What I Learned At Network Marketing Events

What I Learned at Network Marketing Events

These are some more things I learned by attending network marketing events. It is important that you learn how to cover four main areas in your business.

1. Meditate to unlock the secrets you have locked up deep inside you.  Learn to meditate the easy way like I did.  Really meditation power comes from the same mind skill you use when you imagine or think about anything,  and then later when you are more advanced you will let the Universe take over to a much greater degree.  For right now, learn to meditate here

2.  Anything You want out of life You are going to have to get  by growing as a person in one way or the other.  You are either going to grow as a person by experiencing pain or joy.  The choice is yours, and the decision which path you follow is your’s as well.

3. There will be certain people that come into your lives that do not serve you any more on your path to fulfillment.  Try to limit your time with these people.  Be around people that help You grow as a person and as a business owner.   The people that are not always going to coddle you will probably help You grow faster

4. You do not spend too much time training others in this business.  Be their guide to resources.  If you spend more time than you should teaching them you are not producing.  Teach what you learn as you get results in your business.  Learn, Do teach, but nothing more.  Let the products and stage speakers( people making at least $30,000/month) teach them how to fish, and they can eat a lifetime.  When they first start out online they are like a caterpillar that needs to get strong inside their coccon.  If you interrupt this process they will be too weak.


You need to get stronger inside your "cocoon" before you succeed



5. It is OK to be uncomfortable while You grow.  If what You are doing to grow, makes You uncomfortable, that is probably what You need to do to grow as a person, as long as it does not deliberately hurt yourself or others.  Be safe, but push yourself to limits You can not yet fathom.

6.  Concentrate on being centered in Your life rather than being in control of it. Meditation, once you get over the newness of it, will help You stay centered.

7.  Sometimes You have to Forgive another person – Who You feel has done You wrong, to move away from thinking about that and focusing on it.  Move on and give it no more energy(talking to myself here..that was a big breakthrough!)

8. Focus Your business on Your Passion, Your Vision and Your dreams! Never, ever quit on Your Dreams! It is better to put it this way for Law of Attraction purposes.  Move forward in your understanding of owning an online business each day.   You are way more powerful than You understand right now.

9.  Certain People will want to stay true to their religion.  Help them accomplish that at Events if You can. Religion is important to people of all walks of life.  People in network marketing come from all walks of life.  Many will be religious.  Religion and business have very little to do with each other.  But one biblical passage that comes to mind is “Ask and You Shall Receive.”  It does not say kind of ask and you shall receive.  You must be clear about what you want and how you are going to get it.

10.  In a couple,  the non-leader likes to be acknowledged as well.  We all like to be acknowledged deep down.

11.  Do not take yourself for granted.  You are very powerful. You can do this!

12.  The child(psychological) in each of us is used to being selfless.  It is OK to want more for yourself.

13 The events help You feel like You are part of something much bigger than Yourself…and You are! Get to every event.  You only slow your progrerss toward success down if you do not and you risk not really getting what you need to succeed if you do not go to all events.  Go to all events.

14. Let the other person in a couple have the credit, if you are running your business as a couple. You still get to spend the money!

15.  People that understand what the Dollar Store is a part of your online Audience if your marketing targets them.  Learn how You can help them.  But, do you want to work with them?  This will be a business decision you will need to make.  Will they be able to afford the monthly expenses of running and online business?  These are questions to ask yourself as a business owner

16.  Empower Women they are a powerful force in Your business – help them feel powerful, yet feminine.  Help them see their inner beauty and You will be amazed at what they can do.


Women are powerful in Network Marketing

17.  Layla black is a Rockstar!  Follow her and do what she does.

18.   You will run into some people that are not comfortable in their own skin.  help them realize how powerful they are.

19.  People can be chatty, jealous, competitive, and have blinders on(I get tunnel vision all the time) judgemental, feel they are too old, too fat, feel good in high-heels and bad in high-heels, this is how they think.  It all boils down to people with insecurities.  We are all human.  Help them feel better.


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People in network marketing come from all sorts of experience levels from non-experienced to multi-million dollar earners.  Regardless of where you start in your online marketing business, you will need to get good at:

1) Being a Top Producer -Produce as an example for your team our Top Producer Formula will help you sell and produce in any business

2) Once you become a top producer your next challenge will be to build a team that lasts.  Our Team Building Formula will help you build teams in any business.

3) Finally, once you become a Top Producer and You become a Team Builder you will ultimately want to gain Mass Influence globally.  Our Mass Influence Formula will help you do this in any network marketing company

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