We are Network Marketers We’re Not Mutants To Society

We’re all very different people

Were not doctors,  lawyers, architects or
accountants, stock brokers, Real Estate agents,

corporate sales people, hedge fund owners, consultants,

agency owners or other professionals

But we were…

…Now we are Small Business Owners


Simple. Time Freedom!

Freedom To Do What We Want, When We Want With The People We Love.

In the end, when you get right down to it, we all just want love.

But, we have a history we can not escape.


“Our Forefathers were kicked out of
every descent country in the World

We are the Wretched Refuse.

We’re the Underdogs, were muts

But there is no animal that is more faithful, more loyal
and more lovable than the mut

Who saw Old Yeller?
Who cried when Old Yeller got shot in the end?

Nobody cried when Ole Yeller got shot I’m sure
I cried my eyes out!

So were all dog faces, were all very ,very different people
But, there is one thing that we all have in common”

Yes, I took that from the Movie Stripes…(Google It) love that movie Bill Murray rocked that performance and I have adapted it to our situation.

Bill Murray in Stripes

 Young Bill Murray Stars In Stripes

We are all stupid enough to join network marketing

We were all stupid enough to start our own business

or worse yet to have joined a network marketing company!


But are we stupid or geniuses?

We choose the later

Our families don’t understand us, hell they
loathe the time we spend building our businesses even if it will allow them to quit their job forever, they do not see it.

Come on, who does not get in trouble with their significant other

or spouse when they are building their business?

Our friends run away from us and feel sorry for us.
“God, has it gotten that bad?” You hear them say under their breath.

“Hell yeah it has gotten that bad,”  did anyone watch
the 2008 Stock Market Crash? World financial markets melting before our very eyes.

I mean it got to be for a while that the financial news had more action and violence than the movies.

It was absolutley surreal!

When real life starts to look like a disaster movie you need to make changes and you need to make them quickly.

It nearly wiped us out and then The Affordable Care Act finished the Job!

But, we persevered

We persisted.

We move forward.

We spin that fly wheel every single day until it builds up enough momentum to breakthrough!

I’m reading Good To Great By Jim Collins. It is a great book for any business owner!  

Well, that is if you want to not just be a good business, but a Great Business!

They use the flywheel analogy in the book…great book  They equate being in business like turning a giant, heavy, huge fly wheel.  At first, it is hard to turn and barely moves.  But with daily consistent turning of the fly wheel your business gains momentum, and eventually starts turning faster, and faster until finally you reach momentum and you breakthrough into sale after sale after sale after sale.  You start stealing market share from your competition and they never saw you coming.  That is how good companies become great companies.  It is all inside this great book.


Good To Great By Jim Collins



The Crash wiped our economy out and it is still not back on it’s feet inflated by quantitative easing Worldwide.

But we keep moving forward every day with daily consistent action.

We produce at least one piece of new content or ad a day

People start to say from the outside World, “Man You’re everywhere!”

And we just smile and say, “Really?” “Oh, that is great, thank you for noticing.   I was too busy working to notice.   Thank You!”


Oh, and how about that new Geico commercial with Pinocchio!

Hate that commercial because now all my friends in the outside world are mocking me with it.

You’ve got Potential in that shrill Pinocchio voice…

…But you know what, it drives us even more…we will laugh last from the beaches or slopes of the World or die doing it!

It is time to take our economy and our lives back!

And we are done waiting for Washington D.C, or the Central Banks of The World to bail us out.
We will do what we’ve done time and time again. We will survive and we will build this economy back up!

No, this time we will thrive! It is OUR TIME!

We are small business owners it is what we do!

We are done using web designers to make our websites

We are done paying expensive consultants to tell us what we can learn in this community of

badass network marketers,  Yeah I said it!


Try being over 50 after having a successful consulting business
and explaining why you have never had a job for 22 years

The HR people are like , “Well what can you do?”

They have no idea what it takes to grab yourself by your bootstraps
and build a business having absolutely no idea what you are doing for the first 35 years.

But we made some money, and we kept going.  We got mentors, and we kept going!

We bought every course we could find to improve ourselves

And we did.  We became good at being happy, a little, then repeated that, and got better at feeling good, and then, we got good at looking like we were feeling great on camera!

But, here is the secret. We are not acting. We were and are happy!

We are Entrepreneurs!

We know the secret to happiness. We know the secret to love.  Be happy and be in love.  It is simple but not always easy to remember how simple it is.

Henry Ford put it best, “If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right”

Truer words were never spoken.  So now you know the secret to just about anything in the World that you want, you can have, but only if you 100% of the time,  believe it at a 100% level of belief, that you have it already.

Ah…there is the real secret.  You must have no doubt and you must do the work to achieve, to earn that thing that you see n your minds eye.  Then, get out of your own way and let the Universe take over.  You are not in control. Trust that it will happen and it will when it is supposed to happen.

You would not believe it if I told you where my life was and where it is now because of what I have just written above. Please use this for your own life, your own business. But use it only for good.


You see Humans as a general rule are not OK.

Advertising Agencies and Marketers have made a fortune from that very fact

“New and Improved”

“Better that you have now”

“Sexier than you have now”

“Thinner than you are now”

“In better shape than you are now”

And the list goes on and on about every not OK thing you ever felt as a child or an Adult.

