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Top Producer Formula Lesson #6  many ways to generate mlm or multi level marketing leads

How would you like to learn how to fill your next event and close 80% of the room?


In this lesson, Keala Kanae shares many golden nuggets about how he generates highly targeted mlm or multi level marketing leads online for his primary business.  He uses these methods to drive traffic to his ads for his live events.  


mlm or multi level marketing leads


What I loved about this lesson is that he shared killer marketing tactics for a local marketing campaign(being very relevant to today’s technology) and he used “tried and true” tactics that traditional mlm or multi level marketing companies have used since I attended my first event back when I was 18(I am 53 now)  Over the years I have seen different companies come and go. 


I’ve been in companies or been pitched different lotions and potions, pills, legal services and both real estate and commercial real estate deals.  I’ve seen my friends skin turn orange, and have been threatened with “being arrested” unless I “leave immediately” from a home meeting that my sponsor was training me for his team.  I’ve also heard horror stories about my upline getting his entire downline being taken away.


Yes, I know there needs to be a hyphen in multi-level, but not online always 🙂   This post has been written keeping long-tail keywords in mind.  You should always write your posts like this. Otherwise, less people will see it.


In this audio lesson Keala talks about how he leverages his talent for creating ads that drive highly-targeted mlm or multi level marketing leads  and sales to his downline’s business.

Keala gave two great golden nuggets I will share with you here:

Using Special Codes To Track Where The Sale or Registrant Originated

1) /?id=their name or username to give credit to the person that brought them in.  This is placed at the end of the link used.

2) /?id=Co-op to split the sales that are coming into the room 2 or 3 Co-ops to get a sales $150/Co-op  allows your team members to generate sales.



 mlm and multi level sales tracking



In this audio I heard one small piece of his lesson that really inspired me.  If you can relate you’ll understand.


” if you’ve been bad at advertising and marketing long enough to get good at it? ” ~Keala Kanae


The results of using these two links will be:

  • Always have people that are happy to participate in your Co-op because they get great results
  • Know who to credit on your team for the sale


I’ve been in more than one Co-op, in the beginning of my online business, where I did not get results and that stings,.  I have also been in Co-ops where I got sales, so listen to this audio over and over until you get all the golden nuggets.  Of course, download the worksheet that comes with it:



1) join our team

2) do the “level-up” sequence

3) listen to this lesson, and all the others in the Top Producer Formula



He also goes over how to set up the room and describes how he runs his very successful, live, sales events.  


If you’d like to get all the golden nuggets in this audio then you need to make a decision that could remove the pain that you are currently experiencing, building your network marketing business:

If you Struggle in Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

1) your downline paying for drop shipping and not making any money

2) doing three-way calls with your downline at weird hours of the day 

3) inviting strangers into your home

4) running out of leads

5) people quitting your team after 90 days

6) your spouse or significant other nagging you about why you are not able to see your team duplicate

7) people are not seeing any results from your Co-ops and they are mad!


Or, If you struggle in a traditional business

1) not feeling confident about giving live presentations

2) not having anyone show up to your presentation or talk

3) not seeing any sales


Then consider learning some new tactics and strategies.  Before you do.  there is no guarantee in any tactic or strategy.  Your results will vary. But if you want to learn how do solve the problems above click this link here  


We have a lot of fun building our businesses online and offline.  You have found the right page for the future success of your business.

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