Speed Blog The Hobbit

I’d like to Thank YouTube and Collider Videos  for this awesome trailer

Tonight my love Stephanie and I watch the Blue-ray version of the Hobbit all the way through!  Bucket List item completed. Each time before I had never made it, all the way through for whatever reason. This is actually the first time I could follow the plot.  I was always distracted before I guess. The last time I watched it I got to the Golum and Precious scene, but this time I made it all the way through and loved it!

For Stephanie it was here first time through The Hobbit.  She loved it too!  The scenery in this movie is stunning.

There is just the right mix of a Hero’s journey, action adventure and suspense in this movie to keep you engaged throughout.


We will be purchasing the entire Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Definitely going to the Movie Theater to watch the latest in the series The Desolation of Smaug.  But first we need to watch the trilogy and catch up.  

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