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Every time I see this picture I just grin, because it is the farthest thing from the truth that you could find.  Three easy steps if you chunk it into the following:
1. Blog daily
2. Tell others( that is the doozy step and where leaders are found and 92% fail online)
3. Get paid.  The good news is many in Empower Network get to experience getting paid from their efforts, more than most.
Income Disclosure:  Your Results Will Vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here:
There is one main idea you must understand if you want to earn a living blogging. You must get as many people as you can to see each blog post. There are three steps involved
  1. Syndicating or Sharing Each Blog Post

    When some people first start blogging
    they think that if they write one blog post
    they will immediately start making money.This couldn’t be further from the truth.
    you need to get that idea out of your head right
    away.Now, that I have your attention. It is not hard either.
    I am going to take you on my journey blogging and showing you my results. Here are the results of my blog Your Last Job Ever.
    Do you like the Title? I do because I see this, blogging as my last career ever. But, you will work it like a job until you are able to see results. Let’s see how this works out.1) I put my sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools and I “fetch it” with every post. I do it for desktop and for mobile phones. There is a list of four things I do. I will make a video for you later so check back often.Share Your Blog Here


    2) Do Keyword Research. Pick a long-tail keyword phrase by searching for it in Google and seeing what other keyword pop under your search phrase. Include them in your longtail keyword phrase and sprinkle them throughout your blog post.

    I will do a video for that as well so stop by later to see it.

    Share Your Blog Here


    Test it out, when I first started you could use it for free.  The Internet is always changing. Test it out and see if you can get to the page above.

    3) Do not try to keyword stuff – That will get you blocked.

    Sheena Yap Chan and Dr.Steve Sheiner are awesome bloggers. Go check out what they blog about and how they do it. They shared something with me that I had been doing earlier this year and got out of the habit of doing…Pinging!!! It lets the search engines know you are there publishing great content. You are publishing great content, Right?

    I used pinging to get my first blog to 300,00- ish, in the World as ranked on In this test, we are going to test the list of pinging sites and indexing plus one other site that I love to share my blog posts on and that is I will do a blog post about that too so stay tuned to my blog for that coming post 🙂

    Don’t do what I did, if you produce bad content your blog will become a “Crap Magnet” ~Lawrence Tam in a workshop I attended that he was speaking at. He is a million dollar earner plus, and I really like the way he organizes and really understands his numbers, the numbers of his results. If he doesn’t like the numbers, he tweaks something, and test it, then measures the numbers again, until he starts to see consistent results then he scales it up!

    But I digress, once you have written your blog post use the list of pinging sites that we supply our team members to ping that particular post and submit your post to Webmaster Tools and Bing and Yahoo too…but that is for a later post. Look for that in my past post or search for it in the search engines.

    Here are three examples of pinging sites that will allow you to share your site or blog posts URL with the World.


    That should get you out in front of over 1400 places on the Internet
    I will do a video to show you how that works for those three.

    So in summary:

    1) set up your sitemap on Webmaster Tools
    and Bings and Yahoos version tool
    2) Do your keyword research and sprinkle 5-10 related long-tail keyword phrases into each blog post
    3) Ping your blog posts
    4) check your results in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and search for it in a search engine while you are not logged in.


    Start Here:  Here is where we are at since we started our new blog in Google Analytics

    End Of Test:  Stay tuned results after one month coming soon.

    Funny story…well not really, I blogged for a year while thinking I was getting on the front page of Google. I was logged in! Brian Couch taught me that valuable lesson. Your mentors will not always tell you what you want to hear, but I am certainly appreciative that Brian spoke up.

    Sheena Yap Chan shared an awesome list in one of her stellar blog posts.  Next tip: learn to blog like Sheena and you will be a Rock Star!  But, that is just my opinion.  Look all three of these awesome bloggers who are friends of mine by clicking the links below:


    1) Dr.Steve Sheiner

    2) Sheena Yap Chan

    3) Brian Couch

    4) David Wood

    These people Rock!  Each has their own style and you should find a way to model what they do and make your style your own, just as I have done in this post.

    Click Here to Learn More About Syndicating or Sharing Each Blog Post

    Just some examples of what you find in that link above in the picture below.

    Share Your Blog Here

  2. Google URL Shortener


You Need to Track How Many People Click On Your Post. Here is an example of one I use to track how many people click on my income disclosure link. Tip for my team: put your income disclosure link, CODED TO YOUR AFFILIATE ACCOUNT by shortening this:
Google URL Shortener makes it look like this:

So type into Google URL Shortner the following

place YOUR AFFILIATE ID after ?id=

and shorten the link as they tell you. You will need to learn to follow directions of websites. You will do this thousands-of-times. I did.

There are also other ways to track how many people click your link and where they came from. We’ll cover that in another post.

That way after they see how much money they can and can not make and learn there are no guarantees, if they are entrepreneurs they will look at what is possible instead of what is a negative outlook on the same document. I saw it and I said, “I can make that much!” Woo Hoo let’s figure this thing out no matter what! “I found my thrill” I found my passion,

But I digress, take your long income disclosure into Google Url Shortener and make one that is shorter like mine above. I will do a video on this too. All this will be included in your daily checklist

These are just a couple ways that you can market daily. There are about 15 plus strategies that I am testing and will be blogging about for the rest of my life. Why because I love blogging, it is my passion and we are going to get rich, no wealthy, becoming high network individuals, because of what we have learned from this community of men and women around the World that want more for themselves and their family.

Click Here to Learn More About Google URL Shortner

Share Your Blog Here

So if you would like to learn how to market your blog post with people all over this planet, and you would like to do in on a system that will allow you to blog daily, tell as many people as possible and get paid eventually, when you get enough of these posts out there so you start to be followed, and people begin to like your writing, and trust you, then

I Will Be Your Guide Beyond Your Awareness

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