The Power of Events…These Are Only The Middle Results

The results in this video are not typical.  None of the people up on that stage are typical.  If you are reading this blog post you are not typical.  To see average earning update daily go to our Income disclosure page here


I started in this business in February 2013.  I went to Chicago in March, and then three months later I was in Denver and I attended a mastermind after that event with Team Take Massive Action.

At the time I though we would have our team under their umbrella(EN doesn;t recognize teams except Dave and Dave, but they do not want anyone, not being part of any team other than the sponsors team, so Mack was my sponsor and  told me to join Prosperity Team, so I sent my API key to Prosperity Team, so we are Prosperity Team.  That’s it, period.


I was in Las Vegas with TTMA at their mastermind.  Guys you can still go to trainings with other teams if you pay the fees and they agree to let you into it.  This is a very open community of marketers guys and gals, so you should have no trouble getting to whatever training event you want.

Then I went to Anaheim and I learned about Chuck Marshall and all the other great leaders, people I had never heard of that were making a ton of money, so my belief got stronger.  Then I went to Washington DC and saw the heart of Laura Parish and the team leadership of Tissa, and most importantly I saw trhe leadership of David Sharpe, and the amzing Tracey Walker spanked us verbally, it was truly an amazing talk in which I learned so much.  Plus I learned what cronkest means by the Way Nicole Cooper(DC was The Cronkest lol she’ll never read this.)

Today I had the best lunch with a mastermind of like minded marketers, some doing more than others, but all with golden nuggets to share.  Then I had a mai tai by the pool and just was grateful for all I had in my life for about 20 minutes, then I went back to the room and wentr back to work, putting into action what I learned today at lunch…..ran into a wall with learning how to do paid craigs list ads but I will figure it out, but I did get my first solo ad copy done and out.  We’ll see what the results of that campaign are.  Learn, do, test, test, test measure do all over again.  That is what marketing is really all about.


Do you realize what great marketers these leaders are in Empower Network.  In two years, they have turned 30 people in a hotel into 200,000 affiliates…in only two years.  They have brought in over 70 million dollars in sales.

This business is all about sales of the front end, basic membership product.  That is all you should concentrate on until you are making $30,000/month.  Get 30-100 leads a day in, the way that you like best.  The ways are in the 15K Formula.  Watch them, do them that day, watch another, do that the next day, write a blog about it, do a video about what you have learned and post it on your blog.  

Help 2 people a day get the basic membership.  Consistent massive action is what is required.

But, what you get at events guys is a belief that these leaders are no better than you and I.  They have learned a skill and you can too.  They have struggled just like you, and over come their challenges, and you can too!  Come to events as they share some golden nuggets about how to do marketing too, but mostly you learn at events that you will be on that stage, no matter what!






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