101 Advertising Tips For Multi Level Marketers


101 Advertising Tips For Multi Level Marketers

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I Liked This Interview 


I liked this interview mostly because they were talking about thinking outside the box with totally free(there is no such thing in marketing you will always need to pay business expenses) or inexpensive and paid advertising ideas that really got me thinking.  If you are in network  marketing and looking for new ways to generate leads that convert well, try some of these methods mentioned in the link below.  Some of which I’ve heard of before(I’ve been studying advertising and marketing for years in my sales and marketing agency)  This business can be done by anyone!  It just depends how fast you will become successful.  If you have money, then you can buy your ads. But start small, test, measure make sure you know which ads convert best before you scale up and spend a lot of money to monetize.  Lead brokers will take your money happily and they do not care if you do not know what you are doing. 

 It helps if you have at least $300 per month to test your marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you buy your ads make sure that you are targeting people:

1)  that have pain

2) or they are in fear they will soon be in pain

3) Have an impending event coming up soon in there life

4) Have a goal or outcome they can not achieve on their own.

Then, you provide the solution to that problem.  I

f they have fear, your solution needs to alleviate the fear.  If your target market has a goal they can not obtain by themselves, then your solution needs to help them reach their monetary goal.  

Hearing these two gentleman talk on this interview has sparked my imagination.  I have placed three CPCBroker.com ads through my sponsor Mack.  I have gotten pretty good results so far, but I needed to spend money to do it.  This is just one of the 101 methods mentioned in this interview.  Keep reading to find out others.


When Running Ads On facebook

On Facebook, contact people in a non-spammy way. This is probably the best non-paid, marketing method that I’ve seen so far.  Instagram is also a good way.


  1. Research on facebook your target market.
  2. Look at their profile and learn a little bit about them.
  3. Do not give them your capture page link right away.  That is too spammy.
  4. Write them a message and ask them to tell you more about their business.  Show genuine interest and be truthful and honest with them( it is the only way that I intend to do business)
  5. They will respond about 50%-75% of the time, and they will probably tell you about their opportunity.
  6. They  will probably ask you about you, and that is your opportunity to start forming a relationship with them.  Tell them what you do, share your business.
  7. Some people will show interest some won’t.  Not everyone is right for your business.


They talked a lot about offline advertising  in this audio  Listen to as much audio, daily, as you can to learn how to generate leads, capture them ,and convert them into sales.  This is called building a marketing funnel.  Use these ideas to generate your own ideas of thinking outside the box to generate more traffic from your target market.

Thinking Outside The Box

Who Is Your Target Market?  


Who do you relate best to?  People that are like You.  What makes You tick?  Where do you hang out?  What are your hobbies?  These are just some of the questions to ask yourself and begin to find places to advertise to your target market.  These are the concepts to use, to begin to think like Chris Record and George Bailey.  Google them.  You will learn so much.  Model them and emulate them. But, do not copy them.  No one likes that.   Give them credit, refer people to their links.  Fair is fair .  You want to run your business ethically.  Plus, there is plenty of business for everyone.  Learn to think abundantly.

He also talks about custom thumbnail pictures you can put on your videos.  You get better clicks on your video with this.  They also talk about click through annotations you can put on your videos that people see after they click on your video. You can show your own ads on every single one of your videos.  You can learn more crazy ideas in the link below.  Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of any social network you use.  If they do not like what you are doing they will shut you down.   Test any concept or method on your own before you commit to any one strategy.  Things online change all the time.  Learn how to test, measure and tweak your results.  When you get the results you are looking for scale it up and monetize.

The best part about this interview was that they talked about an unlimited supply of leads out there in the offline and online world. You are hear reading this right now!  Congratulations! Your future is looking very bright!  When you do any of these methods right, people will be very willing to join what you have.

Go to his website http://www.101WaysToAdvertise.com  

I was very impressed by this interview with Chris Record and George Bailey   I learned about Chris from the 15K Formula. If you are in EN and don’t have that product.  Get that product, it will explode your business.  Pull out your credit card and get ALL IN.  You get that older product as a bonus. Even if You have another business, get that product.  It has solid marketing advice!

If you’d like to explore learning how to reach more people for your business by producing marketing funnels click here and begin your adventure today


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