Thanks For Playing, Bye, Bye!


We do this business for our time.

I used to work in a hospital, I've done it 3 or 4 times in my life while going through life.

One thing you learn there is that when your time on this planet is up, game over.  There is nothing that you 
can do or say.  The nurses, used to say, because they get jaded after about two years being put through the grinder of the health field( that's a story for another day) The used to say, "Thanks for Playing, Bye Bye"  Really, they did it in the break room away from ear shot of the families.

You see when you time is up it's up!

So, we do not do this business for the money.  We do this business for the time to do what we want, when we want(except for events…get to events guys they change your life) with the people we love!

I am on my way to the airport back to the woman I love, Stephanie!  She is burnt out ICU nurse of 16+ years.

Spend time with the people you love, if it's a cat( we have four rescue cats) Emma a tiger, Opey a "grumpy old man "Russian blue, Andy, his( Garfield/Heman-like brother) and Bea a scrawny little runt of a cat, because we found Emma nursing off Bea in the Barn we kept our first horse, Odin, an all black Percheron

Odin went partially lame because  his pasterns were too small for his size 1.2 hands over my head and I am 6'2" tall (genetics) and our newest member of the family Brina a fancy Dressage 1/4 Percheron and 3/4 TB

Oh, and I can't forget our loveable, yet stubborn when she wants to be dog Tasha, no one pushes Tash around the breeder said.  Tasha's Mom died in puppy birth so she was raised by humans.  She is by my side all the time unless Stephanie is in the room, Tasha is Stephanies's dog for sure!  But, I still love her.  Which reminds me I need to pick up the poop when I get back….LOL

That is my family and you are my family too!  We will be spending a lot of tie together as you grow into the person that feels good accepting all the money you will make if you take this business seriously.   

Income Disclaimer:  You May make no money see our income disclaimer at for average earnings updated every 24 hours.

"We do this business to be able to do what we want, when we want, with the people we love."

Man those words are strong.  Tony Rush said them on the Empower hour Call last night.  It made me shiver when I heard them, and tear up a bit.   Go hug the one you love,  When you time is up, it's Thanks For Playing, Bye Bye!

Live the Life You Know You Were Meant to Live!  That's Why You ARE HERE!

I believe in Destiny or the Universe Aligning.  



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