The Second You Realize…This One Thing Your Life Changes Forever.

The second, the instant, in my life that everything started to change… The second, that I realized my story mattered to the world!  That is when real change started!

Up until that point, I had always been the good kid, the good student, but I sucked in life.  I sucked at making a living for myself.  I was a good employee, but I hated it, and it started to show.  I'd get called into the bosses office because I disagreed with how I was told to sell.

You see I was working with a mentor at the time, and getting great results, but those methods smacked in the face of my boss's methods.   I realized I was better off working for myself.  That is when I decided to get ALL IN in life.  Up until that point I was reacting to life.

Actually, I just realized I have always been a lousy employee…

I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.  That's it, Period!

I appreciate that you finally decided to move your life from where you are………….to where you want to go.

I get that you first just have to make sure the bills are paid…believe me I get that. No one knows how to make a package of hot dogs last like I do.  Or at least that is where my life used to be.

I appreciate that you are all Entrepreneurs and that you all have struggles that are unique to you.  

That setting up websites, either take too much time, or too much money and frustration, working with designers.  I get that.

I appreciate that you have always felt different, that you knew from early on, you were meant for greater things.

I appreciate You, if people have always said don't be so hard on yourself, but you have never understood what they meant….ever.

I appreciate that you may sometimes feel like a misfit, and that the computer is your way to communicate to the world, your heart, your sole and your passion, because you are too shy to talk to people,

…unless it's one on one or in a huge audience.( long story …I used to be Mr. Wizard's Assistant on an East Coast US Tour.)

I really appreciate You if you just discovered that you are shy but you still want to be an Entrepreneur!

I appreciate that you may want bigger sales, but can not for the life of you, figure out how to reach decision makers in big companies.

But, you still want to be a business owner!  Nothing will get in your way until you figure it out!  

I appreciate You, if you've spent thousands of dollars on mentors, courses and e-books but still haven't found the secret to having a life where you can do what you want, when you want with the people you love.  

I appreciate You if you own or want to own a horse because you have always wanted too since you were a little girl or boy, and that all you want to do is ride all day instead of having to go work for a boss, that knows nothing about horses.

I appreciate you if you were frozen to the TV for months after 911 and the 2008 crash and you still want to be an Entrepreneur.

I appreciate You if you have ever lived with someone that had a mental disorder that effected your entire family to this day.

I appreciate You if You love to teach and are good at it, and you want to be an Entrepreneur.  Don't teach your team until you are making at least $30,000/month, otherwise what are you teaching them, how to fail?

I appreciate You if you complain all the time.  We can fix that habit.

I appreciate you if you know that Factory work sucks, and you want to be an Entrepreneur.

I appreciate you if you know that hospital work sucks in any role, and you want to be an Entrepreneur to replace the good living but hard life you have been putting yourself and your family through.

I appreciate you if you know that working for someone else sucks, and you also know that you are terrible at doing just that!

I appreciate you if you are a creative person whose grammar and writing needs work.

I appreciate you if you lead people and you want a better life for your team!

If you are good at working at a job………this message is not for you.  Enjoy your free-time.  Time is the most precious commodity that we all have.  Nothing wrong with trading your time for someone else's dreams to be fulfilled.  They pay you what you are worth… right?  Good for you!  This message is not for you.

I appreciate you if you understand that when your time is up on this planet, it really is up, and that the nurses sometimes will say, "Thanks for Playing," Bye, Bye, if you or your family have been a pain in the the As$# to them.

I appreciate you if you lost your home in 2008 or if you are afraid of losing one now, and you want to be an Entrepreneur.

If you lost all your money in the stock market and do not know what you are going to do now,  to retire, I appreciate your struggles

or if you are afraid that our economy is going to collapse and you want to be an entrepreneur to make as much money as quickly as possible, I appreciate you.

I appreciate you,  if you know what it is like to hide your car so the bank doesn't repossess it, and then they do it, and you know what that does to relationships with loved ones.

I appreciate you if you have been living in your friends closet, or in their spare bedroom, or if you have ever had to live in your office, because you had no where else to live.

I appreciate you if you do not like to answer the phones because you are afraid bill collectors are calling and you do not want to lie to them one more time.

If you've been lucky to have some of the nicer things in life and are afraid to lose them. I appreciate you.

If you have worked your ass off and do not have struggles but you have no time, and your health is suffering because you have traveled so much on business and you just want t be a Walmart greeter when you retire…I appreciate you.

I appreciate you if you were sacked with the horrible job to have to take care of dying loved ones, when the rest of the family couldn't…and you just want your life back, hell you just ant a life.

I appreciate you if you have struggled in business all these years not knowing what the hell you were doing, except you knew, deep down in the pit of your stomach that you were born to be in business for yourself, and deep down it was because you liked to help people.  In fact, that is your why…..You like to help people.

I appreciate you if you are struggling to figure out who you are.

I appreciate you if you know what it is like to lose both parents, and you do not have them,  to rely on them,  for emotional and sometimes financial support anymore, and now you have to be an Entrepreneur or go back to work for someone else and you'll never do that again, so you keep going forward no matter what.

I appreciate you if you absolutely hate the IRS and the way it does business.

I appreciate you if you totally blew your chances in College to learn a trade that makes enough money to live the way you know you were meant to do!

I appreciate you if you know what it is like to be successful but you can not figure out how to make it duplicable so your team can thrive and you feel guilty about that.  You have a heart, and I want to lock arms with you and fight the forces of evil inside your head.

So to my haters out there

Don't believe in me…..because I believe in myself for the first time in 51 years!  I am Empowered for the first time in my life!  That is the power of events guys.. It took me 5 events until I started to realize what this business really is…It is just like Tony Rush and today, Mr. Tissa(sorry bad with remembering names) said to me when I listened to them on stage and in person,"

 We are a Leadership Factory disguised as a business opportunity.



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