance to go around.  We get together with other industry professionals every 90 days.  Top earners in our industry travel to events 5 to 6 times a year.  The perk of this industry is that they are usually at resorts and golf, spas, involve water-sports of some kind, or just plain ole’ relaxing and doing nothing for a as long as they want…because they can.  This usually follow after the 3 day meetings.



14) Posting Ads

This is one way that you can get eyeballs on your offer.  This could be covered in a whole series of blog posts on it’s own.  Aaron and Sophia Rashkin are masters in paid traffic, so are Chris Record, Arthur Tubman and so are many others including my sponsor Mack.  He built an empire with paid traffic doing launches.  He is a product launching master.

Paid Advertising Master
15) Creating Relationships

This business of being in business for yourself is all about relationships.  Remember that you are working with people.  One thing for certain that you always know if they become a customer of yours is they have a problem.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t need you.

Their problem will look like one of the following:

1) Pain they are in.  Think of it this way, if you have a cold you may not necessarily need to spend a lot of money.  But if you are having a heart attack you will want the best Doctor money can buy.  There are varying degrees of how much pain someone is in.  Many times they do not know what they do not know.  By having a discovery conversation with them, the beginner will discover what pain the customer is in, the advanced sales professional will be there when the customer discovers for themselves what that pain really is.  It i the sales professionals job to keep the customer safe during the discovery, keeping in mind that they did not cause the pain of the customer.  The customer had it before them.  You get to help the customer get out of that pain. The professional always knows that.

Fear of Pain in The Future –  This is not as strong a reason to change behavior by the customer.  The customer can wait to see if it will be OK.  This is usually a no, until the pain is great enough to change behaviors that got them into that pain in the first place.

Lack of Gain –  This looks like a person that knows where they are and knows where they want to go, but they have no idea how they will get there.  These situations tend to be better for the sales professional.  But, not always.  Because of the level of the compelling reason.

The Compelling Reason has to be greater than the Pain of Change.


CR>Pain of Change

When this happens you have a better chance of making a sale.  But, logistically it must make sense for the customer to

This is just the surface of creating relationships with customers that last a lifetime.  Remember the lifetime value of the customer is greater than the first front-end offer.  But, online marketing relies on the front-end offer to bring customers into the marketing funnel.  There are not many other ways to do that since you do not get to talk to them until they are a customer.

Unless of course, you like:

  • three-way calls
  • home meetings
  • meeting the prospect for coffee at a coffee shop only to have them tell you they need to get their spouses approval. In this case that is a No from your customer.  
  • Make sure your front-end offer has enough value that they got a good deal.  We are lucky that we can always under-promise and over deliver.  You should always do the same in your business.

These last 8 of 15,  million-dollar habits are from a post Aaron Rashkin wrote recently. I thought I would reflect on what we’ve learned about in these areas that make a million dollar earner a million dollar earner.  I hope they have helped you plan your strategy for your business.  If you missed the first 1-8 million-dollar habits you can find them here

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