The Most Profitable Entrepreneur Business For You

I have learned a great deal about the different ways to find the most profitable entrepreneur business,  as an online and offline entrepreneur. My business history has been in a lot of them…here goes, get ready for this list it is hilarious when you think what I have done and learned, and still survived and thrived throughout different periods of this 22 years.


I got the idea to be an entrepreneur when I was 31.  Yes, I am going to be 53 in March.  Man time flies when you are an entrepreneur!
Here is a descriptive list of the entrepreneur businesses I have had in my life.  I’ve only worked in a traditional full-time job for 5 years of my life.  People that come from that world call me or insinuate that entrepreneurs are lazy.  To that, I say baloney!  You could not survive the life I have lived.  I am not interested to retire on $25,000 a year pension, and think of what could have been.  
I am not knocking the 9-5 World( Ok I am, sorry) We need workers in this world.  I am just not one of them I am a hard working entrepreneur.  But that is just me.
By the way, if you are an entrepreneur, do not try to sell a person that has worked all their life in a job that likes it.  They like the security of trading their time for money, having a paycheck and benefits they can always count on( as long as layoffs, recessions, world turmoil, greedy banker do not ruin the world economy…as long as those things do not happen they are fine.)  I say good for them…It is just not our adventure, we are entrepreneurs.
It is a miracle I am alive LOL

I started being an entrepreneur after a part-time entrepreneurial adventure
as an eco-tourism company, no correction I started first writing pamphlets about being an marine biologist and selling them by direct mail, because I bought a course from an infomercial, while working a full-time job in a science museum as a public program coordinator and then in the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and then another science museum as a education manager. I had a grand total of 5 years in the 9-5 world and I had had enough!  I wanted freedom and I would stop at nothing short of that!


most profitable entrepreneur business

I read in a book that the head of FedEx had started his company by making a crap bet in Las Vegas. I got books and video games on:

  • Craps – I made $5,000 doing that
  • Handicapping horses made $900
  • Playing the $1 slots made $400

I did pretty good at each of these at different times in my career as a professional gambler( yes I paid taxes on my winnings) until the odds went in the house favor( you have to be able to ride out the shift in the house odds by having a big enough bankroll and I did not) and I went belly-up
Next, I went back on the road doing science shows for children in elementary schools and Jr. High Schools working out of an office, I shared with two other people the size of a small bus, as Mr. Wizard’s Assistant, from Nickelodeon TV.  That was fun, I’d blow stuff up and talk about the science behind it, and end up signing autographs for 30 minutes at a time.  


I was also a stuntman, for live, shows, plus a couple of independent movies and one studio movie with John Travolta. I was also a dance instructor for corporate gigs, a bouncer at night, a voice over artist( I still am) and made a decent amount of money doing that per gig. But, it is gig work and does not pay the kind of money an entrepreneur is looking for.

most profitable entrepreneur business


We do not leave “the matrix”(9-5 society)for just any amount of money.  We are only interested in the amount of money that makes “us successful” in our own eyes.  Especially, the older we entrepreneurs get, we care less and less about what others think of us.  I even started a blog call Old Guy.  In it I pretty much mused about being old. LOL I had put Adsense on it an 83 other blogs and I think I made a grand total of $13, before I learned to market online.


I did murder mystery gigs too, as an actor.   I liked playing the bad guy and getting killed.  But, “the road” is a tough and lonely life, driving across the Eastern-half of the US and Midwest. As a “young kid” I had a blast traveling and I still get to travel every 90 days now and love it!.  


As model for an ultrasound company.  I was the older cardiac patient model. LOL  The doctors would look at me and just wince and say, “eww good luck with that.”  That probably saved my life as I had a narrowing of the subclavian artery.  Now I watch what I eat, walk two miles a day, and take medication for that condition.



Recessions tend to put a crimp in an entrepreneurs lifestyle, but they also, always open doors.  This is when, during three recessions periods, that I dug in and learned a new skill or got better at business skills.  I bought many, books, course and tapes and other courses on many different topics including single-family Real Estate, commercial Real Estate, Wholesale Merchandise Investing, and Commodity Investing until I realized it was a lose-Win situation( someone had to lose equity) in every deal in any Real Estate deal.

I tried Commodity Trading until the EuroFX went the wrong way and wiped me out.  I’ll go back to that in retirement if I ever retire.  


I like working too much, as long as it is as an entrepreneur because then, I get to call the shots, make the decisions, and am responsible for our results.  It is always about the results.  That is why I have been in search of the most profitable entrepreneur business and I found it… keep reading if you want to know what it is.

