Stop Letting Fear Get In The Way Of Your Succeeding

I know Fear, has stopped me my whole life from succeeding.
But recently this year I found a way out of that.

It is really pretty easy.


Blog Daily


Tell Others 


Get Paid.

Stop Being Afraid It is Stopping you From Succeeding

I am here to help you get your business generating income for you. That is what I do.  I help people get started.


Follow this system and you will have a much easier time of it than if you try to do it all by yourself.


1) Make sure you have a merchant account set up so you can sell products and services ours is only $19.95/month as long as you pay your affiliate fee you have a fully functional Merchant account that does not get shut down.


2) Blog Daily.  It is the easy way to create content by either writing a 500-700 word blog, or shooting a video on your phone, or recording an audio on your phone.  Our system to do this is called ENV2, and it allows you to blog daily,share videos and audios from your phone.  Plus it is on an Authority site that ranks as of today on Alexa .com 264 in the World for traffic and 170 for traffic in the US, so you content gets seen.  You use your own domain.  Mine is  check it out.  I spend $25/month to use it.  I have gotten on the front page of Google many times.  Oh and you can do all of this from your mobile phone too if you want to.


3) Read Daily, I do not care what you read, but read daily.  Readers are leaders in business.  If you want to make a lot of money in your lifetime, read daily


4) Listen to audios daily.  Same thing, listen to Inspiring audios about sales and marketing.  Any business needs to know how to communicate and listening to audios while working out or talking a walk will make you a better communicator if you do it daily.


5) You need to help two people a day join your business at the $25 level.  Do this everyday.


6) Get on a phone call each Monday Night at 9 p.m. Ph: 209-255-1040  The Empower Hour Call  


7) Market your business daily.  Market your blog post daily


8) Go to every Empower Network Event.  They happen every 90 days.  Top income earners get to all events.  It has been shown time and time again.  People need to get to events.  Events change your life.  When you life changes your business grows.


That’s it.  Do these eight things consistently, and you will see your business grow, and you will start to make money.

Stop Being Afraid It is Stopping you From Succeeding

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Stop Being Afraid It is Stopping you From Succeeding


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