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What are the best qualities a leader in Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Can Have?


Before I met Chad, I had no idea why I was losing customers. I really had no idea what I was doing before I met Chad

I met Chad Ockstadft in Orlando at Lunch as Josh Thurman, who I’d met at the Chicago Event when I first got started, had kept up and done some hangouts when I was first getting started. He had invited me to lunch on this bright sunny day, with a bunch of guys that were all marketers in our company that were attending the conference..

It was an interesting bunch of Guys that were all building businesses online because they were fed up with the 9-5 job. I’ll try to remember to put a picture of all of them or most below.


The Guys In Orlando
The Guys In Orlando

Anyhow, I sat next to my future workout partner and didn’t even know it at the time. We didn’t do anything at that lunch bur exchange pleasantries over lunch. You know tell stories and just superficial chat. Nice guy, but I never thought I’d hear from him again.

Then, about a month or two after the conference, I got a chat message on facebook from Chad asking me if I wanted to partner up with him and be his workout partner.

You see a workout partner is essential for selling anything online past a front end offer. I call all his new members and do a “new member call” with them.

I help them get clear about their business and what they really can and should do to become as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

Then Chad will be put into a facebook chat room with them by me, after they friend me so that I can easily do that.

Next,, Chad and the new member on his team schedule a coaching session for them to get them started off right. He does the same for my new members.

Why has this transformed me? Well, it allowed me to use this workout system as they talk about in a couple of the Empower Network products(Fast Start and Viral Blogging System and maybe the $15K). It is brilliant!!!!!!!!!! It helps new members get clear, quickly after 6 questions and gets them ready for the first coaching call.

But, more importantly, to me at least is it allows me to really understand each of these new members and their situation as real people. I have talked to network marketing experts and to brand new people. I ask them to take a look at their situation and be honest with themselves about their business. I have been fascinated by what I have heard now from over 450 new members that have shown interest in starting their own business.

Here is a summary of what I have learned:

1) There are three types of people that are interested in this business, they are the new member, the intermediate serious member, and the I will do this more than I want to breathe type. There are action takers and those that will never take action and everyone in-between too.

2) Some people know it takes money in and expenses in any business and some feel entitled to making money because they started.. They have a lottery mentality about their business, rather than the proper attitude that this is a business and needs to be treated as such.

3) 50% of the new members quit on themselves, you never even get a chance to talk to them to get them started out properly.

4) There are some people that really have no idea how they will get the money to run their business. Others have it.

5) Some people are under-aged and need to run their business through their parents.

6) affiliate links are very strong so you have to clear your history and get out of any windows you have open on your computer before you type out your workout partners affiliate link of their income disclosure link. Otherwise, you may by mistake be selling something for another affiliate.

7) It is more important to understand the new members situation and keep them safe during the new member call than it is to be understood.

8) It is important to guide people toward the right direction, but they must do the work.

9) Society has many sad stories out there. You can not take emotional responsibility for situations you will find people in. The best you can do is help them see the truth and then it is up to them to decide if they are really sick and tired of where they are in life and business and if they are ready to do something about it, or just keep doing what they’ve always done, complained and gone back to a job.

10) You are constantly sorting through the many tire kickers(not really serious)to find the few who will be successful no matter what, that’s it Period! When you find them there is no doubt. They are certain of their actions. This is when your workout partner usually is positioned for more sales from this new member, but you have nothing to do with that you just see it happen over and over again.

11) By helping Chad Ockstadt as his workout partner, he helped me gain certainty that I could be very successful in this industry. I git to be the assistant to a millionaire in the making. I do every day and it is really helping me see how I want to do my business.

Oh, and since I helped him he has helped me with traffic ideas as well, I get to be “a fly on the wall” to part of his marketing strategies and behind the scenes decisions of one of our next leaders in this Industry on a Million dollar scale. I know it.

Chad if you are reading this, Thanks, Bro!


If you would like to learn what this business is all about

then follow the directions below.

 The real leaders all exhibit a tendency to always follow directions

of the people that are more successful than they are currently.  

I have seen it over 450 times in Chad’s Calls.

When You Are Ready To Start I Will Be Your Guide to Beyond Your Awareness In My Team and you will talk to Chad as he is my assistant.  That is what workout partners do for each other.

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