Welcome Johnathan Cronstedt Our New CEO

Empower Network has hired a CEO.  He is great!  He comes from Digital Marketer.  He was CEO there.  He is helping Dave and Dave and The leadership team craft a vision for how they are going to grow Empower Network and you can grow your business to make the money you want to make.  He is going to fit into Empower Network Nicely!  

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Again,  Welcome Jonathan!

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Reblogged From Episode 8 – Jonathan Cronstedt, Large Gentlemen & The Angry Pickles

A little bit from the video :), Enjoy!

– Hey what’s going on guys, Dave here of Empower Network and welcome to this video.

As you can probable see by the title, we are going to introduce you to our new CEO, Jonathan Cronstedt, (he is the mysterious gentleman that’s sitting next to me to my right, to your left as you watch this video).

But I’m super excited about this video, probably more so than any video that I’ve made in a long time, because it’s always powerful, it’s always something special when you add somebody to the team that grows the masterminding, can expand the vision and really bring value to what we’re doing.

And I can tell you when we first met and when we got together, you know we were able to do things together that we just could not do apart.

And that’s obviously evident in what we’ve been able to do here at Empower.

So every time that we’ve added a key player and not just a key player but it an all-star, somebody who really really makes an impact on our company, we’ve been able to do tremendous things right, we really have, and that’s been evident in growth, and the cool thing is every single goal that we’ve set we’ve been able to hit right.

And there’s been a lot of learning experiences along the way as there is with any business, as there is with being entrepreneur. You are going to learn stuff.

The real goal with you, is to learn a lot of stuff. And because we are learning stuff in this process on this journey, we’re going to be making progress.

So I’m not going to rant along too much because you guys have heard a lot from me, you haven’t heard a lot from Jonathan.


But I am going to tell you a little bit about how we met.


We met through a mutual friend, somebody introduced us and when I first… and I’ll never forget the phone call that I had with him…


I think I started the phone call like I started pretty much every phone call.


And that is “hey totally cool to chat with you man, been wanting to connect, I’ve got about five minutes here before I’ve got to run,


…and actually literally had five minutes before I had to go and run and do something.


And that phone call lasted about two hours.


In the beginning of that phone call I had started to tell Jonathan here some of the things that we are running into because he was currently working in another big company, also was their CEO and he a lot of experience in that.


And one thing that I can tell you about me and Dave is that any chance that we get the opportunity talk to somebody we can lean on or gain experience from, we absolutely do that – because that’s how we’ve have gotten to where we’ve got.


It’s not because I was born with all of this information. I’ve learned it and I learned from cool and smart people like you.


So anyways we got on the phone and we were talking about different marketing stuff and talking to you, talking about finances, talking about expansion, talking about products, talking about the field. I started to really understand and get a grasp that Jon understood not only obviously Internet marketing and affiliate marketing,  But he also understood network marketing.


– –


Here is one thing that I can tell you guys, we are a little bit of a hybrid, we do online stuff and we also got some people that are building offline and we plan to expand that.  


   And there’s not a whole lot of people and we’ve been talking to people for probably about 6 to 9 months.


Really kind of consistently trying to find somebody who understood our business model, because it’s not like every other business model out there.


And we were just having a hard time finding somebody who had that knowledge.


So I kind of got off of that phone call and just had think about it for about 24 hours.


Because it really expanded me and stretched me and I said, “this is a guy well I will follow up with…


I said, “hey man I know maybe we should hook up, and actually I have never seen somebody as persistent as you…” Seriously because I literally got a phone call and a text from this guy every single day.


We eventually met out in Denver, for an entire day. Totally just…


And Jonathan interjected here and said…”We had angry pickles…


Dave went on… “We had angry pickles, my pickles and I don’t know your pickles it was false advertising because on the menu it said they were angry and I just felt they were mildly resentful.”


Jonathan Said, “For those of you watching, really they were more accurately categorized as passively aggressive pickles because the majority of majority of the pickles were just pickles, and then you get one with a pepper and that would be like oh that’s why they are angry pickles.”


Dave: “And it was all about the adventure. So we spent a day together out in Denver and I said to myself this is the guy, and that’s always kind of cool, is like meeting somebody who you know you want to be with, work with and get your mind out of the gutter. It wasn’t that kind of he’s the guy but I’ve said to myself this is a guy and we need to bring on the team. And wasn’t sure if we were going to be able make that happen because we would obviously needed to talk to him so get that same feeling. And when he went out there, he didn’t spend near as time with you as I spent and would call me and he said he’s the guy. We need to get this guy somehow someway. The cool thing was…


Jonathan: The one thing you may not know, is when I did meet Mr. Wood in Los Angeles, I think the reason we immediately identified as I actually had on this wonderful coral collared button-down shirt, and in true Wood form he comes in wearing coral pants.


So I mean literally he meets me and he goes. “Did you know that the shirt you are wearing is the same color as my pants?” And I was like, “yeah I planned that.” So we had a moment there, It really led to the bonding.


Dave: It was a lot of fun you know the only thing that I would say is that I had a really good intuition with people that we’ve worked with.


When I was trying to start the company originally on my own which of course was a colossal failure, I know I pretty much knew instantly that I want to work with Dave and it was actually kind same story, we started talking every day and then we started working together, magic started to happen actually about five minutes after meeting Jonathan, and I was like “he’s the guy, he is the guy” But even funnier than that, can you tell that hilarious story?


You got to tell that story.


Jonathan: So for those of you that had gotten to get to know Dave Wood….


…whether in person or on camera, and if you haven’t gotten to get to know him in person, you really should come to Miami – because in person is 100 times more fun.


We’re sitting down to breakfast and here we are, we’re in Southern California, we were in Anaheim at a regional event, which was spectacular if you were there.


And we were sitting down to breakfast and this waitress walks over with all the enthusiasm that she can muster, I mean she is excited to bring us breakfast of course you know?


Are you going to have breakfast?


Yes we are.


OK great what’s your room number?


I said okay, “I am not staying at this hotel Dave to you mind picking up breakfast?” and Dave said…


yes no problem, I am ...  my room number… you know miss do you see that large gentleman sitting like four tables away?  the large black gentleman?” 


…and she looks over kind of a little awkwardly, but acnkowledges she sees him.


Can you go ask him what room I’m staying in so I can buy breakfast?” Dave says.


And she is looking moment like… “am I being punked like where is the is someone going to come out when I go talk to this guy about a room for this gentleman with the long hair, wants breakfast, doesn’t know his room in the hotel?”


So sure enough she walks over and Jerry our COO, actually replies very lovingly…


“Oh yes Mr. Wood’s room is so and so and they are welcome to have breakfast, so it was one of those moments where he was like… and Dave just said he was like….


Hey man my life is kind of like a movie.


And I was like, “I want to have more breakfast with this guy. That was fun.


Dave: It is always fun.


Jonathan: It’s always fun




– The EN Team


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