Universe Pictures Or Outer Space Images For Business


 Universe Pictures Or Outer Space Images For Business

You are in business to make sales, Right? OK, first you need to learn how to market to attract customers, but not just any customers.  You want customers that are most like you. You also want to use marketing tactics and strategies that are best for your business resources.  Start-ups, usually, but not always, have limited, marketing budgets in the beginning of their business.

Today I went to a mastermind meeting, and then I decided to research a space telescope image I found taken from the NASA space telescope(The Orion Nebulae)
as it related to my new logo( I was also having fun!) at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago during a Weekday afternoon.

Nick was a fantastic astronomer. He gave us an unbelievable 3D tour of the Universe! My mind was literally expanded to all the possibilities of the Universe. Then in his next show he described the history of astronomy from Copernicus to today with 3D universe surveys plotting the exact locations of stars, galaxies, Super Novas and Nebula.

I confirmed that in some instances, not in all, stars gain so much energy from the collapsing, massive weight of a dying star, crumbling or collapsing in on itself, and the atomic reactions that take place in the center of the mass that eventually become a very bright light in the sky and eventually, exploding, forming beautiful nebulae of the Universe.  

This Orion Nebula image.  It was taken by NASA with the Hubble Space Telescope, using Infrared light, and a variety of other wavelengths of the spectrum.  Scientists know exactly where this was formed.

Orion Nebula


In the first show, Nick started out by showing us an amazing map of the low-Earth orbit satellites that orbit the Earth. I was blown away by how many of them exist. The planet Earth looked literally like a “ball of yarn”, with many orbit lines in low-Earth orbit.


Next, he showed us the two satellites that orbit the Earth that make up our GPS system. He also showed us all the telecommunications satellites and other space craft including the International Space Station, orbiting our planet.

Next, he showed us the orbits lines of the space telescope. These orbits are why we have all this amazing new information about our universe.

Nick also showed us the things we can see in the night sky with the naked Eye, The Big Dipper and all the cosmic wonders that you can find by looking out of the bottom of the “dripping bucket” in the big dipper to find a special planet, which I forgot the name of.  I think it is Venus, but I am not 100% certain(Old Guy Memory)

I just joined a Facebook group for astronomers that use the naked eye only, so this information will come in handy. He also showed us ancient chinese astronomy charts and those of early Europeans, showing some of the same constellations we view today.

Our Narrator talked about ancient emperors building crude observatories to track the path of these things in the sky. Plus, he mentioned how our view is always changing as new ideas emerge in the scientific community, aided by amateur astronomers.

We learned today that there are 88 quadrants of the Universe or night sky, just like there are 50 States in the USA.  I did not know that until today.  Scientists use these quadrants to be able to track and label the exact coordinates of Asteroids, Comets, Planets and their orbits.  They also use these quadrants to label locations of dark matter, black holes, and of course these beautiful Nebulae.

Nebulae are so beautiful it is almost a new form of art(just my opinion), made by the forces and elements of the Universe.( I try not to bring religion into my posts as not everyone believes in such things, but if I was ever to write about a higher being, today would be the day)  Wow!  Just Amazing!


The best part is I was making money while I was researching my logo concept and enjoying my day at the Adler planetarium :) It was a great day!  My business was on auto-pilot. I actually got 5 more subscribers to my emails while I was in the show and viewing the Planetarium. The best part is I didn’t have to do anything extra. My ads on my blog posts are working 365 days a year, 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week.  I can plan how many people have the potential to see them, and I can target the type of people that I want to work with by the content in my posts.  With this idea in mind, this post so far would attract people that like science and outer space topics, and that like business.  For my particular business I work with struggling network marketers, affiliate marketers, online business owners, and people with an idea for a business or an invention.


Now Back To Outer Space


In the next show we delved into the mystery that infrared technology that the newer space telescope uncovered.  We looked closely behind the dust and gas curtain and in some cases looked into it using the invisible portion of the light spectrum.  We were also able to follow the Universe out to it’s farthest reaches, where red light was emitted over 365 million years ago. These galaxies were red as the light from them was not as bright and our telescope was only able to look so far out.  The Universe is said to be expanding in one theory scientists are hypothesizing.  The best part is that science changes as new information and new innovations become available.

The best part about this day for me was when Nick started talking about dark matter, and scientists that are just beginning to study and understand it. Maybe a future scientist that  was in this audience can help us go to Mars, or understand what dark matter, black holes and worm holes really are.  Maybe one day people will travel the Universe through them.

He even talked about time warping of galaxies as witnessed by certain images in the galaxies.  Time warping being the only logical explanation for the phenomena witnessed, but that scientists did not know for certain yet.  He went on to say that maybe someone in this room today will find out for sure in their future.  I left a 51-year old “kid” excited for the youth of tomorrow!

My time has come and gone to physically journey into space, but I still get to study all this new found knowledge of the Universe using the data scientists have already amassed.  It could take a lifetime, a wonderful lifetime to go through all of it.  I have a new passion!

Oh, and Nick mentioned you can download for free this space survey at Microsofts Worldwide Space Telescope  I love it!  I really have a new passion for science all over again at 51, Woohooo!


Now What Does This Have To Do With Business?


You can use beautiful, free images, in the Public Domain, that are also,royalty free images, plus they are copyright free images right from any government website, like NASA.org.  From there, you will find all kinds of other branches of the NASA that you also have all rights to use as they are in the public domain.  These in many cases are absolutely beautiful images that can be used to attract the kind of people you want to work with.  Here are just some of the kinds of images you can use that in many cases are as good or better than stock images:

1) Outer Space pictures or pictures of outer space

2) Earth pictures or pictures of Earth

3) Solar System Pictures or Pictures of The Solar System

4) Moon Pictures

5) Planet Pictures


Here are some examples of Nebulae below:

Universe Pictures and Outer Space Images Cats Eye NebulaBubble NebulaBommerang Nebula



From these pictures you would need to have a bridge marketing statement or picture or question that would attract the right people to your business.  Uase your creativity with this marketing tactic or strategy and you will save yourself the headache and expense of needing to sort through Stock Photography images.

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