The Video Says It All: 2013 Regional Recap of Empower Network Events!

First and foremost I want to Thank YouTube and Steele Rutherford for the best compilation video I have seen in years!  You are an awesome videographer and editor.  We need to talk.  I own a marketing agency, and I have not seen such great work in a long time!  Nicely done

Next, watch this video guys!  It will show you exactly what this business is about.  You only have until 11 a.m. EST to get in for $25 and the bonuses, and then the shopping cart goes back to normal.  This message is to the 100 people that opted-in to my list and are currently in my back office.

This business, needs to be taken seriously, and it is easy if you do not make it too complicated.  Keep it simple guys.  Watch this Video over and over again until you get it.  They share the secret in there over and over again.  Be yourself.  Tell others to do the same, share this business with as many people that really want to own a business and become wealthy and build an asset that will pay them for a lifetime.

Stay away from the 97% that complain and try to tear you down.  

Blog daily, Market Daily, follow the eight core commitments daily, take massive action.  Share what you are learning from the products, in your blog, share what you are learning about yourself as you learn personal development.

Stop looking for the perfect team and the perfect strategy.  There is no perfect.  This is a real business, run by real people that make mistakes, but that all have a heart of gold.  They care about building a business more than the air they breathe.

They care about helping others.  But, they are not going to help you unless you prove to them that you are serious by leading by example.  There are no free lunches here guys.  This is The Empower Network no entitlements here.

Will you struggle in the beginning while you are learning a new skill.  Successful people are willing to do for as long as it takes what others are not so that they will be able to build a business that has them set for life.

Results not typical, because none of the successful people in this business are typical.  If you are ready to build a business and do whatever it takes including investing in yourself, then lock arms with us and join us as we take this movement of people that are helping people become the best version of themselves, to unlock the potential that YOU have always known was deep inside you.

I am looking for leaders!  I am looking for people that will build an army of people that will go out and help inspire people to their greatest level.

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