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Tell Your Hero’s Journey Once Your Successful

If you are having trouble in your business it’s because your story hasn’t resonated with the right audience yet.  People that will get involved with you will have to know, like and trust you before they will believe you have what they want that will benefit them in their life.  

Remember they have to believe that what you are selling will help improve their life.  If they don’t have this belief, they will not buy from you.  Your story will help them to decide to buy.  Your story once you are successful will help them see that if you can do it, then they can do it too.

All the great results that are happening inside of Empower Network are happening because of what seem like, well-planned out story telling, the resonates with a target audience.  I want to Thank  Empower Network for having Daegan Smith speak in the Costa Rica Masters Retreat, his lesson on email, story telling is beyond belief how good it was!

This was the first time I had heard about the heros’s journey, and it made me realize why I like going to the movies so much.  I especially like comedies, action adventure, sci-fi(intelligent sci-fi not the B-Roll stuff…OK sometimes the B-Roll stuff) and dramas and all movies of these types utilize the hero’s journey in their script writing.


Change A Path You Are Currently On


In the beginning of any hero’s story is a decision to change a path that they are currently on.  This usually involves, as Tony Robbins put’s it, you reach that level of pain that You no longer will do things the way you’ve been doing them, getting the same results,  so the hero sets off on a new journey.  Just like you did when you decided to get in or get ALL IN with Empower Network

 The Hero Learns The Rules of The Game


Next the Hero finds him or herself in a new world and they need to learn the rules of the game.  You had to learn how to blog and use auto-responders and do videos, and begin to form your story.  Then, You had to learn how to create traffic to your blog , capture the leads and convert them into sales.  Oh, and do not forget the bridge video.  This was a key to your success.


Next, as you begin to duplicate these sales and sharing that with other people in your team as your income starts to grow, they start to believe, like you believed the first time you went to an event, and watched the leaders walk across the stage with all those big checks. That was in the time period of 2013 to 2014 or so.  I do not know for sure the event they stopped the big checks.  I wondered what the DSA(Direct Sales Association) said about those. Now we know again, first in that company as a vitamin deal, and now here again under the direction of Johnathan Cronsted, CEO of Empower Network, LLC, it must be true.  No big checks are allowed, but you can still make the money.


A Tragic Event Happens to Our Hero


The hero always has a tragic event that they have to overcome before they can reach “the promised land” and usually it is darkest before the dawn in a hero’s journey.  You hear it time and time again that the people that succeed in life, were just about quit right before they became successful.  You always have to keep moving forward until you succeed.  And you have to keep sharing your success to continue to grow.  The only people that do not succeed in business are the ones that quit.

Your results will be your own. To see average earnings see:


Once the hero succeeds they look back and do not see that all those failures, trials and tribulations as failures, but rather lessons that helped propel you to the next level.  No one, and I mean no one, goes from where they are in life straight to success.  Everyone fails until they succeed.  Keep going,believe in yourself!  When you do, people will sense that in you, and you will succeed even more.

Your Hero's Journey

You see You have everything You need to be successful in this business.  Tell your story of success!  Remember You made the decision to get in or get ALL IN, and that is why you are successful today.  Every step you take is a success! Always keep succeeding!  ABG Always Be Growing or ABL Always Be Learning.  BUt, to rreally succeed you need to learn, do that thing you learned, then teach it in a Blog post.


If you’d like to see your hero’s journey be one of success in the end and you like selling, building teams, and learning all about how to succeed in network marketing then click here and get started today

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