Successful Entrepreneurs – Mark Zuckerberg’s Secrets to Getting Rich

Here Are The 11 Secrets That Helped Make Mark Zuckerberg Rich

…and how they relate to your Empower Network Business

First I’d like to thank YouTube and PassageU for sharing this video.  It is very well done.

#1 Have A Dream -Turn That Dream Into a Vision For People.

“desire is the starting point of all great achievements” -Napolean Hill

#2 Think Big- Is the World Big Enough?

#3 Start Small $45/month and you can have a blog that can inspire the World and make you money

#4 Believe in Yourself

I love this quote:

“You are nuts, and you should be proud of it. Stick with what you believe in” – Trip Hawkins

#5 Follow your Passion – Your passion is where your value to the World is.  Find a way to create value from your passion, and you will have found the ultimate secret to your success!

#6 Be Prepared for Criticism – The more you gain exposure and success on the Internet the more people that do not have it will try to pull you back to the status quo.  Just know that haters are a marketing metric.  How they think about you has nothing to do with what you think of you.

#7 Be Diligent – Before you are successful you have to create massive value for others.  The key is massive value means massive success.  Do the daily consistent work and you will build assets on the Internet over time.

#8 Don’t be afraid it compete with the giants.  They are your peers.  Be a leader the second you start your business. Lead by example in this business produce sales and people will follow. Remember they have just been at it longer.  Everyone starts at 0 in any business.

#9 Be Focused.  Daily consistent action, just like the power of water carved the grand canyon you to will need to flow daily, with consistent action following the 8 core commitments. Stay focused on learning to get this business to 1200 basic members before you look up and start to teach anyone. Teach from the stage first.

#10 Learn to take risks.  You will learn new things.  Some will be outside of your comfort zone. Stay true to your core values.  Mine are never deliberately hurt yourself or someone else.  The rest is B$.  You stay true to your core values and then stretch outside of your comfort zone on everything else, and you will grow to a new comfort zone.  No one ever becomes an expert at anything until about 10,000 hours doing that thing, whatever it is.

#11 Stick to the Process – We are lucky in Empower Network we have a great system use it.  Get all the products and use them to become a great person and a great marketer in whatever business you are in!

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