Top Producer Formula Lesson 13: Learn Do Teach Your Way To Success

Lesson 13 of The The Top Producer Formula Learn, Do,  Teach


This particular model of training is used in most teaching hospitals.  Residents learn how to be a doctor by using this vigorous and accelerated method of learning, pretty-much any topic.  In this Lesson David Wood uses this method to help business owners get very clear about what success looks like to them.

Learn what you are going to do in your business and teach it while you are learning it.  Learn how to do marketing and sales strategies and tactics in the products we sell.  Use them then teach what you learned to your prospects and customers by blogging, doing a video about it, or a Podcast. 

They say that to be an expert in anything you need to spend 10,000 hours doing that particular thing.  We are not saying you have to be an expert to teach it, in fact just the opposite.  Share it simply put.  Share what you learned in the products, at the level of your understanding right after you test what you learned.  Do it while you are learning it.  You can always improve upon your first post when you learn at the next level.  

Put it out there so others that have not made a decision to learn marketing and sales for their business, can learn from you.  You become the authority in so many different ways when you learn this way

 Learn. Do. Teach.

The act of teaching it to others will reinforce that particular, new skill you are using.  You will get better at it just because you are forced to teach it to someone else.  Each time you do this you get better at that particular skill set.  By using the products you buy from us(that is our business selling marketing and sales education products online) You then become an “instant expert.”  Most people do not know what we teach in the products.  

This puts anyone who can read and write in a position of becoming an authority on the internet as soon as they learn it, do what they learned to get a result, and then teach what they learned to others.  Google will recognize that you have valuable information to share with your readers, viewers or listeners, and your content will rank on the front pages of Google, over your competitors, if you do it properly


Goal Setting

We call them outcomes.  Outcomes have steps you take to reach your goals/outcomes. Goals, you can shoot at and miss, like in soccer. You need to be really clear about what your goals/outcomes look, sound, feel, taste (if you can taste your outcome like a big juicy steak when you reach your outcome) like.   My point here, is to use all the senses when making your goal/outcome.  Become crystal clear in your mind.

How do you know when you have made your outcome/goal crystal clear enough?  When you can read your outcome/goal to a

5-year-old and they understand it.  When you can explain your business in a 30 second bridge video, bridging to your capture pages and to your product’s sales pages.  Remember, that is how you earn money online by selling a product or service.  All network marketers, affiliate marketers and brick and mortar businesses make money online by selling a product or service


So in the spirit of Learn. Do. Teach, I will set my outcome for you here in this post at this moment in time, as David Wood teaches in lesson 13 of The Top Producer Formula.  It is 4/19/15 @1:04 p.m. my outcome is to have helped 10,000 people gain the freedom they desire in their lifetime by March 27, 2027, or sooner, the day I consider retirement.  So let’s continue and see where this leads us in getting clear.  I am listening to Lesson 13 of Top Producer Formula as I write this.  Remember Learn. Do Teach.

Make your outcomes as clear as a movie in your head:

” I am standing on stage at a very large Empower Network event, I see a hill in the distance with trees lining it, we are at a large outside, Empower Network event.  We needed to take it outside because we could not fit all the new people into any auditorium.  Our audience was too big.  I am very excited because of the roar of the crowd, the energy in the air.  It is hot on stage and I am sweating as I always do on stage.   I am standing still looking out over a sea of 10,000 people who have all gained what freedom means to them.  These people are happy!  The screen above me is translating my speach into multiple languages, as not everyone in the audience speaks english.  It does not matter.  We are all brothers and sisters in this community.  We speak the language of business, marketing and sales, of really helping business owners be free!  They are all on our team. I feel peace of mind and I quitely smile and a tear of joy rolls down my face.”

The only thing I do not have clarity on is where this stage and audience is. Africa keeps popping into my minds eye for some reason,.  The Universe works in mysterious ways.  I am getting clear as I learn where that is, and I will add that(Do of Learn Do Teach)to one of my future blogs, videos or podcasts. I will teach all who want to know, how to accomplish their definition of freedom.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, but never in the traditional sense. Now I am and it feels great!


