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How To Be Successful In Multi Level Marketing and Your Business


Here are some of the delicious tidbits I learned from the leaders at the Chicago Empower Network Team in no particular order:

1. Interview successful people and share what you learned with as many people trying to become successful as You can.

2. Follow The SEO Jesus on YouTube for one approach and philosophy.

3. Love and support your customers dreams.

4.  You want people that are willing to pay any price to see how to succeed.

5. My customers need to be that committed(my target market)

6. Read The 4-Hour Work Week.

7.  You may run into people that are running away from some pretty horrific stories such as physical abuse, mental abuse, low self-esteem, low self-confidence.  Don’t let that freak you out.  As the song says, “Everybody hurts.”  Just appreciate what you can do to help them.  Be successful so You can help them.

8.  Work on being self-conscious of who You are and what you are trying to accomplish.  Keep Your eye on the “real Why” you got involved.

9.  Possible Target Market- Type A personalities People that love to talk and are good at it.  But of course, continual self improvement will accomplish this as well.

10.  It is important to have a supportive spouse as this will be a source of “drive-by shooters” to this business.  This means that You will need to help them practice answering this question before it comes up.  I learned in one of the Samurai Business Group’s lessons and it applies here as well.

(From this event and one particular Inner Circle Audio by David Wood…I am paraphrasing here)


Inner Circle Audios
Listen To Audios Every Day

11. This is a scientific process that You need to learn.  Internet marketing, is part of Marketing as a science.  Advertising and Marketing are definitely a science.  If you love to learn and take action, you can not help, but make money.  


But You have to do the work in the beginning to get the train rolling!

12. Fear of the unknown will be a big factor that they will have to overcome. (This from Dan Kreutzer of the Samurai Business Group …I’m paraphrasing) They will have to hear the conversation inside their heads, and you will have to understand that conversation, before they will truly take massive action. It is all about them not you. The faster you can do this the better the results you will get in your business.

The Samurai Business Group
Turning Superstars Into legends

13. People that succeed in this business are the ones that persevere and overcome their fears.  We all have to.  We all have.  We’re just people on this planet Earth.  No Gurus here.

14.  Some people have perceptions that this is a huge risk because they are running away from something.  


This is part of each person’s journey to enlightenment and understanding what makes them happy and ready to proceed to the next step.  When they can move to a place of running toward something, then You will see massive action!

15.  Allow people to be who they are.  They come into this business with their mission, their purpose and their own identity

16.  People are your customers(different markets that you can help by learning how to target market)…You can’t help them if You do not find them) – will come from every emotional, socio-economic and psychographic designation imaginable in the world.  


It is OK to target market as long as you truly want to help them.  They are Your customers, if they didn’t need what You can provide them, they wouldn’t be Your customers.  They all need Your help in different ways that resonates to them.

17.  The Universe will “slap you” if You truly do not have want to help them, if You’re just after their money, Help them regardless of what You get back.

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The above post was from over two years ago( I edited it today to rank better in the search engines as a test) and I am still here producing each day.  You can do this business as soon as you commit to the consistent daily actions we tell you about in the eight core commitments.  These are the minimum actions you need to take to grow in network marketing, affiliate marketing or as a business owner.


Empower Network added the following skill sets you need to succeed on a massive level in your business.

1) You need to be a Top Producer by Using The Top Producer Formula

2) Once You are a Top Producer, You need to learn how to be a Team Builder

3) And finally You Need to learn how to create Mass Influence in your business.


I am looking for people that want to gain mass influence in their business.  I do not care what kind of business you are in as long as it meets our company compliance rules.  It can not be illegal and must fit the criteria of being family friendly.  Sorry X-rated industry I can not help You.  If you meet the criteria and you want help producing sales, building teams that stick around and you want to have mass influence on the network marketing, affiliate marketing and small business arena, globally then join us here

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