Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success


Network marketing success does not happen because of the company you are in.  It does not happen because you got into the company at the beginning on the “Ground Floor.”


It definitely in not the products you sell or the comp plan. 


You succeed in network marketing not because your sponsor calls you or holds you hand and gives you step by step instructions on how to do your business. 


celebrate success


Network marketing is not effected when the economy is bad, in fact, you do better in bad economic times because there are more people looking for what you sell, which is hope that if you sell enough products, you will never have to work again in your life.  That is what network marketing is.

You succeed in network marketing when you learn to stop jumping from deal to deal to deal, and focus your daily activities until you form a

“habit loop of success in network marketing.”


A habit loop is characterized by:


1) Cue – a problem you have to solve

2) Routine – daily consistent action doing the same thing over and over each day top build your business

3) Reward – When you have successes because of the routine you did daily, celebrate them!


One of the habit loops that works the best for network marketers at any level, whether you are just getting started or you’ve already made a million dollars, is the eight core commitments:


1) Get ALL IN – Buy ALL The products you are selling.  If you can  not buy them yourself how are you going to sell them? Seriously you can not, because the question will come from your prospects and then you have to do a song and dance about why you do not have them yet.  Don’t embarrass yourself that way.

2) Blog daily about a problem your target market has.  For example my target market is any network marketer that:

a) Is in pain struggling with network marketing

b) In fear they will be in pain if something does not change with their network marketing business.  The truth is they can not just keep spending money month after month on auto-ship not making any money, the wife or significant other needs to see this thing producing and income.

c) They have an impending event like a contest in their company or a birth in their family or a death in their family that they need to be able to take capitalize or bring in enough money to help pay for this new event.

d) The have an unrealized gain. They have an income outcome in mind that they can not figure out.  They know where they are and they know where they want to go but they can not figure out why they are where they are.  They are stuck at one income level and they need to go to the next.


These are the people, men and women between 25 and 55 that are my target market.  That dose not mean I will not work with others, just that that age group will be easiest to work with in network marketing.  People are either young enough that they are not set in their ways, or they have realized that they need to change and change now because their retirement was wasted in 2008.


3) Market Daily.  In fact you should market about 4 times more than the time it takes you to write a blog.  If you are not solving a problem in blogging or network marketing for that matter, you are not getting paid.  Make sure your marketing solves a problem your target market has.


4) Help two people become a customer each day.  They do not even have to join your team.  Being a customer will help them.  The more people you can help the bigger your business will grow.


All those above are income producing activities.  Always do them first each day.

The ones below are even more important to do for your long term development into a leader.

5) Read for at least 30 minutes a day.  Read other peoples blog posts, great marketers, great sales people, biographies of business people, inspirational people and also throw in some classics and literature to round you out as a person.  Remember people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  If you are boring or a pompous a$$ that will be difficult for them.


Inner Circle Audios
Inner Circle Audios

6) Listen to audios every day.  Inspirational audios, audios from people that have what you want as afar as lifestyle and income.  Listen to leaders, millionaires, people making at least $30,000/month.  Listen to them while you do chores around the house, or  while you are taking a walk, or at the gym.  You can also turn your car into a drive-time University.  I do that.   I slow down, let the cars pass me and listen to golden secrets and communication patterns that just seem to melt into my mind.  I end up speaking like the people I listen to if I listen to them enough.  It is really cool!

7) Listen to the Empower Hour every Monday at 209-255-1040 at 9 p.m. EST.  This is a Weekly call from successful people making a lot of money.  Success in network marketing leaves clues ladies and gentlemen of the World.  You can also listen to it on you computer at the same time if you prefer by clicking here each Monday




8) Lastly, make sure you get to your network marketing event. Period.  Which one? Everyone. This is the single most important thing to budget for, save for, find any way you can to get to your event if you are serious about your family and being successful.  It is there that you will be able to have breakthroughs and realize that you absolutely can do this business because other people like you are doing it.

In conclusion:

Do the things mentioned above and add in the following and you will be successful with your network marketing business.  There are no guarantees in any business.  You have to treat it as a business:

1)  Mindset, a good positive mindset that takes action, income producing action is 99.5% of this business.  The rest in tactics and strategies.

2) You must sell your products.  I recommend you do not sell your product, but rather learn how to help them buy it from you.  Even better, learn how to have them search you out, and just show up in your back office and buy everything you have.  That is fun!  Learn how to capture 30 leads a day and help two of those people buy from you.  What should they buy from you?  All of it.  They deserve it all.  They deserve success just like you do.  You must believe this if you are going to succeed in network marketing.  Learn to become a top producer.

3) You must learn how to build a team by using systems that help your downline sell their products or help their prospects show up and buy from them in their back office.  You must learn how to inspire and motivate them.  You must learn that you can not always keep leaders around and what to do when they leave and your income drastically drops.

4) Finally you must learn Mass Influence.  This is when you are leading thousands of people who are leading people and you do not even know their names.  This is when you can scale up your marketing and monetize.

I hope I have helped you learn a little bit about how to be successful in network marketing.  If you would like to know the systems and tools that I use to do all the above, first look at our income disclosure as I am not promising anything.  You have to work for as long as it takes until you never have to work again in this business.  You have to want success more than the air you breathe.  If that is you click here




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