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Personal Development Audios

You can listen to many of the old Amway tapes on YouTube.  In particular listen to:

“Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink”  If you really want to understand what being in home business is really all about.  He hits you right in the bullseye several times, because what Dave Severn says is true.

You can also listen to Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Bob Procter, Dr Wayne Dryer, The Dali Lama, Robert Wright, and Judith Wright, Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert, and a host of other great personal development and marketing masters in the Inner Circle Audios listed in part below.

The Inner Circle Audios Daily

The following is a list of What is in the Inner Circle Audios and why you should get them.  Look through the titles.  These titles are about building a personal development foundation so you can grow into the kind of person you want to be.

It is about under promising and over delivering in great content that will truly help people’s lives get better!

Before we get started you will see some reference to money being made in this list.  Your results may vary.  Please click the link or the picture of our income disclosure page found at:


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The Inner Circle Audios Daily



Success Secrets of a $350K/Mo. Producer – Vick Strizheus -JUNE 17TH, 2013

The Inner Circle Audios Daily will give you the information you need to produce these kinds of results if you do what they tell you to do.  Remember success takes hard work, determination, sales and marketing skills, that you can learn in the 15K Formula( one of the earlier products that are thrown in as bonuses when you buy the Team Building Formula and a very strong foundation of personal development that these products teach.

Listen to them daily and you will grow as a leader if you do what they say.

  • Lessons Learned From the Masters of the Industry-JUNE 10TH, 2013
  • Wake Up! It’s Time To Take Action NOW!-JUNE 3RD, 2013

The Inner Circle Audios Daily will also give you action plans of what to do and not do to build your business.  You may not always like what you hear.  In this audio Tracey Walker Top female earner in Empower Network tells it like it is, she does not sugar coat things.  At the Denver event she brought it all home by going deeper into the how to’s of this lesson.  She has a Masters in Marketing and she is brilliant!

  • Making Friends With Money-MAY 27TH, 2013

You have to get OK with selling and marketing because that’s what this business is.  People will tell you when they do not see value…You do not have to worry about these products not being valuable.  They over-deliver in value.

  • Break Free of the Bondage of Your Past and Take Control of Your Freedom-MAY 20TH, 2013
  • Stretch YOUR Vision-MAY 13TH, 2013
  • Become a Marketing Rockstar with Chris Record-MAY 7TH, 2013
  • Leverage, Vacations, and the ‘Internet Marketers’ Lifestyle-APRIL 29TH, 2013
  • Universal Mind Expansion while Keeping Your Feet on the Ground-APRIL 23RD, 2013
  • Tapping Into Your Decision Making Mechanism-APRIL 8TH, 2013
  • I Believe In You-APRIL 1ST, 2013
  • Delete Your Plan B-MARCH 25TH, 2013
  • Your Personal Breakthrough-MARCH 17TH, 2013
  • Just Listen, And Prepare To Be Blown Away-MARCH 11TH, 2013
  • You Are More Powerful Than You Know-MARCH 4TH, 2013
  • The Power Of Women With A Dream-FEBRUARY 25TH, 2013
  • The Customer Is Not Always Right-FEBRUARY 18TH, 2013
  • Toma, Paper Napkins, and Success-FEBRUARY 11TH, 2013
  • How To Create An Irresistible Lifestyle To Influence People And Make More Money (even if you’re new)-FEBRUARY 4TH, 2013
  • Expecting Leadership – Tony Rush’s Formula To Lift Up Your Team-JANUARY

The Inner Circle Audios Daily

  • 28TH, 2013
  • The Past Becomes The Future, and The Future Becomes The Past-DECEMBER 27TH, 2012
  • One Year Anniversary Bonus Panel With Aaron & Sophia Rashkin, Chris Rocheleau and Justin & D Verrengia-DECEMBER 24TH, 2012
  • The Brink Of Collapse to $22-million in sales-DECEMBER 3RD, 2012
  • The No-Guesswork Blueprint For Getting Anything You Want-NOVEMBER 28TH, 2012
  • How To Turn Tragedy in to Triumph (with Kevin and Melissa Knecht)-NOVEMBER 26TH, 2012
  • The 4-Step Power Formula To Design and Create Results Fast-NOVEMBER 19TH, 2012
  • The 5 Step Formula To Creating ‘Spontaneous Sales Magic’ (with David Wood)-NOVEMBER 12TH, 2012
  • How to replace cold calling and prospecting forever by blogging daily-NOVEMBER 5TH, 2012
  • How To Use Competitions To Gain Celebrity Status In Your Business-OCTOBER 18TH, 2012
  • Lawrence Tam’s 100k A Month Formula-OCTOBER 1ST, 2012
  • How to Multiply Your Commissions, and Create Resources from Thin Air (with David Wood and David Sharpe)-SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2012
  • Profiting from large events… (with David Sharpe)-SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2012
  • How To Get Rich Quick… Fast and Easy… (with David Wood)-SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2012

