Lesson I Learned About Backlinks Increasing The Value Of Your Site

What Are Backlinks?
also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.[1]
From: Wikipedia.com
Let’s look at http://www.Alexa.com which is a site that ranks the top websites in the World  Let’s see how many backlinks these sites have we’ll start with backlinks for facebook.com  it is the second highest ranked website and has over 6,000,000 backlinks to it.
By the way check out the following about facebook too.  Wouldn’t you love to have these numbers for your site or blog:
Bounce rate 34.10%
Number of pages visited 11.71
Time on site 18.30

Let’s look at the number one site in the World YouTube:

 Bounce rate 41.80
Daily Page views 5.28
Time on site 14.45 minutes

YouTube is now #3   Who is number one now?  Google.com replaced facebook at the time of this writing.  The Internet is always changing.

My business grows with backlinks every day.  So can yours read on
So what is a backlink?  Backlinks are the key to your website gaining value and driving quality traffic to your offers.
Backlinks are links out of your site to another site with more authority.  They can also be inward to another one of your pages to give your reader a chance to stay on your blog longer and gain more value.
This will allow the time spent by your readers on your blog to grow.  That is good, right?  If you want to get your bounce rate down, and you do, make sure that the backlinks open in another window.  
This way your readers stay on your site according to those algorithms or “spiders.”
While it may not seem like a good idea to take someone away from your site or page, remember that search “spiders”  or search engine robots, which are really mathematical algorithms that search engines use to scan the code on the Internet, keeps track of the authority of the sites you send your readers to.  
what is a backlink
What is A backlink? It is like a samurai warrior to your competition.
The language that is on that page is the Internet.  Right click your mouse and scroll down to where it says view source.  That code is what the “spiders” crawl.  I can not explian how that works yet.   I am always learning and that is an advanced topic for a later time.  
Welcome down “the rabbit hole” AliceThis is about to get really fun,  when you figure it out and I’ll help you, by pointing you in the right direction to million dollar earners and “their secrets”… secrets for how they make their millions online.
Income Disclosure:  Your results will vary
That code you saw when you right clicked your mouse and scrolled down to “view source”  makes up the Internet, those robots read links.  
What is a backlink?
If your links are leading to a high authority website, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines see that as favorable and rank your content as valuable.   Later in this blog you will find a wonderful blog on SEO and backlinking.
The more back links you get the right way, the more traffic you will see coming to your blog or website in google Analytics.
It is important that you get traffic to your website that has your offer on it:
1) You offer should be on it in at least three places to increase the probability that someone that wants what you are selling will pull out their credit or debit card and buy from you.
There are two ways to drive traffic to your website: 
1) capture page(which acts like a website and is used for capturing leads) or blog which acts like a website, but is on someone else’s platform
2) blog which acts like a website  but is on someone else’s platform

One of many ways, in fact, I just read and will continue to read this great blog on SEO and Backlinking for Pros. Check out this post for 101 ways to gain good backlinks

Here is the marketing tactic that I have seen results with recently, commenting on other people’s blogs.  In your comment, if they are a “dofollow” blog( again that code stuff) instead of a “nofollow” blog they will ask for three things:

1) Your Name – Always type your real name. People will search for you in Google and you want to be on page 1 at the top three places in natural search(as opposed to paid ads at the top and sides)

2) Your email address – in case the owner of the blog wants to reach you.

3) Your website link -There is the backlink and your blog just gained in value on the Internet if it is a good backlink to an authority site.


Backlinks can be obtained a number of ways.  They are the key to driving traffic to your offers.  You now have the keys to this wonderful World of Internet Marketing.

Good LuckYou still have to do a ton of work to build your online empire, but backlinking strategy is a big part of it. It is not the only part.  You still have to learn how to convert those people that are driven to your offer.  Stay tuned to that  in a future post.

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