Network Marketing Tips For The New Member Or A Seasoned Pro

Network Marketing Tips For The New Member Or A Seasoned Pro

Over 50 And Failing In Your Network Marketing Business

If You are new to this business You are in the GRINDER phase.  If you are a professional network marketers living the dream but preaching the nightmare read further.

Secrets are anything You do not know yet!   That means You do not know how to make $10,000/month yet, or You would be doing it.  Keep going.  Or, You know how to do it but you need so many people to make that much when you could be doing it with 1000 people that like network marketing.

You see in this business you will constantly be sorting through the many to find the few that want to live a dream lifestyle:

1) By making a list of their friends and family

2) Getting on three-way calls with their sponsor

3) Using the two for rule and showing the plan to anyone that gets within two feet of you.

4) Doing Home Parties

5) On the road constantly doing Hotel meetings living out of a suit case.

6) Walking around Walmart™ asking people if they keep their options open.

7) Getting your friends to hold home meetings for you.

8) Holding parties that feature your products inviting strangers to your home

9) Buying lead lists from home business lead brokers.

10) Buying other lead sources

11) Prospecting on facebook being disingenuous about why you are really there.


Or You can teach the few that are serious about living a dream lifestyle:

1) They like network marketing

2) They have time or money to run their business like a business

3) They want success more than the air they breathe.

4) They have money enough to buy your products, and actually they were looking for the right person to join. Someone they know, like and trust that they will have their best interest at heart.

5) Someone that has built teams before.

6) Someone that may have struggled and are ready to change their tactics and strategies to get better results.  They know results are what measure the success in a business, income and profit results.

You will find these people and teach them how to do the following:

1) Have the right mindset

2) Produce more sales

3) Build teams that want to stay and build their business with you.

4) Gain Mass influence with their target market.

How to sort out the many.  Do anything else in your network marketing business and you will start to lose money

Now if you think it is a system, or products that makes you successful you are a target for jumping to the next biggest and best deal and the people who sell them online to give them away freely, after you buy their other product, are numbering in the thousands maybe even millions of people and they thank you because they will take your money.  I bought about $40K worth of products and services from these people.  They will gladly take your money and never give you anything of real value.  Be careful who you align with.

It is not a marketing strategy or a new marketing tactic.  These things come and go.  I’ve seen this happen many times over the two years I have been online seriously.  You’ll see but it may take you some time.  But, you will see it.

It Is You

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself.  Go a head I’ll wait. Hard to do isn’t it.  Not because it’s a silly exercise.  No, it is because deep down where your subconscious meets your conscious brain you are out of sink.  You are being disingenuous to your own self.  Stop it.

It is not that your comapny has bad products.  Why would you sell them if they did?  Others are selling them in your company right?

It is not your comapanies system or compensation plan

It is not your sponsor

It is not anything but you.  You do not believe you can be successful or you would be, Right?


OK, You can do better than that.  You have a dream life to create, Right?  Good it start’s with believing you can, and you are doing it now.

When you teach the few you find who are really serious about running their network marketing business like a business, then and only then can you  give your customers some inside network marketing tips

Since You Are Really Serious about Your Network Marketing success I will share some network marketing one online tips with you below:

1) Create content or adds – create ads or content in a blog post that solves your best customers problems.

2) Understand how to set up Capture Pages that capture leads with those methods, tactics or strategies

3) Form a relationship of knowing you, liking you and trusting you enough to buy your products.  If they do not they will never buy from you and they should just unfriend you or unsubscribe from you email list.

4) Learn how to build your email list as big as you can with the right people.


Oh, and you can reach more people online by using the leveraged power of the internet while doing whatever else you want to do in your life.  If you stay with me long enough you will learn how to spend one to two hours a day building yourself and your business into the kind that people want to sign-up for.

Then you can go do what you want, when you want with the people you want to be with.  No one will be able to tell you what to do.  No one will be able to scam you ever again.

