Inner Circle Audios About Personal Development And Marketing Tactic Mastery

The Inner Circle Audios have kept me connected and plugged into my vision of success for two years. I listen to them every day and my communication patterns and style are getting better, stronger, faster…and I do not know why.  I love it, but it is remarkable to say the least.
  1. Inner Circle Audios

    I have turned my car into a drive time University. They say you will earn an income that is the average of the 5 people you hang around.” By listening to these audios and referring my teammates to them, I can stay connected to million dollar earners, and thousands of people on my team keeping them focused and “their mind on the prize”, while we are not together in between our 90-day cycles for events. Brilliant Dave Wood, Brilliant AMWAY founders who came up with the idea back in the beginning of network marketing.  That phrase “mind on the prize cam from listening to an Inner Circle Audio.

    On a side note. I was in a garage looking at a whiteboard seeing the circles drawn on the board by the guy that was trying to recruit me at 18

    Thank You to AMWAY for paving the way for the rest of us to be able to use this business model of leverage compensation, when we sell products that have a great value to the people that buy them even if they make no money selling them. The products we sell now speak for themselves.

    If people that look at them do not see the value, my mind says, “next” I am polite and tell them it probably is not for them. This releases them from high pressure. It then lets me focus my time on people that are serious.

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    Skype allows entrepreneurs to communicate across cultural barriers and boundaries quite easily. I have used it to call all over the World speaking to new members from my workout partner’s team.

    There is a paid version as well as a free use. see for details


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if you would like to learn how to use all these ideas to build your business online, I will be happy to be your guide beyond your current awareness of what is possible in your life.

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