The Inner Circle Audios Daily

  • Why Jobs, School and ‘Traditional’ Business Will Keep You Broke-AUGUST 27TH, 2012
  • Are you a SLAVE to the dream you’ve been selling? (with David Sharpe, Tony Rush and Carol Douthitt)-AUGUST 20TH, 2012
  • The MASTERS of Marketing, Break Through Session (LIVE in Costa Rica)-AUGUST 13TH, 2012
  • Breaking through the job-mind, and kicking the system’s ass (with David Wood)-JULY 31ST, 2012
  • Simple 6-Figure Formula and the UGLY truth about what’s keeping you broke-JULY 23RD, 2012
  • Speak The World Into Existence (with David Wood)-JULY 9TH, 2012
  • Leveraging the POWER of a contest (with David Wood and David Sharpe)-JULY 5TH, 2012
  • How To Create ‘Magical Income’-JULY 2ND, 2012
  • Higher Level Marketing – HOW You Can Join Us In Costa Rica… (with David Sharpe)-JUNE 19TH, 2012
  • Tomato Sandwiches, Getting Rich and Being A Bad-A$$ (with Tony Rush)-MAY 26TH, 2012
  • How To Make $30,000 With No Experience, No Skills, And No Money (With John Wells)-APRIL 27TH, 2012
  • How To Get Laid Off From Corporate America With A ‘Part Time’ Income That’s 5 Times Your Salary (with Lawrence Tam)-APRIL 11TH, 2012
  • How To Make $1,500 a day by Blogging (with Justin Verrengia)-APRIL 9TH, 2012
  • Free Your Lifestyle Through The POWER of a SYSTEM (with Mark Call)-APRIL 6TH, 2012

The Inner Circle Audios Daily

  • Member Coaching Call – Why Am I Getting No Results?-APRIL 5TH, 2012
  • How To Massively Scale Your Marketing (With Chris Campbell)-APRIL 4TH, 2012
  • Text Messaging with Simon Stepsys-MARCH 22ND, 2012
  • Don’t Sell Beef to a Vegetarian (with Tom McMurrain)-MARCH 21ST, 2012
  • The Craft Of Creative Marketing (with Ryan Hartman)-MARCH 20TH, 2012
  • How To Make $5,000 Per Week In Your Business, NOW. (David Wood & David Sharpe-MARCH 19TH, 2012
  • How To Close 85% of Your Prospects, and COMMAND them to Join Your Team (with Dwayne Pyle)-MARCH 16TH, 2012
  • The Power Of High Touch Marketing (With Thed Sims)-MARCH 15TH, 2012
  • Offline Advertising Secrets, and HOW To Use Systems (Chuck Marshall Interview)-MARCH 14TH, 2012
  • Secrets of Up-selling New Customers (with Steve Lauri)-MARCH 8TH, 2012
  • Mastering the Funnel with Dave & Dave-FEBRUARY 20TH, 2012
  • Closing Like Clockwork with David Sharpe-FEBRUARY 17TH, 2012
  • Bob Anderson – Millionaire Monster Comic Book Style-FEBRUARY 15TH, 2012
  • Interview With Top Producer Beau Bridgewater-FEBRUARY 11TH, 2012
  • Don’t You Ever Quit-FEBRUARY 9TH, 2012
  • Tracey Walker, Industry Phenom, $10k Earner and Founding Member-NOVEMBER 9TH, 2011

The Inner Circle Audios Daily program contains many more Audios as well, but I can’t go into all of them here.  Get the Inner Circle Audios and you will know what’s in them.

They are constantly each week updating these as well. As new leaders are formed they will share their golden nuggets about how to do this business successfully. Plan on being on this call sharing your wisdom guys. You are more powerful than you know.

Update:  It is now 2015 and I still listen to audios daily.  It is the one thing that really helped me with my communication skills.  The more I re-listened to each audio the more I learned, the more I absorbed into my vocabulary, the more I gained valuable intonations and speech patterns.

When I first started writing three years ago, I could barely write 300 words.  Now, my grammar may not be the best, but I can punch out 2,000 words and have to stop because the ideas keep flowing.

The Inner Circle Audios Changed my Life and will every month I renew my subscription.
You can buy them here by clicking on this link Inner Circle Audios

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