11 Point Social Media Plan You Can Use For Any Business

 11 Point Social Media Plan You Can Use For Any Business

While the 11 points below are for the particular industries noted below, they can be used for any business.

If you are new to Internet marketing you may feel a little overwhelmed, I know I did and still do with every new thing or gadget that comes around.  Guess what?  We all did and still do.  The Internet “Is like the Wild West”  to quote from Next Level Ventures

Social Media Plan


 Here is a nice list of easy things and some not as easy but still do-able

Write every day on your blog.  That is the best advice I can give you and it could be worth millions if you do it properly.

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Share your blog posts on social media, the more the better.

Post by post you will build up your business.  It will start slow at first.  You do not want it to start fast.  If you get too much traffic to your blog right away, you will get slapped.  Let it happen naturally with syndication.  We will provide you a list of places to syndicate when you join us.  Use that list to start sharing your blog posts with the World.

Don’t try to outwit the search engines, you will lose.  Write great content.  Use great pictures.  Help people with the problems they have with running a:

1) Network Marketing Business

2) Online Marketing Business

3) Being an Authority Figure or Public Speaker

4) Monetizing and idea for a product or service.


These are the main people our products address.  But, the concepts will work for anyone that has a dream to earn a living online to be able to do what they want, when they want, with the people they love.

I got this list below, from the 15K formula inside Empower Network.  There are some great ideas you get as a bonus for being ALL IN with your business, when you decide to join Empower Network.  That means buying all the products and being emotionally, spiritually and financially committed to building your business, while having a life.  That last part is key.  We have a lot of fun doing it!


#1 read my blog posts –  you will find lots of information about network marketing, and online marketing, plus sales psychology and marketing research, strategy and implementation.  The three main areas of marketing. Check back to my blog often to find new things as I add them in.

#2 Blog daily.  I can’t over-emphasize this enough.  Use Grammarly lite(free to make sure your grammar is OK, and spellings are correct.  I use it, and it helps me feel confident about my writing.

Blogging is all about taking chances with your writing ability, and using  technology to help you syndicate your traffic to your blog daily.  Blogging is all about growing as a person.

#3 Market Daily –  your blog post(s).  Start by using social bookmarking tools like Ping.fm or eventually you can advance to Tribe Pro to automatically syndicate you content.  Ask me about TribePro

#4 You want to start a facebook group where there is, no spam allowed.  You are not selling there.  You are creating a safe zone for others like yourself that can share what they are learning and talk about marketing and sales.

#5  You want to start conversations inside your facebook groups.  Engage and interact with them.  Do not be salesy.  If they want to buy from you they have to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you first.  They can find the answers to some of their problems in your posts, and you can point them to the link, that begins your sales funnel, when they ask.

#6 You can share a favorite video from YouTube if you are caught without time.  Not all the time but once and a while we all get overwhelmed. No one has enough time.   Don’t ever not post because of a lack of time.  Your google analytics will reflect that if you do.  No traffic means no leads and no leads means no sales for your business.

#7 email your list daily through the tools tab in your Empower Network back office.  Be inspiring to them.   Remember how confused you were when you first started.  Point them to a video that helps them or to your blog post if you wrote it for your team.

#8  Have the right mindset.  Read the Millionaire Mindset and The Millionaire Next Door until you start to think in abundance instead of scarcity.  You need to treat this business the way Nicole Cooper describes in the 15K Formula.  Fantastic!

#9  Emulate, follow and Copy with your own spin on it, the works of other leaders in your business.  Lawrence Tam in the 15K Formula has a great talk about how he created his facebook group to be an encyclopedia of how to do this business.  Create your own encyclopedia in your own facebook group.

#10 If you are really serious, find an automation tool like TribePro and try a 3 level strategy that will automatically syndicate your work.  Update 2015:  Be cautious here.  Google is slapping( turning off blog traffic) everything but good writing.

#11 and I notice this with people that are grinding or stuck in the beginning…Do not get mad or frustrated with people that do not join…You are beating up on the people you need to be helping the most.  Treat them as you would a child( no I am not saying your prospects are children, although there was a young man who was making $12,000 so far with Empower Network at the last event) use a nurturing tone in your copy and in your videos. Be their coach, be kind to them and they will be kind to you.

#12 Get to all the events, the next one is in Denver. This is the place you get to network with like minded professional marketers.  The world is changing and the World’s economy is increasingly gravitating toward the internet.  Look at all the computer people in Silicon Valley and all The Start-up Millionaires, no Billionaires being created in the world today…  Do you think it will be a good idea to learn how to function and thrive on the internet?  See You in cyberspace!

Here is a bonus that I find works nicely.  It is a small site tied to lots of other social media sites across the World.  It is called socialmarker.com.  Also, PingmyURL.com and Pinmylink.com…That will get you started.  Happy Blogging!  You’ll learn as you blog, your blog will grow, more traffic will start going to it because you are blogging about things people are search for.  You will find these topics by learning how to use Google Keyword Planner and other keyword tools.

Always under-promise and over-deliver in your business and in life.

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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