Mindset Hacks For Starting A Business

This is a continuation of the lessons reaffirmed and learned from reading Rubies in the Orchard by Lynda Resnick with Francis Wilkinson

  1. Emphasis on the short term

     Short-term gain



    “Emphasis on the short term almost always comes at the expense of the long term”

    Many people in business get scared and they focus on the short term “money in their pocket” or “money in their bank account,” if they are thinking bigger, rather than building a long-term sustainable business that will continue to provide for them with residual income, for their lifetime and for the lifetimes of their heirs.

    In the end, it is a business decision, but the statistics are fraught with story after story of people that went for the quick buck, based on poor business ethics, and then were never seen again.

    There is a reason that 98% of all businesses fail.  The truth of the matter is being in business for yourself is not easy.

    Especially online businesses.   The reason is the rules are always changing with the market.  Google or another search engine can “slap,” or change their search algorithm and you site that is ranking well in the World can be lost and never to be seen again in a second. 

    But, the leveraged power of the Internet makes is worth learning the science of using the Internet to grow your brand awareness and bottom line globally.  There are many levels of understanding and many pieces to the puzzle of a successful online business.  It is not for the faint of heart.  You must have intestinal fortitude or persistence of vision to survive until you start to understand the science of providing value to the marketplace about 10Xs what they pay for.

    It is easy to feel the pressure of “having to produce.”    Many people on the sidelines will try to tell you how to run your business:

    a) They are from the “real world” of the 9-5’ers or Corporate America and like it.  That is good we all need people to work for us.

    To these people there is nothing you can say, except in business you have to believe in yourself long before others believe in you. 

    This usually is visualized when you start seeing the money come in.  Then, all of the sudden you are an overnight success! They start asking you, “How did you do this?”  That is when you know you have value to the marketplace.

    b) They are trying to get you to buy their latest deal.  There are always the “newest and best tools and strategies”  Now, in some cases it may be an innovation that will help your business.  But remember to always measure them against your core values.  If they fit who you really are as a business, then go at it from the standpoint of a test.    Always measure results of your “tests” Test, measure tweak, scale up.

    But stay focused on your core business. You need to establish yourself as an authority in one or two areas and that is it.   If you jump from one deal to the next deal, your audience will not know who you are, and the little money you make with the “thrill of the product launch” will run out, and you will constantly be in the position of needing to find a new deal. 

    This is called “The Attila The Hun Approach” to marketing.  What it creates is an un-responsive list, unless you are always finding them the best of the best products or services.  It is a business model to follow, but know what you are getting into before you go this route.  Some of the best marketers in the World have burned out from this approach.

    Stay focused with one product or service until you reach your first million dollars.  Then, decide what you want to do next. 

    Your results will vary. To  see average earnings go here




Your Business Must Provide Value To Your Market
“Value is rewarded while absence of value, sooner or later is always exposed and penalized.”   
If you are not providing value to the marketplace, by selling your products and services, that always under-promise and over-deliver, eventually the thrill of the Launch dies down.  The real business, of being in business, starts, and you will have to learn about traffic and conversions(to sales) strategies.
Robert Kiyosaki said it in Rich Dad Poor Dad…You must learn how to sell if you own a business.  The good news is we help you do that online and offline, and much more.  David and other leaders actually help you close your customers with affiliate links coded to you.

Start-ups are a…


Start-up Stress“Start-ups are a bitch”
It is very easy once the thrill o0f the launch fades to experience the emotions in the picture above.  Personal development will help with this.  This is why they are a big part of the 8 core commitments.
1) Read good books that inspire or educate you daily
2) Listen to the same kind of audios daily
3) Get on your Weekly calls for your company
4) Get to every meeting your company has.
5) Jump in Hangouts that are held Weekly by leaders in the Industry
6) Join mailing lists of industry leaders
7) Use the products you pay for when you get ALL IN

Only people that are in business for themselves know and understand that statement in bold above.  Start-ups are a bitch.

There is a phrase lovingly used in the Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Industry called “Being a Grinder”  This is a person that has not made their first $10,000 yet.  There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears from spouses and significant others and yourself until you break that threshold.  Keep at it and you will meet and exceed that outcome…quit and you most certainly will not.

Again, no guarantees in any business.  To see average earnings click here

It is in this phase, that you know pretty much nothing. 

You will make lots of mistakes on your journey to success.  Fail forward as fast as

you possibly can.  Learn from each test.  There is no right or wrong( unless you break the law that would be wrong)

As long as you are learning from your failed tests you are moving forward toward success.

What Do I Do Now?
What do I do now that I own a business?

How To Edit Your Videos

I recommend that rather than thinking, “This thing does not work!” Follow the eight core commitments that we teach you in your fast start training and then put your blinders on, until you hit your first $1,000 in earnings. 

Then and only then, should you test and measure the results of some paid advertising.  Always use tracking links when you do this or you are just throwing good money after bad.

If you are starting a business, then the above hacks to your mindset that I got while doing one of the 8 core commitments, Reading daily,  may just help you weather the storms of indecision that are going to happen in your business. They happen in every business.  When they do remember why you started a business in the first place.  If you want to use the leveraged power of the Internet to help make your new company find more customers then take a look below.. We might even be able to help you with cash flow as you get started in your business.  As you will soon learn without cash flow you are dead in the water.  Cash flow is essential for any business.  It allows you to invest in marketing and advertising to generate more cash flow.  It is used to “prime the pumps” and give you enough time for your long-tern strategies to take hold.
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