Over 50 and Failing At Your Network Marketing Business

Over 50 and Failing At Your Network Marketing Business

 There are many reasons why you are failing in your network marketing business, but unlike in society, it is not age discrimination.  Many of us have come to this place in our lives where we have tried, and tried, and tried again, to figure out how to become successful, only to fail time, and time again.  We’ve been kicked out of meetings, told that we do not measure up, and found ourselves beating ourselves up.  Have You ever felt like this?  It is not your fault.

The truth of the matter is that network marketing online or offline is not easy.  But, it is worth it.  Regardless of your age you will constantly be sorting through the many people that say they want to live their dreams, to find the few who actually do.  Maybe that is You.  Chances are it is not, about 6% of the people make it online, and about 2% make it in any business, network marketing or brick and mortar so I will take those odds.  Once you find the few you teach them how to find the few.


Traditional Methods are Fine If You Like Pain


Now this can be done with traditional methods and practices like making a list of friends and family an everyone else you know and showing them the plan, drawing circles on the back of a napkin or a whiteboard in someones home or god forbid your home.  You can get on the line with your sponsor to do a three way call, but that means when you have 1000 people on your team you have to take their three-way calls at all hours of the day and night.  There are many great offline network marketers that teach these and many other methods, but the truth of the matter is those techniques and strategies are not easy.  In fact they are painful.  But, you already know that, Right?

So what is the alternative?  You can reach so many more people faster if you leverage yourself online.  You can learn how to capture leads from people that are:

1) In your target market

2) Looking for what you sell

3) Show up and buy from you.


Then you can have a workout partner, you meet at one of your company events, someone that is in your same income bracket as far as results, call your new customers and help them get very clear about how they want to do their business.  Then and only then, will you have a 1 hour meeting with them to help them with specific strategies and tactics that are right for them.  You will do two of these a day.  Should take about 1 -2 hours a day.  That’s it. simple 3 step process or system to grow your network marketing company.

A percentage of these people will upgrade to the highest level package you sell and a percentage will not and quit(50%) that is why you are always replacing people that quit.  Most people have not practiced personal development enough to escape the matrix of lies that society tells you about how someone over 50 should behave and how they should act.  Is that You?  I did not think so.  You were meant for greatness, you always have known this.  Now is your time!


Do You Want The Truth?   Can You Handle The Truth?


Most people can’t handle the truth, but You’re not most people.  If you were you would not have come here and read this. The truth is there is a better way for some people, and You know it.  You see it all the time and you don’t understand what they have that you do not.  They are using the Internet to reach more people faster than you can with one on one meetings at the local coffee shop.

You can feel it deep down in your soul!  The truth is most people will not do what it takes to better themselves and succeed. It’s hard work.  There are sacrifices that you have to make.  You may have to stop wasting time and money on things that do not make you successful.

The truth is that most people do not believe in the power that exists inside of each and every one of us. The truth is that only about 2% will ever figure it out. The ones that do, and are willing to learn, to stop doing things the way they always have, getting the same results they always have, and the ones that take massive action to change their lives, they are the ones who will celebrate achieving their dreams.  You can do this!


Sick and Tired of Losing In Your 50 Plus Years Of  Life?


Say it.  You are “Mad as Hell”  and you’re not going to take it anymore! If you are sick and tired of not knowing the answer to time freedom, to creating a business, because creators of the world are the ones that create value and businesses always come from value in the marketplace.  

Create something that many people need, and are willing to pay to get, then you will build yourself a future filled with massive wealth…But You have to be willing to never quit, even when it gets hard and it will get hard.

No Plan B

If your ready to begin one of the wildest journeys of your mind and your spirit that you have ever experienced, then I am ready to have you click this link and get started learning about the online system I use to out recruit and outsell most network marketers.

Speak Your business Into existence. Say it out loud!  You will be successful!  You will succeed!  I believe you and I believe in you.

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In Conclusion:


Being Over 50 is no reason to fail in your network marketing business.  The Industry itself is made of a diverse group of people of all ages.  While it is true that most network marketers are in the age range of 25-45 it is not a rule.  The network marketing system when taught by leaders in the industry can an is being repeated each day.  Here is my take on this:

You are going to use systems online to sort through the many that say they want to be successful in a home-based business to find the few that have the resources to afford the education to learn how to use the leveraged power of the Internet to reach more people that are already searching for what you sell and just show up and buy from you.

 I will be happy to be your guide on this adventure.  Being over 50 can be a blast when you know what you are doing in a network marketing business that uses online tools to grow faster than they could using traditional methods.  While traditional methods work.  Why use them when online methods are easier and less painful.  You can build a business of your dreams that allows you to earn residual income for the rest of your life and that of your heirs and their heirs.  This is a multi-generational industry and people over 50 are welcome.

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