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 Network Marketing Success For Your Business

These are quotes and ideas I got from attending my first network marketing event over two years ago.  You know what?  Everything they said is still true.  This is exactly the right way to think if you are building a network marketing business.  many of these ideas came from million dollar earners.

1. Erin Rashkin used this great line I loved, “Jillian in a Jiffy” ”

“It’s not about the Payoff but the process” – Aaron Rashkin

2.  Not a day goes by that we are not going off into uncharted territory.

3.  Your customers will become leaders when they realize they have a huge desire for success.  I am looking for people that have a huge desire for success.

4. You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person.

5.   You can’t force them or cajole them.  Let go and Trust in the power of what YOU have inside You.  Some say it is from God or their creator.  Some say it is the power of the Universe.

Whatever You believe, use Your subconscious mind to believe that what You are doing is the right path.  Learn to not fret about someone saying NO.

In fact, a mentor of mine said the best sales person he ever met (remember we are selling products here, or it wouldn’t be a business:) )  Dan Kreutzer of The Samurai Business Group said the best sales person he ever saw used to walk in to a client and say, “My job is to get You to say NO as quickly as possible.  If You do not,  then this product( He sold very large computer software) is for You.  He got rid of all the pretension and B.S.  that way(Use with caution not for everyone, no guarantees it will work for YOU.)

6.  ”Stop pointing fingers, blaming and justifying.  You are exactly where you are because of Your decisions in the past.  “Stop looking for things to be offended by.” -Erin Raskin.

Remember,  The past is over, You can’t change it, even if You wanted to.  The Future hasn’t happened yet.  Live in the now, stay focused on what You can do right now, moment to moment.  If You have enough productive ”right now moments” You become productive.

We form habits by repeating daily actions for 31 days in a row.  Our conscious and sub-conscious mind get programmed after 31 days it’s been said.  I do not remember where I learned this.

7. Nobody arrived on this stage in a day.  Step by Step.  Baby Steps.  You already figured out how to walk, You’ll figure this out too if You believe in Yourself until there is no plan B

No Plan B

8.  It’s not what You do but what You do daily that matters.

9.  Now is a gift.  That’s why we call it PRESENT! :)

10.  Regular, everyday persons do this business.


” It ain’t that hard”-Tracy Walker


Stop Making It Harder Than It Is! Network Marketing Can Be Easy


11.  People struggle to get out of the programmed mentality that to make more money You need to get a second job.

12.   Blow Up the idea that this is a get rich quick scheme!  Get Rich slow is not the idea either.  Working smart is.  That doesn’t mean You will not work Your A** off, You will… but it will be worth it. If You follow what You learn and are told it works – eight core commitments.

This is from a woman that was studying to be a CMO at Florida State University, The dean sits on Boards in Fortune 500 companies.  The people I am meeting in this community of 150,000 network and affiliate marketers is the best part of this journey to a million dollar Ring.

If she sees the value in this process, how valuable do You think it really is

People are falsely made to believe that in society that if:

  1. You get A’s and B’s in school
  2. interview well
  3. study hard
  4. network with the right people You will get a good job.

Corporate Enslavement with crazy hours, no life, bad health as a result of stress, people hate it.


There is A Better Way And You Have Found It!


14.  Your decisions have Enslaved YOU No wall, no chains here.

You have what You have because of the decisions You have made in Your life.

Stop blaming others and deal with it.

You can fix this if You are willing to do whatever it takes.

Only You know what that means for YOU.

Take the leap of faith, what has not trusting gotten You in the past?

Answer: Right where You are!


Congratulations On Being At The Right Place At The Right Time

I believe in You!

The divine Universe has brought You here!

If you’re reading this, Your sub-conscious mind has brought You here!

Way To Go!

Make the decision get all in so You have the ability to make 70% of $25-$3,000 commissions on each sale.

You shoot yourself in the foot if You are not All In.  But, You know that, Right?

15.  Empower Network gives You the tools and training and truly believes in You, until You can produce results and believe in yourself.


It will be different for each person.

16.  When You really make it is when you have no reservations, no excuses, You take that leap of faith and know that You will fly on the way down.  Yes, You will fly on the way down.  You have to get to a place where their is no plan B


Stop Doing What Has Not Worked In The Past


17.  If You jump, You’ll figure it out.

Nothing to lose, like in the movie Officer ad a Gentleman, “I got nowhere else to go!”

That’s where I am.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and getting nowhere.

I am done beating my head against the wall trying to figure this success thing out.

I am learning from people that are where I want to be or better!

Have You noticed that since You started blogging, Your writing is coming faster.

I have.

Just one of the hidden benefits of Empower Network.

I’ve always wanted to be a good writer.  Maybe someday with work and knowledge I will be.

Until then…LOL :)  It’s a good day.

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