Where Can I Learn About Internet Marketing?

Where Can I Learn About Internet Marketing?

There are many places you can learn about Internet  marketing.  In this post we’ll talk about many different places you can learn about Internet marketing, advertising, and online sales as we’ve talked about in previous posts these topics all tend go together.  Later we’ll talk about places near you that you can meet us and learn first hand what Internet marketing and others forms of marketing and Advertising for any industry and any business.

Internet Marketing


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First lets  talk about you and why you want to be in Internet marketing.  Are you currently working full time?   Are you just looking for extra cash, or is this more important to you and your family that you make money now.  Do you need to make money quickly?  There are no get rich quick deals out there.  There may be some places where you can learn to make money faster than other places, but bottom line, you have to learn how to provide value to people at a level equal to or greater than what they paid for.   You also have to have the right mindset.

I learned mindset from reading books, and listening to audios,  I’ll go in order of the books that I’ve read.  I started way back in 1993 with Tony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within, Then I learned how to do classified ads and sold a couple of marine biology books, but my mindset was still one of a worker and I ended up thinking that my book was not good enough to sell.  I actually sold three copies, and could of sold many more had I not quit.

The next book I read was after having some success selling exhibit booths at trade shows, I had read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad  It was right there that my life changed for good.  I started to get bigger national clients selling exhibit booths for National campaigns and International campaigns as well.

I read some more I read Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles, and that lead me to The Wright Learning Institute, and the combination of the two plus the Sylvan Mind Method taught me the power inside me that I could harness at many time.  The power of your subconscious is the most valuable power in the Universe.   What you ask for it gives you.

Once you have the right mindset you will find that many ideas you didn’t have before about Internet marketing just seem to show up.  And, when they do you are more open to using them.  You start to pay attention how other people are being successful online.  I tried Eric’s Tips and his wonderful video lessons, I also learned basic SEO from The Affiliate God and Ryan Moran(that reminds me I still have to read his book) but it wasn’t until I got an email from Mack that I learned about the EZ Money formula, that he later sold to BIMM in Empower Network.  I was a pass-up sale to Chuck Marshall.

At Empower Network I learned what I would consider equivalent to a Masters in Online Marketing.  I know this because I have been building a marketing agency all along my development, and I had working contracts and relationships with about 35 marketing professionals that had worked for agencies like FCB, Y&R NY and Leo Burnett among others, all who had produced multi-million dollar results for companies like Kellogg’s, Blue Lable, Martha Stewart, Con Agra, Wilson Sporting Goods and many others.

Internet Marketing Education

The level of Internet Marketing Education that I got in the Inner Circle Audios,Costa Rica Intensive, 15K Formula, and The Costa Rica Masters Retreat are with out a doubt stellar. These educational products, if you use them, teach you basic, sales, marketing, advertising strategies as well as some advanced techniques that you can use when you are ready for the automation phase of your business.

I have also learned about Internet Marketing by building marketing funnels back into Empower Network from such greats as Mack with Pure Leverage, 10,000 Facebook Fans, DotComSecretsX, and MLSP…all great programs.   But they all lead back to Empower Network.  As long as they are in business, which I believe will be for generations to come, I will funnel my traffic back to this system.   You run your business any way you see fit.

All of the training that you will get in these systems will train you to be very efficient in sales, marketing and advertising in any B2B(Business to Business) or B2C(Business to Consumer) or Direct marketing(MLM) or Affiliate Marketing Industry

I’ve been where you are.  My email inbox is always inundated with offers to try this new product or that new product, the next best thing.  The real answer is they are all part of the whole puzzle, it just depends how you want to run your business.

You can even go to Google and Youtube to get direct instruction on how to use their platforms.  I have also found that you can Google anything you do not understand while you are learning.

We will also be at the following cities in October.  We look forward to working with you.

Internet MarketingInternet Marketing


Internet Marketing

I will Not Be In Dallas, TX October 18th-20th, 2013 But That Should Not Stop You From Going


Internet Marketing

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