Am I promising you anything?  No, there are no guarantees in any business.  But, their are tactics and strategies that you can learn and ten earn easily $150,000 to $250,000/year on the low end of the income spectrum.  That is the range of marketers.

As you know if you read this far network marketers make much much more.  I know of one that has made $150,000,000 in three or four years.  I have been learning from him for a little over 2 years now.

If you are a serious network marketer click here and start learning from our products.  You can reach so many more people on the Internet than you ever could offline.  I will help you sort through the hype of the online World and get to the results.

If you are interested in seeing what I am using to learn how to and get

1) A great mindset as a network marketer

2) Produce sales that just show up and buy in your back office

3) Build teams that last and what to do if and when leaders leave you.

4) Gain Mass Influence in your marketplace with your company

In Conclusion 

In this business you will constantly be sorting through the many people to find the few and teaching the few to sort through the many.  Do anything else and you will start to lose money.

So since you are part of the few here is a bit of what I have learned in my lifetime:

You can get there if You believe You Can

or You Can’t if You believe You can’t.

It is the “SECRET” and it is that simple.

Only You have the key to unlocking your success.  Your success will not look like anyone else’s success.

I want that success desperately for YOU.

But I can’t want it for You more than You want it for Yourself.

Regardless… Here are some things that were aha moments for me.

Click each one if You want to know more about Internet Marketing For Network Marketers

This post will get updated periodically with new golden nuggets I have found through out the years of doing this business.


New links will be seen at the bottom of this blog and will be dated as to when I posted them.

Eric is a great guy, family man, and very helpful for new Internet marketers.  He is an Internet Marketer he will gently sell you stuff.  It’s up to you if you need it.  I make nothing from it.  It just helped me and that is why I am Here with Empower Network…I had all this knowledge and no product to sell.  Now I have the perfect product to sell and I am gaining knowledge from people making 4 million dollars in three months, I just witnessed this.  Oops, got off in a tangent…LOL :)    Eric’s tips is a slow, step by step video lesson with tips and tricks for traffic generation for your business.

But Empower Network has the 15K formula, Masters Course and Costa Rica Intensive.  They are phenomenal, hands-on, get results(I have immediately) upon” getting all in”doing the assignments in it)  You will get them in products that teach you how to:

1) Have a Better Mindset As A Network Marketer.

2) Produce More Network Marketing Sales

3) Build Teams That Last

4) Gain Mass Influence in Your Marketplace

You can do this all from the comfort of your own company.

Remember do 90% action( marketing..getting your capture page in front of people that are searching for it) and selling your products.

I am lucky that I just have to get my capture pages in front of the right people and Dave does the selling

and 10% learning -You will love what You learn.

Remember, it is a business.  I only want You “All IN” if you see and get a true value from it in Your life.

It has changed mine!  I hope it changes You’s too! “never lose a bookmark due to a computer crash again!”

Google the Affiliate God or Ryan Moran…Very helpful for new Internet Marketers

Believe in the power You have deep inside Yourself.  This will be hard but if You never quit You will succeed.  Never Let Anything Make You Quit!  You deserve the life You want.

Learn The Silva Mind Method…It is a beginners audio course(free) to learn how to quite your outside,conscious mind, so You can listen to and take action that will produce results beyond your wildest expectations by listening to Your unconscious mind.  That is where You will find the true secret to success, if you take the required action to get there.  Never Give Up!


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Webmaster Tools Use it if you want your posts to be seen.

Always keep your network Marketer Friends.  You never know when their company is breaking up and they need a new team to bring their team to.  Give real value to help them from your experience.


There are thousands of ways to get your capture page in front of network marketers that want to join your business.  If you’d like to see the system I use to help network marketers make more money and have a life while doing it click this link.  


I have many more to give but I am already at 1833 words so it is time to end this post.  Once you meet me at events I will tell you all I have learned that helped me produce sales and do it while having a life.

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