Next David talks about:

Chunking Into Your Sources of Motivation.  To learn what he is talking about when he says this, and remember he has sold to over 300,000 customers and is a multi-millionaire, so I am going to listen to this lesson and do what he says to do. If you would like to learn what he teaches then click this link join our team and do the Level Up Sequence.  Make sure you have the Top Producer Formula.  It is all in there.  This particular strategy can be found in lesson 13 of the Top Producer Formula.


There Are Going To Be Problems

There are always going to be problems in your business.  How you react to them is what matters.   Learn in Lesson 13 how to overcome those problems no matter what level you are at.  You are going to have problems that you do not forsee in your business.  Unless you learn how to motivate yourself you will fall into the trap of the people that allowed their problems to be excuses for why they are not successful.  Ever hear anyone ever say these?

1) I would have done it but they did  “X” to me.

2) Or, I would have done it but “Y” happened to me.


You can find excuses for why it is not working, or you can ask yourself, “How can I make this happen,” to get results in your business( sales?)  but you can not do both.


The World is filled with business owners that quit when their motivation was not big enough or important enough for them to continue.  Don’t let that be you.  Don’t be the one that has to go back and get a JOB.  Learn. Do. and Teach the skills you and your team need,  to overcome problems, whatever they are.


When you reach your stated outcome what will you have that you do not have now?

Next, think about what you will have in the different areas of your life that you do not have now.  This is your WHY or a big part of it.

For me it will be the feeling I have when I know my business has helped 10,000 people gain true freedom in their lives.  You see when I set out in my business back in 1993 that was my goal/outcome.  I promised myself that if I was going to be in business, if I was going to take on this huge, unknown challenge a head of me, since I had no idea how to be in business for myself, that I was going to do it:

1) legally

2) ethically first and foremost.

I had seen too many people focus only on money as their source of motivation, and that was not why I was in business.

 I was in business so that I would never have to work for another person, that I did not agree with their way of doing business.  How they carried out their business on a day to day basis, taking advantage of people, unfairly was not for me.

If I was going to be successful in business, I learned over time, that I needed to provide a value to the marketplace that was between 5-10x’s greater to my customers, than the price they paid for the product and/or service I was selling.

I got lucky the day I stumbled upon this business. All the products under-promise and over deliver at least this much or more in many cases. Welcome and keep reading you have finally found a home

Empower Network

Most people are not willing to do whatever it takes to reach an outcome of this magnitude.  I am because I learned how to get motivated to that level in the Top Producer Formula Lesson 13.

You can learn this too if you click this link and join us, do the Level Up Sequence and then Listen to Top Producer Formula Lesson 13 like I am doing as I write this post.

Notice I am not giving you all the content of  lesson 13 in this post.  There is just too much to share here.

 This is a lesson in itself that I learned that from Brian Couch, top producer in Empower Network.

Hopefully I am giving you enough value in this post,  so that if you did not buy from me you would still be better off than when you started reading this.  That is my intension, for I am a business owner just like you. I understand your struggles.  I know how hard you work to make a successful business.  If you want all the value you need to buy the products.  No one is going to share every tip, strategy or tactic with you unless you have “skin in the game,” as we all had to pay fort our education( just like a Masters degree) when we first started out online.

 You see that is the business we are in.  We sell sales and marketing training materials online for network marketers and other business owners that want to learn how to recruit more reps and sell more products/services in their business, becuase these strategies and tactics learned in the products, work for any business if used properly.

It is OK to Scale Up Your Business

Mike Hobbs Gives Me Valuable advice
Start By Getting To $10,000/month

It is OK to set your outcomes in scalable stages.

For example:

When I first met Mike Hobbs, pictured above at an event, I was excited because I had attended Mike’s Noon webinars and trainings, since I am on the Prosperity Team.

He held these webinars that I found very valuable, teaching us how to set an online business up.  He is one of the top producers in Empower Network.  I asked him in Miami about my outcome of earning $20,000/month in my business.  It has been an outcome for my business, since 2005 when I first set it,  by writing myself a check from the Universe for $250,000.  Jim Carrey did something similar when he wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 before he accomplished that goal.

Mike said, “Set your first outcome of earning $10,000/month.”

“Then you can set a new outcome and take acheivable steps to that outcome,  and scale up your business that way.”  Great advice.  Thanks Mike!

