Target Marketing Hacks That Business Owners Can Use To Have A Clear Understanding Of Whom They Are Selling To

When you describe sales and marketing you can simplify matters by understanding two things about your target market.
  1. Demographcs

    You want to know the following demographic criteria about the person
    ( give him or her a name or give a name for each gender)That is the first demographic category1) genderfollowed by

    2) location

    3) ethnicity

    4) age

    5) Annual household income

    6) Education level

    These are some of the main criteria a business owner needs to understand about their best customer

  2. Having An Understanding of Psychographics

    This is a much more detailed analysis of who the person is emotionally, what they are like. It includes such things as:

    1) What they like to do
    2) Who they like to hang out with
    3) what they like to do in their free time
    4) How the person thinks about everything

    You want to take all aspects of society for this person and create a profile of sorts for this person.


    This will just be scratching the surface of this topic.  Check back often as we will be adding additional resources for you to use about subject

    This will allow you to target your marketing campaign ads, images and communications with the person psyche, with how they think.

    Be cause no one likes to be sold but they love to buy. Buying is an emotional response.

    The professional marketer understands the psychology, thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams and desires of this person, and they use that information to communicate at the deepest level with that person.

    When it is done professionally, it is an art form. You will never know you are being sold, but you are, and you will feel an exhilaration you can not explain, that is marketing, and trillions of dollars change hands in society because of it.

    Welcome to the Rabbit Hole “Alice” You are about to be given the keys to the kingdom, or at least know what you have to do to get them, and it will not be easy. It took me 22 years to get to this level of understanding. The only difference between you and I is I have made more mistakes than you and learned lessons from them. None of it is rocket science, all of it is simple, but not easy.

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