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I attended this Hangout because I resonate with Lawrence Tam as a Leader.  I am always trying to grow as a leader, and success leaves clues.  Hanging out with leaders that have been on stage is the best way to learn how to be a leader.

Lawrence comes from a professional background and an Engineer. I studied physics in College, my Dad was a metallurgical engineer, so I relate in some way to Lawrence.  Plus, I hung out with him in Las Vegas when he, Chris Record, and Peter Sorenson and Arthur Tubman all got us into the Ghost Bar.  It was a fun night, with great views of the city.  But what I was impressed with the most, was he was just a normal guy.  

He didn’t let his fame and money cloud his head. I liked that about him.

He started-out part-time, and he built a million-dollar business in less than two years.  He has a quite demeanor when he is not on-stage and a fabulous celebrity persona on stage.  And he is a great instructor on stage.  He knows this business.

David Wood Talked about a special set of emails coming out in the next couple of days . Empower network is going to be sharing the missing pieces in your business to take you from struggling to make a couple thousand dollars to making over 6-figures a month.

January 9th a new Empower Network product is launching.  Get in now before it does and take advantage of the Launch to grow your business quickly.

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