But, I kept on going. There is always telemarketing to do on a contractual basis, so I got good at the phones, selling and fund-raising for the Symphony. I saw some great classical music concerts that way.  I sold above the level of others always pushing to new levels the managers of the campaigns had never seen.  I’d also intimidate them every time(they thought I wanted their job?) I do not know, but it kept me in cashflow the lifeblood of any entrepreneur.  You see I was just not meant for working for another person’s dreams, trading time for money.  As an entrepreneur you have “Time Freedom”  There is nothing like it!

I would do anything to keep my company afloat during recessions.


I was a Corporate Carnie, taking moonwalks, giant slides, inflatable obstacle courses, and human bowling out to community functions, corporate picnics, or private colleges in the Midwest, yes, I was back on the road.  These gigs were paid for by big entertainment fees they charged the college students parents. But, I started being too expensive and when the recession was over they decided our contract was too expensive, when I asked for more money. Those were some profitable times and some not so profitable businesses as well in those years.

most profitable entrepreneur businesses

Learning to sell sponsorships and exhibit booths for trade shows, as a consultant, was a good business and I even made great contacts at the World Headquarters for Rotary International, as I found them a sponsorship deal.  My hourly was rising, as the owner of a marketing agency I was up to charging $350/hour for my time.  It is now a lot more valuable, as it is now based on my outcome.  

When 2008 hit and all marketing budgets froze it business got bad. At that time, I had built up a marketing agency and because of learning complex sales from The Samurai Business Group mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert, I had set my outcome to be $250,000/year in profit.  It still is set at that and I see it clear as the nose on your face.  I needed to find a good busiess model to use my new sales skills.

Working with a mentor helped me get my head straight, and learn how to help people buy.  Now my situation was that although I was becoming better at sales like Robert Kiyosaki told me to do, in Rich Dad Poor Dad, I now needed to find a new market, because the Fortune 1000 and 500 market had frozen, and it is just starting to unthaw now in 2015.  At the time of this post, our World economy is still being propped up by quantitative easing in many Central Banks.  We’ll see what happens when we go off it. Fingers crossed.

So I set out looking for the most profitable entrepreneur business I could find.  Now, if you are a real entrepreneur, and you started from less that zero as I did, you have worked your business part-time and had odd jobs, gigs, freelance jobs, anything to make money.   Once you make that leap your resume will reflect that you have been in business for 22 years.  There is No Plan B At That Point.  You must be successful, that’s it period!   Each one of those jobs gave me a new skill I could find a way to incorporate it in my business.  You can do the same for yours.


We keep this World Economy going by hiring people and buying goods and services.  You would think our tax rates would be better…but I digress that is a topic for another blog post for entrepreneurs.

So I know you are looking for the most profitable entrepreneur business for you and I have found it, but let’s look at what is out there.  There is method in my madness.

I’ve seen ads for poop scoopers, horse stall cleaners, mail room clerks, ice cream vendors( being the ice cream man) medical coders from home, all those get rich quick, Ponzi schemes, all those selling lotions, potions and pills, for network marketing companies( nothing wrong with the business model) it just wasn’t for me.

Then one day, I ran into by mistake, a picture of a cow on facebook. I clicked that picture of a cow(really it was a cow that was telling me to click it so laughing I did) and discovered the absolute best place and the most profitable entrepreneur business for me being an online, and later, an offline entrepreneur. It is by far the most profitable entrepreneur business I have ever found.

I clicked that picture, and it took me to a video on a Lear jet with wealthy people of the World having fun (they pictured success in my mind) and I wanted in. I put my email address in the box and I hit return and landed on a web page with a video this time, of a very conservative, this time, businessman from the first, hype-filled video, explaining the business, and it sounded and turned out to be legit!

most profitable entrepreneur business


Now, of course, there are many articles about having the most profitable entrepreneur business possible and if you click this link it will take you to some more ideas.


When you are done reading their great information come back here and click this link and be prepared to have your mind blown by how much money is possible in this business.  Most people look at this and say, “Look at how many people are not making money!”  

I look at it as an entrepreneur and said, “look at how much money I can make while having a life!”  


Being a self-employed entrepreneur has been tough, you are always only able to make as much as you sell.  You still have to do customer service and bookkeeping and accounting, and you always must be prospecting.   Why not learn to prospect automatically like I have?  You are an entrepreneur reading this right?  See, it works!  You can learn to do it too. 

I found my passion. I hope you find your’s too as you are an entrepreneur! We all want success, that is what we do!


If you would like to hear about my online and offline, network marketing/affiliate marketing, brilliant, business model that I am using to build a business while:

  1. having a life
  2. travel every 90 days to a nice, resort location, or city in the World 

 build a business that I can use to help other entrepreneurs learn how to market and sell online and offline


then check out the information below.


You are one of us! Welcome Brother or Sister!

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