Here is the outcome I came up with when I got clear about my vision for my business using what I learned in the Top Producer Formula Lesson 13

1) I will be able to pay all the bills.  Money is no longer a topic of stress. I have more than enough money for whatever we want to buy

2) Retire my significant other Stephanie from her job as a nurse.  I will probably never retire as I like this business too much!  We’ll see how I feel when I accomplish my outcome stated above or die trying.

3) Be able to afford our 50 acre  ranch, on the ocean, so we can have a place to retire Odin and Brina our horses, and the one on the way( The Universe has not delivered it yet).  Of course our property will have a nice house on it with a Council of 52 room.  It is a rectangular shaped room, with my large wooden desk at the end.   In front of it, is a large rectangular shaped auditorium, 3-4 seats deep) with comfy seats for the 52 council leaders to sit on, all around the perimeter of the rectangle.  Here we work together on the strategies and tactics to build our team Worldwide.  It is in this space we have our council meetings.  The Council of 52 are the top 52 leaders each responsible for a team in a different country as part of the 10,000 people on our team.

The house is located on a beach in the……?

Still working on this location.   I see black rocks, the ocean, sand and sedges and a horse pasture off to the side next to our greenhouse.  There is a Grand Room for parties( I love to dance) when we get together and a full workout facility to stay healthy, including a weight room, wrestling/martial arts room in the basement.   There is a hot tub on the deck outside our master bedroom located next to my office.  The other door leading out of the master bedroom leads to her room, a pure white living room with carpet, furniture, and drapes all in white(guess I’ll have to take my shoes off in that room lol)  Leading out from that room is our gourmet kitchen with blue oyster, pearl, granite countertops.   There is a long tree-lined driveway leading back to the shoreline house where we live.

4) We will be able to travel the World SCUBA Diving when we want, where we want, with whom we want to travel with.

5) I will be able to pay for all of this and more and finally feel like a responsible adult, like a man. I will have no debt unless I want debt for investment purposes.

6) I will be proud of myself and my accomplishments. I am already, but I will be more so, and I will be proud of Stephanie and her riding accomplishments.  I will take up riding again as well.

7) When I die, Stephanie will be taken care of for the rest of her life.  I will leave this legacy(my business) to her and she will leave it to our heirs.

8) We will attend a World Economic Forum.

That is what success looks like to me.

But success is scalable as Mike Hobbs said, so we will start with an outcome of one new $25 member a day.  Then we will scale it up to two a day.  To accomplish this we will need to bring in or attract 30 leads a day consistently either through:

1) Blogging by building up enough blogs done properly to attract maximum leads flow

2) Paid traffic to prime the pump on the front-end and allow the blogging to take hold as well

The Best Part


Your definition of success will be different, from mine.  Your struggles will be different from mine.  We are all different business owners, as we are all different people with different levels of skill and backgrounds.   But that is what is best about this chosen business.  People from all different walks of life can do this business successfully as long as You and your team follow directions and are coachable and trainable.  As long as You and your team use the products You buy and listen to 5, 6, and 7 figure earners tell You how to market and sell online and offline, Your network marketing business and theirs will grow.

That is what our outcome will look like.

 We are there and I see it just like a movie.

But in this movie, the people on our team are the stars.

There is a lot more in the Top Producer Formula Lesson 13 for you to Learn. Do.  and Teach, as you learn it, and use it  in your business.

I am already at 2820 words in this post, so I will end it here.  Many more posts to come.  I love blogging! Do You?  Tell me about it in the comments.  What do you love about blogging?

If you would like to learn more about how you can get clear about your business outcomes join us here  Once inside do the Level Up Sequence and get The Top Producer Formula, and then watch and listen to Lesson 13.  See you on the inside!

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  1. You shared a lot of valuable insight Tom when it comes to building success starting with making our outcomes. I love this Top Producer training and as you mention, it teaches important factors that when we take our success seriously is when we will actually achieve what we truly want. Thank for sharing your insight on this.

    • Thank You Mark. I appreciate You commenting on my vision. It is vey important to anyone in business to have a vision

    • Thank You Mark. I appreciate You commenting on my vision. It is very important to anyone in business to have a vision


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