What Is The Network Marketing Secret Formula

What Is The Network Marketing Secret Formula?

The formula is one of persistence and hard work until you do not have to work anymore.  It is also having a very strong reason why you are in a network marketing business looking for a network marketing success formula.  One of the best network marketing success quotes I have ever heard came from David Wood in the Inner Circle Audios.  It went something like this and I am paraphrasing here, so this is not a direct quote from David Wood who has gone from living in a van to making over $150,000,000 in his network marketing business.

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Now to the Quote:

“In network marketing you are constantly sorting through the many to find the few and teaching the few how to sort through the many. Do anything else in your business and you will start to lose money.”

This is so true.  As of the writing of this post I have spoken with, or communicated via text message or chat on facebook, over 800 customers of my workout partner Chad Ockstadt.  50% to 80% of the people that buy quit n any network marketing business.

So you need to know that going into any network marketing business.  Go in with your eyes wide open and you will not be disappointed when someone quits.  They quit for any reason and they quit at all levels.  Even leaders quit.  People also die in network marketing.  They get old and die.  It is part of the business.

If this bothers you then you should not join any network marketing business.  It is a fact of life.  You are a business owner and you need to look at your business as it is.  Look at yourself and be honest.  Admit where you are weak, get a mentor and get better.  You can succeed in network marketing it remains to be seen if you will.

They just do for whatever reason.  It is not about you, your company, how much money they have( I have seen people pay $3,000 and want a refund on the same products I love and will use daily for life!) It is all about mindset. Sometimes life gut’s in the way but many times they bring baggage to the table that you do not have enough time to help them with.

All you an do in this case is know that your product always under-promises and over-delivers.  You can sleep at night knowing that is 200% true.  If you can’t then should you be selling it?  I know the answer for me is Yes, my products do under-promise and over-deliver.  You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and smile because you know you are helping people that have asked for your help.  You get to be paid well to help people solve their problems with network marketing and marketing in general for the business owner reading this that just wants to learn how to sell and market.


Here is a network marketing success tip:


Get yourself a workout partner for your business.  This is someone who is at about the same stage or level as you in your business. They make the same income level as you:

1)  They will call your new customers

2) You call there’s to help get them clear about how to run their business by asking them questions that make them think about their true situation.  Then you send them to your workout partner for a coaching call or Hangout.  You do this for every new customer. It gets them started properly.  Then let them grow at their own rate.  You can not want success for them more than they want it for themselves.  It is just like a caterpillar in a cocoon.  If it does not get strong enough to breakthrough the cocoon it will die or fail to become a butterfly, if you let it out too soon.  The struggling makes both your new member and the butterfly stronger.  When they are ready to breakthrough they will and will feel great because they did it on their own with some initial guidance from you, but then let them be.



Catepillar In A Cocoon


This take tremendous pressure off you.  You use simple questions about 8-10 of them and they are always the same.  The results will sort out a person who is one of the few.  This means they are one of the few people that will treat their online, network marketing business like a business.  They will invest in the education they need to be able to build an online, network marketing business.  They will stay around for at least a year or better creating their business.  They decide this by answering the questions.  You never have to tell them to do anything except be honest with themselves.  They will not do it even if you do tell them to do anything so do not fall into this trap that so many new network marketers fall into.


What you really want to hear is they will do this no matter what, that’s it period.  They will break their head through a brick wall whenever they encounter obstacles that ever business owner encounters.  You know this if you have read this far, chances are you are a network marketer or considering becoming one.  Or you are a business owner and you are gong to learn how to make your business work.  We help both parties here so keep reading.

Is this for everyone. No.  Can everyone succeed?  Yes they can.  But, most people will not.  In fact the network marketing success rate is about 6% online.  That is 4% higher in my opinion, after being in business for 22 years, than most businesses that start out, so I like those odds.  I think it was the Direct Sales Association that said the network marketing success rate is low.   You can look at the network marketing success rates Here on their website 

But here is the way I look at it.  The success rate of any business is low. About 2% make it past their first year.  That brings me to how bad you have to want success in your network marketing or traditional brick and mortar consultant business.  Here is another network marketing success quote I will never forget.  It was burned into my psyche in Orlando, at an Empower Network Event.  It is actually one of network marketing success stories and it cane from a 25 year old named Jon Pembernathy.  He said he had failed and failed and failed in network marketing or any online business, but he kept at it.  Here is his memorable quote that drives me toward success to this day.  He said, and I am paraphrasing again,

“You have to want success more than the air you breathe to succeed on line and in network marketing.”  He is right, you do and I absolutely do!  This is my new life.  I came from owning a sponsorship marketing agency.  I stayed because of people like this.

