Revealed: Secret Guide To Fast Success With 15 Tips On Multi Level Marketing

 15 Tips On Multi Level Marketing

Here is a list of what I learned at Empower Network, at The Chicago Event:

1. Leaders attract leaders – You must grow at each level into the kind of person that people want to follow

a. Learning Phase – network marketing to anyone is new when they start for the first time.  There is a lot to learn about people, sales psychology and marketing or you can learn the old-school way that works of buying business opportunity leads, holding home parties to strangers to show them the plan, get kicked out and have people not show up to hotel meetings, be unwelcome at friends parties and holiday functions with family.  While it works it is painful, Right? Who wants to be in pain?

b. Overcoming problems phase – You will run into unforeseen problems in any business. The successful people are the ones the persevere and get over their problems and take a no excuse attitude.

c. Getting your mind right phase – This is the most essential facet of each level.  Each new level brings new challenges, notice I did not say problems.  There are no problems in business that are anyone’s fault only actions and results.  If you do not like you results(#numberofsales) change you actions.  Simple, but not always easy.  Being in business for yourself is not easy.  It is worth it.

2. Lawrence Tam Sponsored David Sharpe in the past.  In network marketing traditional hierarchies do not fit.  Your downline can pass you up in results and you want them too!  You help them and anyone in your company win.  We are one big team. Together Everyone Achieves More!

3.  Blog about problems your prospects have, market the blog, let them know about it, sell products get paid..  It’s that easy.

4. Being a Good Winner & A Good Loser as long as You do not lose the lesson is an important lesson to learn in any business.

5.  There are going to be challenges along the path to success.

6.  90 Days -Do The Work.  Plan your work around events every 90 days.  You want to be at every event. People that attend 8 events in a row are usually $20,000/month earners or more.  Of course we can not guarantee it, but it tends to be a trend in the industry, even with weeny commissions and not the 70% commissions paid in some companies.  It is a marathon with a series or sprints.  That is a good way to think about your network marketing business.

7.  Stay connected with the Group on facebook and stay connected to your team by having them listen to:

1) Inner Circle Audios – Personal development and sales and marketing stories told from 6 and 7 figure earners

2) Top Producer Formula – Success leaves clues. Top earners share their strategies and tactics to produce more sales consistently.  Two sales a day. Every day

3) Team Building Formula – Team Builders in the Industry tell you how to keep people producing on your team, how to keep leaders around and how to deal with leaders who leave as you can never keep every leader around.  It is part of the Industry.  How you react can make or break you and your business.

4) Mass Influence Formula – Once you expand and start to monetize in a “really big” global manner

8.   You do not get rich overnight but the decision to make money happens in a second.  In a second you can step into the future and make a decision that you are great, and you become great.  At that very moment the past becomes the future and the future becomes the past.  You can in an instant step into greatness in your network marketing business whether you use our products as a training guide or not.  The power is deep inside you and always has been all you need to do is unlock it with the right combination.  Get to every event leaders will help you discover within yourself a new number  in the combination to your success.

 You Get To Be The Hero To The People In Your Life

9. It either works or “It Works”  Successful people mindset.

10. Do The boring and uncomfortable work

11.  The secret is not to keep your business a secret.

12. It’s not what You Know or Who You know, but Who knows You.

13.  You are allowed 5000 Facebook friends and unlimited fans

14.  The people that buy from You must know, like and trust You.

15.  Keep track of What You are doing.  Keep track of what you are doing online and offline.  Everything you do to get sales can be measured by the number of sales it gets.  if you do not get sales doing what you are doing for a month, do something else until you start to produce sales in a month’s time.  Google URL Shortener is a free tracker of how many people click your links.  You can keep spreadsheets in Google docs for all your customers.  You can use AWeber or GetResponse for keeping track of your email list.  You can learn who your list is by using their email address and putting it in a circle in Google+  You can also use Kalatu Premium that comes with Link Tracker as a paid version.  Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to Your Blog

16.  It’s not about the payoff but the process.  Daily consistent action for as long as you run a network marketing business is very, very, very, important.  That is how you build your business up to as point where people know, like and trust you and then and only then do they buy from you.

15.  Take massive action while you learn the one or two tactics and strategies that work for you.  First, you will get more engagement.  People will open your emails, they may click on things.  You will get likes, shares and comments on your blog posts, people will start slowly to recognize you, leaders will reach out to you and start to like your content.  Once you get to $1000 in revenue in your business start to place ads with about 20%.  You can do status updates in social media to get people to know, like and trust you as well. Twitter is also a great option for getting followers.  Interact with them.  Pick wisely the people you follow as you are only allowed 2000.


These are just some of the golden nuggets you get when you attend your companies events.  If you would like to see the system I use to help network marketers navigate the new waters of online network marketing then click here  to see a three step system to learn about:

1) Understanding what network marketing is and having the right mindset for success in your business

2) How to become a top producer

3) How to Build Teams that last

4) How to gain Mass Influence in the World with your network marketing business.


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