2 Transformational Leaders: The Samurai Business Group and The Empower Network

The founders of this phenomenal training, Dan Kreutzer, and Robert Lambert, are transformational  leaders

 that designed their sales training system, based on the human psychology of the buying decision model.

  1. The Bushido Code

    This set of guiding principles allows the entrepreneur to understand how to navigate the treacherous waters, of running a small business in America.  Some of these guiding principles are:





    Keeping A Beginners Mind

    Having an Appreciation For The Arts…


    …among many others that we will share with you when you join us as brothers and sisters of our Worldwide organization.


    You will join us as brothers and sisters of the Worldwide organization of 52,  Level-5 Leaders.

    These 52 are located throughout the World.

    We will create together an organization of 10,000 people who all will learn what

    financial freedom for entrepreneurs truly looks like.



    Entrepreneurs are in business to sell their products and services at a profit.

    That is our mission, we sell products.

    We do not have a hobby, we each own a business

    and it is our destiny to establish an online empire

    If this is what you want you are welcome, but you will work harder than you have ever worked on anything else for as long as it takes and then you can be lazy the rest  of your life.

    Travel the World, set up charities, do whatever you want with your money, because you will have earned ity.


    Click Here to Learn More About The Bushido Code

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  2. The Empower Network Viral Blogging System

    The Ability to get leads, convert those leads to sales…that is what the Samurai Business Group mentors and the mentors of the Empower Network have taught me.

    With these two different systems, any business owner can be successful.

    Look at the income examples that are averages below. on the  link you see below.

    Income Disclosure

    Empower Network plus the complex sales training concepts we will teach you from The Samurai Business Group teachings,  along with the amazing conversion skills of Mr. David Wood…..and you the entrepreneur have a great chance at success.

    Am I promising you success? No, there are no promises in business except one. I promise you that if you keep doing what you are doing, to get no or little results, you will continue to get them.  You will have to change what you know and what you do in your business.  We will have to grow as a people and a leaders, all level-5 leaders.

    Click Here to Learn More About The Empower Network Viral Blogging System

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You have to invest in yourself, in your education. You have to learn how to live outside of your comfort zone. That is where the magic happens.

We are The Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team and we are independent distributors of Empower Network products.  We help entrepreneurs solve their problems getting leads and converting those leads to sales online.  That is the easy part, you will learn that fairly quickly.  Next qwe wiull teach you to build a culture and an online empire.  Click the link below if you are curious:

Art Science and Magic Beyond Your Awareness

Begin your adventure by clicking the link above.

If you are ready, we will help you, by pointing you in the right direction
The rest will be up to You. You are an entrepreneur, it is your’ empire run it as you see fit!

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