So please use this power only for Good. I’m serious 🙂

Now the people who have JOBS( just over broke) or (brokers never really have any money) are not the enemy but they will
never understand what we do and it will probably be too big a jump for them in their mind to start their own business.  They like working for security in life, they have all their lives, they are not going to change now.  They like the security of a paycheck, although small compared to what we make in this industry when we breakthrough!  And they like the benefits, but we know they are building someone else’s dreams.

But not us never again! No Plan B

 No Plan B

Say it with me

No Plan B!

No Plan B!!

No Plan B!!!


We’re mutants to society.

There is something wrooooooong with us!
Something seriously wroooooooong with us!!!

Were network marketers, but were online network marketers, and there is a big difference

  • We do not bug friends and family.
  • We do not even really tell them what we do.  The looks on their faces is priceless.

In fact Rob Fore in the Inner Circle Audios when asked what he does for a living now says, “I have absolutely no idea” and everyone laughs.  Because they know he makes a lot of money online. But, they have no idea how.  Most people do not.

But that is OK, because we do and you can to when you join us here


  • We do not get interrupted from family functions for 3 way calls with our downlines

They know they can ask us questions once a Week of us on a Google Hangout and that is enough


Or they know that once every 90 days(once a quarter) we get together in a resort location and party,

have breakthroughs, and have a great time.  We Mastermind with each other at our events

Some of you fall in love or meet each other at events,  Congratulations Kimberly and Paul on your new baby!

Congratultaions Kimberly and Paul on Your New Baby


  • We do not coddle our downline for we know it makes them weak, but we get them started properly
  • We point them in the right direction and show them the right resources.   But, they have to use them. It is their business.
  •  We do not have to travel the country every week only to see our teams not duplicate and our families miss us.

Our teams duplicate in droves when led properly by example.

  • We produce, produce, produce and our downlines do the same for fear of getting left behind.


  • We are in the trenches doing our 8 simple tasks ever day, every single day

We’ve been kicking butt and taking names for nearly 60 years we are network marketers!

30 leads a day

two front-end sales a day

and you are free for life!

They call us scammers and pyramids, but they do not understand what they do not understand

  • We are a legitimate business model verified by the
    second highest district court in the land.
  • we are proud of our Amway brothers and sisters who have been on the front lines
    taking bullets for us.
  • We are grateful for the godfather of affiliate marketing
    for he showed what not to do, got in trouble for it, mended his ways, and still has a thriving business today

This stuff works people and you are part of the the lucky few that get to learn this craft, this skill so that we may thrive in FREEDOM!

Our business model is used by Worldwide corporations

Did you know that 95% of all network marketers work a part-time job?
We are not lazy!  We have worked our asses off, only to be charged 51% and sometines 64% taxes by our government

Yeah he’s pro small business. He sure isn’t showing it.


We are direct sellers but we do it online

We do not have to worry about whether or not we have practiced

We do not have to worry about the FTC shutting us down
for we always give proper income disclosures
We love compliance


Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here

Income Disclosure February 2015


We are a legitimate businesses selling valuable products and services online,
information about sales and marketing tactics and strategies, that any business can model and use:

1) to see their sales increase
2) to see their brand awareness get bigger and their company begin to gain influence over their industry


We can compete with the big corporations because of the leveraged power of the Internet


Most agencies would kill for what we have. They do not teach this in an MBA marketing or communications degree

We have MBA’s in our community as affiliates that have verified that statement.  That fact blew my mind when I heard it at an event more than once.
It is forged in the blood,sweat tears, red bulls and sleepless nights, grinding it out until we have built up enough momentum

that we have breakthrough, after breakthrough and sale after sale, day in and day out, every single day of the Week.

That is when we get to rest while we take that great vacation we have been putting off for 30 years!


Getting YouTube channels and facebook accounts and whole Gmail accounts shut down when our testing goes too far.


Yet we keep on going because there are millions of people to help

Billions of people that are not OK

Millions of network marketers that we can reach

Click the link below for God’s sake!!! You can live a life of your dreams!

We will sell it( our knowledge to Corporate America)  for a price
Some of our brothers and sisters charge $20,000 for their consulting fees


Boom! You are right back to your consulting business but now the new and improved version!

This was all a ploy, yeah that’s it,  a research and development project.  Call it what you will… it works.


Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge used to make sales is FREEDOM!

All we have to do is be the great, network marketing, independent distributor
that is inside each and everyone of us!

Now do what I do

And say what I say

And make your family proud

No, make yourselves proud. You have earned it

Now click this link and get started making your business better now

6 thoughts on “We are Network Marketers We’re Not Mutants To Society”

  1. Tom, Great post. People forget that America was built from small businesses. The industrial revolution changed that. The captains of industry needed well trained employees. The educational system was designed to support that purpose. Now it the time for the entrepreneur for those who want another option.

  2. Hey Tom, I love your post here. People fear what they don’t understand and it’s only when they are open to a small shift in the mind releasing themselves from their social programming will they be open to change.

    • Everyone has the same chance to unlock their potential. The nice thing is that online people have a greater chance about 6% greater than in traditional brick and mortar businesses About 6-8% succeed online compared to 2% in a traditional business. This is just my opinion. Your results will vary to see average earnings go to this link and click on it >>>>> http://goo.gl/H3Y1Gd


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