Screen Recorder For Business Owners

Screen Recorder For Business Owners

The main, free screen recorder, like Jing is fine for doing most online work when you are first getting started, and I have seen seasoned professionals making 6 and 7 figure income use it as well, but you will lose out on features for editing your pictures and videos if you use the free versions of screen capture or screen recording software. Jing is OK for 5 minute videos only. It is great for screen capture of images you want to save to your computer desktop.  It seems easier to find the images you want if you save them to your desktop.  But, that is a personal preference.  You will figure out what works best for you once you practice capturing and saving images to your computer.

Snagit is a cool, screen capture, software with better functions that deal with faster video format capabilities, for certain kinds of fast motion videos or video taken outside of your computer.  Snagit also allows you to record longer videos in a more readily used format for videos to be shared, and it has some cool  graphics editing features. I paid $49.95 for it.  Well worth the investment in my business, but you do not have to invest in video software if you do not want to in the very beginning.  It is your business, and you can run it as you see fit.

Free, screen video capture is where the rubber meets the road.  Jing uses .SWF format, and in moving objects videos it can be pretty grainy, although it was used for free, so you have to make the trade off while you learn.  


.MPG-4 file formats can handle some of the faster movements, but colors are different.  HD is the way to record if you are serious about video and using Camtasia Studio is the best investment I have ever made in my business.  Video gets more engagement and people respond to your videos better than just a screen capture image.  People want to buy from people.  Video helps your customers learn more about you.


Thank You to TechSmith for this great explanation of the differences in video format and size of file:

Understanding Video Formats: SWF & MPEG-4.

I recommend that you try out all of what Jing and Snagit have to offer.  This is how you learn what you like to do online.  Play with it at first while you learn.  This is how you get better at it, by doing it, daily.  You can learn these skills. 


You are probably here reading this because you are serious about learning how to use the Internet to attract more customers to you and your business.  You are probably the kind of person that would benefit from some easy to follow, What You See Is What You Get  or WYSIWYG software or a blogging platform, right?

You probably are looking around at this platform, on this page and wondering if this could work for your business.  You may see branding and adds, not to worry, there are many themes to choose from with Kalatu Premium.  It is made just for you.  

You can Use Jing and Snagit to make pictures and capture videos that you can add to your blog posts, while you learn how to use blogs to increase sales in your business. Is that what you are thinking?  Yes? Then, you are right, you can and I will be your guide.  But first, let me help you with your sales situation. 


Bonus For The Serious Business Owner

So here is what I need you to do next if you are serious about spending about one to two hours a day building blog posts on your business expertise.  

1)  Please do keyword research first.  

You can decide you want to go slowly so you do not get search engine slapped(taken offline or not found) and find keywords that people are searching for, in the industry your company serves.  

2) look for keywords that have at least 1000 to 25,000 people searching for them each month.

Use Screen Recorders To Make Your Blog Posts Look Better


Once you get your membership to Snagit( it is the better of the two between Jing and Snagit) then let’s get together and talk for an hour about setting up the process you will use to start blogging.

I am happy to help you for an hour of my time to get you started right.  My assistant Chad will give you my schedule link so that you can choose a time that works for you.  

Then, we can hop on a Google Hangout so you can see my screen while I coach you from wherever in the World you are located.

You are the expert in your field, Right?

Do you know of 5 to 7 problems that your best customers always have?  OK then, because you are serious about your business and learning this, you probably already know that customers do not always tell you their problem(the real one(s) right away.)

It may sound like they need to reduce costs, or overtime or something very business-like. but underneath that problem if you understand your target market well enough, because you did your market research, you will find reasons that caused these initial business-like problems.

Under these causes are a consequence to them personally.  You always want to be speaking to the person in the company that you are helping with your product or service, not the role of that person.  New sales professionals end up talking to the wrong people all the time and you will hear, I have to ask my boss, the kiss of death in any deal.

Remember, it is not their money, but people are the decision makers.  You can’t really help them unless you understand them and their situation.  Personalities play into this as well, but we can cover this in another post,  Oh and if yu like this kind of thinking and you are a superstar and want to become a legend, then please tell Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of:

The Samurai Business Group I sent You. Dan and Bob are good friends and one of my many mentors in business and life.


You Will Probably Want To Do This Next


If you are serious about the success of your business pull out your credit card and set it on the table because you will need it to get the blogging platform you are seeing here today.  Next, click this link to be taken to the Kalatu Premium Order form  Fill out the form completely so you will have your membership to Kalatu Premium started today.  

Then, you can start using Jing and Snagit image and screen recorders to put content images and videos into your blog posts about these problems we talked about above, and how you can help them.  

If you learn how to get on the front page of Google yourself you can tell that young man or woman from the agency that really does not understand your business, and has trouble writing,  that you can do this in your own.  Blog daily and you will get better at reaching your target customers with each post.

Pay attention to the trainings and 7 minute blog hacks that Travis and Michelle do for you in your back office too.  You will also get great plugins to use to capture the contact information(email) of people from all over the World that will stop by and learn of your expertise.  Use blogging to reach more of the right customers 365 days a year, 24/7 while you out doing what you like to do than what you have to do to survive in business.

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