What Does Freedom Mean To Me?

Freedom to me means that I can take care of my Love Stephanie.  She will stop working as a Nurse and be able to ride and train to be a Dressage Champion with our Horse Brina.

True Freedom to me is to be able to do what I want, when I want, with the people I love.

I need to get the following things to happen:

1) I am generating 30 leads a day

2) I am closing two sales a day of the basic blogging platform

3) I need to close 1200 Basics and then scale up to $1,000,000

4) Then I need to Speak my Vision every day with members of the Prosperity Team That have big visions.


Freedom also means to me that I will be able to build a team of 10,000 people all speaking different languages that will be making $1,000,000/month or better by the time I retire at 65.

1) I met Bryan and he used to be a TV camera intern that shot public television science shows. I used perform public television shows for public television.  He is from Philadelphia. 

Things I want clarity on is consistent traffic, and tracking of my links wherever they are. 

I was inspired the most by David Wood and Davide Sharpe.


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