So here are some online, network marketing, success tips for your business.  It does not matter what business you are in. But, I hope you really believe in the product you sell.  I would hate to think that my sharing this golden strategy would fall into the wrong hands.  Please use this only for good.  Please always under-promise and over-deliver in your business.

1) You need to read daily

2) You need to listen to audios of good speakers daily

3) You need to bog daily about problems your best customers will have solved by buying your products.

4) You need to market daily, either by syndicating your bog post or by doing paid marketing and advertising to get at least 30 leads a day

5) You need to convert two of those leads into a customer.

6) You need to help your workout partner’s new customers get clear on their vision and how they are going to run their business.  This will sort out the loo key-lous and tire kickers.

7) You need to make sure you always attend the Weekly call for your company

8) You need to always go to the quarterly event of your company.  They can help you have breakthroughs in those two or three days that you can not get on an hour webinar.

In conclusion I’d like to end by saying that their is a secret to all this.  It is that you must believe with all your heart and soul that this is the right business for you.  No doubt will work.  100% fully committed to doing the 8 things I have outlined above.  Do these and make sure you own all the products you are selling.  It is too easy to tell when you do not.

That one thing could blow your next sale.

9)  This is important too.  You will be replacing 80% of your down line or membership.  People come to this idea of having a business just like they do in the offline world, and that is unprepared.  They do not know what they do not know.  Get a mentor.

I wasted a lot of years without one and my business grew 3X as soon as I did.

1) I needed to learn how to market

2) How to get my mindset right for business

3)How to understand the psychology of myself and the sale

4) Finally, to understand how to do advertising, marketing and network marketing on a global scale as we live in a global economy and it will only grow online.  Get in now, get successful online now and …..the sky is the limit

Your results will vary. To see average earnings click here: http://yourlastjobever.com/income


You might read this and say to yourself, “Why does he keep doing that?”

Because the FTC requires that whenever we talk about money or lifestyle we do this, and it actually increases conversion to the type of people I want on my business.   You see you can look at this income disclosure document in one of two ways.  It is in your assessment of this document that you do the sorting for me:

1) You say, “You can make that much!” And are excited and ready to join with your credit card in hand because you recognize a great opportunity when you see it.  If this is You on that link above you will find an opportunity link on that page and it will take you to a sign-up page with my name on it Tom Lincoln or it may say Linc1618(my username)

2) or Two, I can make no money?  Yep.  If this is your assessment of the link above please never buy anything from me ever.


I had to cut my teeth on my business just like many who have come before me and failed.  You will not fail, Right!

Do whatever it takes, learn how to market.

Here is a question for you.  How many people can you speak to at one time about your business and for how many hours can you do this?

If your answer is anything less than unlimited amounts 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then you need to look at what I do to tell people about my network marketing business.  You can learn more by clicking the link below:


Network Marketing Success Stories

I want you to Watch this video by clicking here and listen to the success stories of some of the best network marketers this world has ever seen.  They will be breaking all success records for network marketing in the future.  A few of them have already broken records in the industry.


 Here Is The Network Marketing Success Formula Below:

1) generate 30 good quality leads each day for as long as you run a business.

2) Help two customers each day decide to buy from you.

3) Do the eight core commitments I outlined above

4) Get to the next event.  Yes, I repeated myself.  It is that important.

If you need tools to help you accomplish your network marketing success I can highly recommend ours as I own them all and use them daily.


For Mindset – Nothing is better than the Inner Circle Audios ask me about them when we talk.

For becoming a top producer – You want to master The Top Producer Formula – Do this first.

For building teams that last and duplicate your success you want to use the Team Building Formula and master the topics inside it.  But, not until you are producing sales in your business first. Produce, Produce, Produce, and make it so your team is afraid if they do not produce you will leave them behind, because you will.  They need to understand that.  They need to get strong in the production area of their business.  This is not cruel.  This is how they will succeed by selling products.

Finally, if you want to play in the big leagues and blow your competition out of the water, if you want to be the person on stage at your next event, inspiring others to live the dream, then you want to spend a majority of your time producing sales and also mastering the PH.D-level information(my opinion only) in the Mass Influence Formula

Make sure you read dailyy and turn your car into a drive-time university.  Listen to audios in your down-time.  You will find your communication and writing skills will improve exponentially when you do.  Listen to the same audio over and over.  I sometimes listen to the same audio for a month straight, daily while driving or doing chores or on the occasion I work out. I need to do better in this area.

To Your Success!


~Tom Lincoln

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