This Is Not Your Target Market

First, I would like to thank Laura Parrish for sharing this funny photo on Facebook this morning.  It got me thinking.  “This is not our Target demographic.” This demographic is fine if you want to spend a lot of time holding hands and walking people through a field of flowers.  We are the Samurai Syndicators and we do not do that.  We build legacies to leave to our heirs.

We are looking for 1000 people that are not afraid to spend $10,000 on their business.

You are looking for a place to plant your flag on the Internet.  You know people are making millions in the Internet and rather than spend $150,000 on a Franchise you are fine spending $20,000 on an Investment of a business.   

You understand the value of education whether formal or informal.  Business is business.

You know that you are willing to work as long as it takes to start to generate a monthly, residual income of between $30,000 and $1,000,000/month

You are not afraid of hard work.  You like to work smart.

If this describes you join us here   9 p.m. EST on 1/9/13 or if you are viewing this after that date that is fine too.

You also understand that in business legal matters are important  That building an ethical business is more important than building a business.  

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