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So the last 2 days have been some of the best days in my life—also some of the most fascinating.

It’s amazing what happens when multiple minds come together, in ONE VOICE…


We just created a new sales video for ‘The Blog Beast’ and you can see what’s possible, here:


* You can add ?id=username to the end of that link, and all traffic, leads, and sales will track to you, if you’re an affiliate at Empower Network.

Here’s some swipe copy I wrote you can copy, paste, and email to your lists:

“[NEW VIDEO] Creating a SOCIAL Revolution…”

It’s interesting sometimes what happens, when you reach down inside yourself, and find the courage to do something that truthfully… is a little on the edge.

I remember when David Sharpe and I started the vision for Empower Network—we were two ex homeless guys who had found our way to VICTORY on the internet, and we had a dream that was LARGER than what seemed possible…

…and what surprised even us, is that what we did became EVEN BIGGER than our dream.

Click here, and watch the result:


2 years later, we are approaching 200,000 customers in over 100 countries, and we haven’t even expanded into our first language yet.

Our site is RAPIDLY approaching the top 200 sites world wide online, and my prediction is…

…by the end of March 2014, we will be in the top 100 sites, world wide, online.


Because of what’s going to happen, when we lock arms together, and DECIDE to do something even bigger with Empower Network.

Right now there are close to 2,000 people gathered in Orlando with a dream, culminating the 4 event cycle we had in Anaheim, Dallas, Washington DC, and now Orlando.


…this is just the start.

We will split events into multiple countries, multiple languages, multiple belief systems, and there will be a day…

…when there is someone reading this blog post, who NEVER has made a dollar online, and yet they will be WITH ME on stage in front of 150,000 people.

And there will be a day…

…when someone reading this blog post now, who is now making a new decision will have MORE THAN 200,000 people – in their own team.

And there will be a day…

…when YOU step into your power, make a new decision, and because of the decision that YOU’RE MAKING right now, tens of thousands of lives will be changed…

…and there will be a day, when:

1,000,000 people BUY THIS in one year alone:


Get that video out to your lists, we only have 2 days of the launch left—and then…

…let’s lock arms together, fight the forces of evil, and ROCK this…to a whole new level.

Love ya,
David Wood

“the Guru Slayer”


So that is the swipe email guys From EN guys!  Use it, build your list, close thise sales!  Follow the instructions.  Clear your browsers history before you paste the links into your emails, so you make sure you get credit for the sales.  Always test you email by sending it to your list first.  Make sure your link goes to your sign-up page.


I believe in you guys more than you know!



-Tom Lincoln

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