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Marketing Is Not Rocket Science.  

But, it sure does help if you are a genius.  But, I’m fortunate enough to have learned network marketing and affiliate marketing from two geniuses David Wood and David Sharpe and other brilliant marketers inside the Empower Network community.  

There is a great sense of friendly competition in our community of marketers.  But one thing is certain. Everyone starts out in this industry, that of the Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Industry, where they start out.  

Some, are “wet-behind-the-ears” and some people are very skilled and starting in a new system.

The later usually sky-rocket in the leaderboards because they know how to drive traffic and convert it to sales on the Internet, and these skill-sets are working for them 24/7 while they live their lives anywhere they want.  

They get to a place of being able to come into any new offer and crush it and end up on the leaderboards every time. This is my vision for you if you are reading this thinking of joining.

There are definite phases that everyone goes through in this business.  Tracey Walker, who earned a little over $1,000,000 in just over two years in Empower Network taught them to us on the stage in Denver and if my memory serves me, they go something like this: 

1. Learning- There is a lot to learn in the products.  You need to buy all the products to know what is really possible. Plus, if you do buy all the products you qualify for up to $3,000/sale.  All the products or “ALL IN” is $4625, and covers pretty much a masters degree in network marketing and affiliate marketing, $125 of that is residual income/sale.  

2. Sorting or Filtering –  which one of the thousands of ways to “skin this cat” you will use in your marketing. You will discover  thousands of marketing strategies in the learning phase. This is where you see what you like best, that produced the best results for you from the learning phase.

3. Implementing what you’ve decided to use in the learning  and sorting phases above you continue to use, and you scale up production,. taking daily, massive, consistent, focused  Income Producing Activities 80% of the time and personal development activities and branding 20% of your time

Why personal development?  Because people come for the money and stay for the personal development they gain while they are growing into the leader that can lead a team of 1200 to the promised land, of internet riches.  

Along the way, whether they reach the “promised land” or not they become the best version of themselves, with better personal relationships and communication styles and patterns for themselves and their families

4. Teaching – once you have Implemented and produced at least $30,000/month in personal sales you move onto this phase where you can teach people what you did to be successful at that level.  Here is where you get on stage and speak inspiration into your team and the whole community.

It is rumored that Rob Fore said, and I paraphrase here “The people that are speaking on stage are the ones making great money.”

5. Reaping- Now that your team has been taught what you did to make sales, they will start to make sales on their own, and the leveraged pass-ups in this company are insane!

This is where you start seeing big incomes that get you to the: 

million-dollar earner mark and beyond.

You will be very glad you built your team wide and deep at this time. Now your time is worth $7,000/hr or more, depending on the client, and what they want. 

If you like what you’ve read and you want to start your adventure listen to David Wood as he tells you what has gotten me so excited:


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