Network Marketing Events

Network Marketing Events

I have purchased tickets to 9 events since I have been in Empower Network.  I got ALL IN in Empower Network in May 2013.  Events are where you really get to meet Empower Network leaders and members and really see the power it has to lift people up from where ever they start out in this network marketing industry.  

This system, that has never been seen before, is responsible for lifting the lives of over 300,000 people up from across the globe.  

You have to be in a live event and let Dave Wood hypnotize you( I barely ever watch TV anymore because of him(I know it) LOL.  You also get to hear the stories of real people, just like you and I, and then you realize that the leaders are not super heros.  They just got started and took massive action before you that’s all.

At live events you get to network with other marketers too, and it is actually Orlando that I had lunch with my Work Around Partner Chad Ockstadt.  We barely talked to each other that day, but later we spoke via facebook, and decided to help each other out by calling each others new members.

This is how you help your new members get ALL IN.  By helping them see what this Network Marketing business really is all about

It was this experience on the phones for Chad,  that really helped me understand this network marketing’s different target markets and it’s characteristics and the different kinds of people in each.  I will forever be in Chad Ockstadt’s debt.   He is a great leader and destined to be a Million dollar earner soon!

It was in Miami that I met Brian Couch, and he told me the way it was, with my blogging.  Sometimes your best mentors will tell you what youneed to hear instead of what you want to hear.  Brian did that for me.  You see, I had been blogging improperly for over a year.  It was by buying a ticket to Charlotte that Brian was able to share with me his blogging tactics.  You had to have a ticket to one of the regionals to get this valuable information.  I did and you will see the results soon. 🙂

If you woiuld like to be part of this amazing movement of blogging and marketing entrepreneurs and help lift other people from around the World and make a good income too, then click the yellow button on this page and put in your best email so I can reach you.  Then listen to Dave tell you more in the video that follows.

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings updated daily go here.

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Reblogged From From Charlotte to Orlando! Here we go!

Our last event in Charlotte was a hit – we had so many people register and participate!

…And the next event is right around the corner!

Success comes in many different forms.

Did you learn something in Charlotte?

Did something at the Empower Network event change your view or make you want to achieve something BIGGER or Better? 

Did you enjoy CEO Jonathan Cronstedt’s talks?

Jonathan Cronstedt

How about our founder, David Wood? 

Did you meet someone new who will help you grow your team?

Did you stay at a local hotel? 

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at a local restaurant?

Shop at any local stores or get gas during your time?

*** If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Charlotte was a success for you, and Charlotte definitely benefitted from the company’s overall success.

After the conference, we connected with the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) to see how our event impacted the city. We provided them with zip codes of nearly 1,000 attendees.. 

Now, we had more than that attend, and there were multiple attendees from various areas for whom we didn’t have zip codes. 

Check this out:

The CRVA let us know that, based on the information we provided, Empower Network’s Charlotte event brought in more than $1.36 million in total economic impact to the Charlotte region.

There was a total direct spending of $704,212, and the level of the economic impact supported 392 jobs or 13 annual full-time equivalents.

The event also generated $164,733 in state and local taxes. To bring people into a city and to positively impact the city the way we did really rocks. 

It shows something about who we are – that our people want to learn and get the most out of our events and, in doing so, we are improving the economy and the communities where we host events.

Like we said earlier, we cannot wait for Orlando later this year. 

We know it will be an exceptional event and attendees will walk away feeling more successful. We will leave the city a better place than when we found it.

Here’s to Charlotte and Orlando!

See you there,

– The EN Team

P.S. If you haven’t gotten your ticekts yet, here is the link: EVENT TICKETS


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