Screenshot Program For Your Business

Screenshot Program

When you get to the place in your business that you need to start doing screen capture videos or screen capture pictures to communicate a message to your clients or customers, I highly recommend Jing and Snagit!  If I could figure this out – as I am a tech challenged 51 year-old, anyone can figure this out.

screenshot program


 This Picture^^^ Came From Using Snagit

The picture You see above, was shot using my computer and a program I bought for $49.95 called Snagit.  It is from a company called TechSmith.  They have a free program called Jing that I was able to start with until I felt a need to have more editing capabilities..  I love that program too.

The pictures or images can be copied off your computer screen after You watch the TechSmith tutorial that comes with the Snagit product.  

I think it was Erica in the video that said I should capture a picture and put graphics on it using the program and then email it to her.  So I did.

 It also gave me a link that I could email her this picture with or send her an invitation to view it so I sent this picture to her this way also.


Easy To Use Editing and Graphics


The graphics program in Snagit and Jing are super easy to use.  This will really pop the level of your communication with your clients to the current level of technology in modern society.  Your future can change the second you decide you are serious about making your business work on the Internet by getting this software to grow your business online.

Snagit also has sharing capabilities to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to be able to send videos and cool pictures to your facebook and other social media friends.

The professional look and feel of this program parallels that of a professional designer and the quality of work you get from them.  But I am doing this with my feet propped up on my favorite coach,  in my stocking feet with cats(we have four rescue cats, Opie and Andy, who are Russian blues, and  Emma, a tiger cat with tons of personality, and Bea another Russian Blue) all around me.  It is 12:57 a.m. Yes, I am sometimes a night owl, and everyone in the house is asleep but me.  I am loving the ease of use of this product!


3 of my cats Andy, Bea and Emma
Bea(small Russian Blue) Andy(large Russian Blue) and Emma(Tiger cat)


Sell Anything Of Value
Emma Keeping Me Company Late At Night



This is the way business should be run!  Winston Churchill used to work from 11 a.m. to 1-2 a.m. in the morning.  I like to work late in the night, I get so much done.  This product has helped me do so much more.  It is just great!  It even allowed me to make drop shadows to give my graphics that professionally designed look!

If you’d like to see the system I use to blog daily then take a look at this link for Kalatu Premium


In Conclusion

If you want to use a great screenshot recorder use Snagit.  It gives the most value for your money.  If you’d like to learn more about this business here is what I need you to do next.  Pull out your credit card and put it on the table as you will need it after you watch the video that explains more about what you’ll be doing in your new business.

Then fill out the order form completely so you have your name spelled on your bank statements and e-wallet properly.  Fill out all the information on the form and hit the buy now button on the bottom of the page.  My assistant Chad will contact you as soon as you join, to set up your team profile, and then he will give you my schedule link and you will be able to schedule a one on one coaching session for one hour for free.  I want to make sure you get started off right.

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