The Eight Core Commitments Are Your Road Map

The Eight Core Commitments are your road map in this or any network marketing, or affiliate marketing business.  Follow these daily and you will see success sooner rather than later.

1) Make sure your merchant account is active. If you can not accept money you will not make any sales

2) Blog daily.  This is the lifeblood of your business, if you choose for it to be.  Send your blog to your email list.  Make sure your email list read the blogs that deliver value.

3) Market your business daily.  If people do not know you have a business you will not make any sales.

4) Help two people join your business at the basic level daily.  This is also the lifeblood of your business.

5) Listen to your Weekly call every week.  Here six figure earners will speak.  success leaves clues folks.

6) Listen to audios daily.  You will learn to become a better communicator if you listen to successful people speak.

7) Read daily.  If you put good information into your  mind good information will come out of your mouth when you speak.  Readers are leaders and always have been.  It is how the wealthy have passed downs secrets of being wealthy for centuries.

8) Get to your companies events.  This is your best chance to learn from and model what leaders do to be successful.  It is also where you can find others like you and people that could be your workout partners to call your basic member sign-ups.  That is where I met mine in Orlando at Lunch of all places.  Most of the magic happens in the networking you do at events.


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Use these commitments as a roadmap for success in your business.

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