Natural Horsemanship and Natural Horsemanship Training With Guy McLean and His Australian Stock Horses

Natural Horsemanship and Natural Horsemanship Training

Today while I was building my business on the Internet, while having a life, by attending The Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio, with the love of my life Stephanie and her Barn friends.

We watched a gentleman by the name of Guy McLean, and his wonderful horses, that have all been trained by using natural horsemanship and natural horsemanship training techniques.

Guy McLean gave us a comical lesson about the difference between a Australian stock horse, and a western quarter horse from Texas

Hilarious bits that Guy did, included his Australian Stock horse demonstrate how well it is trained doing “trick” one-tempes across the arena.  Quite a feet to see Guy simulate one-tempes on his horse.  He did 20 of them in maybe 20 feet- 40 feet, and looked good doing it.  (a typical Grand-Pre rider, the highest level rider, will be asked to do 15 or more, in the entire diagonal of a ~197ft long X 66 ft arena.)

He also simulated cutting horses, Olympic show jumping horses, and doing other dressage moves to a mostly western audience, so of course he was tongue and cheek with the way he described DRESSaaaaage!  It was still funny.

Guy McLean’s natural horse training methods were so precise, using his natural horsemanship training techniques, that he could allow his horse to stop on a dime, spin 360 degrees, jump up in the air and do a flying lead change, while landing on one toe and pirouetting, if he wanted too…He is that good.  OK, maybe that is a little exaggerated but maybe not…LOL

Having been a professional speaker, speaking in front of large audiences in the past, I was especially impressed with how Guy McLean can work a crowd!  I had so much fun!

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