My Business Venture

My Business Venture

It all started here as I started to stretch myself outside of my comfort zone. This picture is of me on a mission to have an adventure, and it hasn’t stopped since, and It  will always be this way.  It is the only way to live life!

180 people looked at my business venture, Empower Network at my website since May 22.  I did not have to be on a three-way calls, or run an expensive, hotel meetings, or even do a single home party. People like me just came to me to see my business.

All I did was use an unpaid traffic method, that is fun to do, based on who I am as a person.  It brought traffic to my capture-page and I tracked how many people saw my business in that short period of time.   It works with any capture-page and I will test others inside my business as I progress with testing.

The people that put their email in my capture page will be drip marketed to periodically until they buy my products, or they decide to get off my email list, or they could just do nothing.  Thise are always the three options people have in my business venture Empower Network. Once or twice a day I send an email to my list.  Simple and easy. I did not even have to be there to show “the plan”

I did not draw circles on a whiteboard to talk about my business venture, I actually had a very professional website available for people to view two videos, one that can with the autoresponder I found, by listening to a 13- year-old who got in through his father(Dad’s name is on the checks from Empower Network)  

You see Jesse, a 13 year-old now makes more than most people ever will, becuase he has discovered the leveraged power of the Internet fused with Network Marketing. This  13 year old had made, when I started Empower Network, back in March 2013, and by the time I decided to go to my first event, $12,000 so far.  I am sure it is alot more by now. He referred me to the autoresponder I am using for this particular capture page.

You see, it all stems from my decision to get  “ALL IN” and get to the Events in my Empower Network business venture.  Together with the 330,000 affilaites in Empower Network, they have amassed a sales record rarely seen in 2.5 years of. $100,000,000 in sales.

In Chicago, I heard Sofia Rashkin speak on stage, and she touched my very soul ( I’ll tell you about that later)

At The Anaheim event I met my sponsor of some of my product lines Chuck Marshall, and expert direct advertising master..

 In DC I met my “Big Sis”, Melissa Knecht and her husband Kevin Knecht, who had earned, something like $330,000 at the time of the DC Event.  

In Orlando, I had a blast and I met my “work out partner” Chad Ockstadt a future Millionaire in Empower Network.  We had lunch and barely said much to each other.  Funny how things worked out.  He has single handedly changed my life forever. He gave me front-line experience I will cherish forever.  It made me see what is possible.

In Miami I met also Brian Couch, who told me how to do my SEO the right way, instead of the way I had been doing for a whole year.  

He was on stage in New Orleans speaking inspiration to the whole crowd.  It was also in Miami, that I met one Mr. Kevin Sousa as he was on the stage learning how to forgive someone who had done him wrong in the past so that he coul unblock his results and thrive.

I think David Wood hypnotized him…LOL No but seriously, he hypnotized me and I now feel guilty watching TV with my love, Stephanie.  

I rarely watch TV, maybe LOU Dobbs just because we think he is hilareous as he slams all democrats and republicans and liberals that try to spin anything but the truth.

Because I was so moved by seeing Kevin Sousa on stage being a leader, I became a leader, and started to get my picture taken with Mike Hobbs, Kevin Sousa, Jon Penbernathy, of the Prosperity Team.  

And since My sponsor Mack, had joined forces with the Prosperity Team he was there too and I got to meet him, plus, John Chatman, and Chris Rochleau.

Chris is the same the same guy I listen to almost every day when I listen to the Inner Circle audios, every day.  Chris is not always on the CD I listen to.  He actually friend requested me on facebook today.  That is quite an honor as he has been on stage speaking inspiration into many at Empower Network events.  He is part of the leaders thatmake my business venture so great.

My point is, because I got to these events I started to act and behave as a leader and you know what …I am, and so are you.  You’ve always known it and it is time that you show the world.  It is your time!

My Business Venture’s company has created 11 millionaires over the last 2.5 years and we are shooting company-wide to have 100 millionaires per year to start.

 My Business Venture is Empower Network 

If you would like to know what I have been able to learn, from the products that I purchased,  you have to have skin in the game.  You have to get ALL IN like I did.  If you just want some of the information just get some of the products.

If this is you, click the link below and get started for $25.  Once inside you can decide what kind of education you think you need to get the results you want out of your business venture.

We have products, stellar products, ranging in price from $25/month-$100/month( this is where we get our residual income) and then one-time prices of $500 products, $1,000 products, and $3,500 products for people that really want to build big organizations.

These products will answer all your sales and marketing questions, and our team, The Prosperity Team, will also answer more questions for you in their additional trainings, all for $25/month.  They provide daily and recorded trainings, plus high-converting sales funnels, you use to bring customers to you, that just get in, get ALL IN, and they buy everything!  

We do not care where you came from or what school you went to, or waht gender you are or your sexual orientation.  These things do not matter here in my business venture we are all about making money and raising people up.

I recommend, so that you can qualify, to get commissions on product sales, that you get “ALL IN”, and that you also get to the next event.  I did it that way, after two months in this business, and really I can say I should have gotten ALL IN sooner as I wasted two months, I could have learned faster…but no matter, now it is YOUR TIME.

Find the money to invest in your marketing, sales and life education now.


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