Psychology of Color

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Psychology of Color

This is an infographic that discusses the history, marketing use, human chakras, and today’s corporate brands that use color. It goes into nice detail of each of the primary colors, and then into the secondary colors as well.

1) Red elicits a hunger response and an act now mentality- works very well for the fast food industry.  It is said that 84% of consumers say they make their buying decisions based on color.

2) Men in businesses tend to like Blue as it elicits a feeling of security and productivity and trustworthy feelings toward the business.

3) Yellow wakes up babies and is also associated with education and learning.

4) Green makes people feel comfortable and healthy.


I was particularly interested in Purple.  Royalty have used purple throughout the ages and it is the color of enlightenment


This infographic also uses a description of secondary colors(those derived from a specific combination of the primary colors) as they relate to branding.

What I found fascinating in this infographic was that it appealed to many of my sensibilities.  For example, it described the emotional response for each color, it talked about it’s political and governmental uses.  I was particularly interested in how each color was tied to the powers of the chakras as it relates to the human body.





Lastly, this wonderful Psychology of Color info graphic discusses the corporate brands that use this psychology of color to help influence consumers buying behavior.

It is amazing how much information can be delivered in an infographic that is well done!





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Color plays a huge role in marketing.    The way you design your ads and messages can be enhanced by choosing the right colors and made stale if you choose the wrong ones.  There is a reason things look good to you and it is all based on the science of marketing. Take a look at the articles above and the infographic.  Study it and take notes.  Feel free to share it.  There is a ton of value in this infographic for any marketer corporate or otherwise.  I hope it helps you take your marketing to the “next level” whatever that looks like for you.

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