Quick Reminder To Our Team

To those of you on my team, a quick reminder:

1) Make sure your e-wallet is active so you can collect payments

2) Blog Daily( audio, video, or text) when you do, you create little sales machines working 24/7 for you, for life

3) Help 2 people a day join at the $25 level( get a workout partner for this step…great idea!)

4) Listen to The Inner Circle Daily and/or other inspiring audios daily while doing other things, not in front of your computer, working out,cleaning the house etc.

5) Make sure you are on the Empower Hour Call each Week, Monday at 9 p.m. EST

6) Read a good book each day for at least 15 minutes, and 1 hour is better, and a chapter is better still…Readers are leaders. Put good in, good come out.

7) Market your business daily the more you do, taking massive action, the better each day. Your outcome is 30 leads per day. Start at 10 leads, 20 leads, and work up to 30 leads a day consistently. $15K Formula shows you how.

 Get to all events. Next one is in Miami January 24th-26th. 

The next two people that join my team as a $25, basic member and an affiliate, and that contact me, telling me they are going to the Miami event, will get a free event ticket to The Empower Network Event in Miami January 24th-26th, while supplies last. 

(You pay for your own lodging and round-trip transportation, it is a business expense, consult your tax advisor for details, this is not financial advice) 

This event ticket only is available to the first two paid member, affiliates, on my team, at the $25 level, while supplies last.

See you in Miami!

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