Who Knows What Goes On Inside The Mind Of A Cat and What Does That Have To Do With Marketing?






Who Knows What Goes On Inside The Mind of a Cat?


What kind of person would be attracted to this article?

First, let’s  continue to write this article:


I don’t know about you, but I find it almost impossible to figure out what cats are thinking.  


Who knows what goes on inside the mind of a cat?  

They have their cat naps

They have their play time

Cats are aloof at times.  

Sometimes they are very serious and on the prowl. 

Other times, they do something so unusual it redefines our complete lack of understanding of what cats are thinking.  Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.



What in the World does this have to do with marketing and making money online?

Well, let’s think about this a little.  Who owns cats, people with or without extra money? 

Typically, they have enough extra money to pay for a cat, and it’s vet bills, all the food it eats plus the expenses of the dreaded litter box(my job around our house) While it is not a lot of money to raise a cat, it does cost money, right? 

This topic will attract people that have a little money or they may have millions, but one thing you know for sure, they like animals and they desire affection in their life. 

Now, you have begun to “paint a picture” of the person your copy writing for your business will attract.

What type of person wants to read this?  That brings us to the reason for this post, our discussion of demographic information and psychographic information of your target customer for your business.  You are a business owner, Right?

Demographic and Psychographic Information About Cat Lovers


There is a movie that has been out a while, and I can not remember the name of it, but in this movie this person, a woman(see now we are focusing on on another description of a person that may or not be right for your business) she(demographic information) talks to a therapist about relationships of a romantic nature(psychographic information) 

The therapist tells our heroin(not the drug the female hero) that if she really wants to be in a relationship first she should “try a relationship with a plant.” 

If the plant does not die after a year, then try a relationship with a cat or a dog.

Then,  if the cat or dog, does not die within a year, or she does not grow bored with that relationship, it is OK to try a romantic relationship with a human. 

I think it was Sandra Bullock, as the addicted personality type(more psychographic information) in that movie.  Do you know the title?  Write it in the comments below.

You see the point that the therapist in the movie was trying to make is relationships take time, and you have to work on them daily just like a business.

Now let’s take a look at the kind of person that would be attracted by the phrase “Who Knows What Goes On Inside The Mind of A Cat?”  What kind of a picture can we paint of this individual, let’s call her Sue.

I recommend that when you are trying to figure out who your best customer is, that you name them.  It makes them real in your mind, and reminds you, that they are real people with hopes, wishes, struggles and desires, just like you.

Sue is in her 50’s

She likes cats

She wants a romantic relationship with another human

She likes affection

She has a sense of humor( I mean just look at that video of the cat)

Or could it be Sam? Perhaps it is a man, cat lover, like me.  I have always had cats in my life.

OK, back to demographic and psychographic profiling of your ultimate customer.  Some people call these Avatars.

Sue or Sam, have enough money to be able to take care of a cat.

Do they have enough money to start a business…maybe, but maybe not. So this requires more information about this person that you are trying to help buy your product or service with your marketing copy.

So what does sharing a funny video about cats do for your business?

It attracts people that like cats. 

But does it talk about the pain and struggle that people that own a business are in?

1) Not getting sales in their business or getting stuck at a certain level, trying to reach that next level.

2) When they do get sales they are not prospecting, for their next sale, because they are providing what they sold to the first person, and over-delivering,  so their income goes up and down during this process.

3) Their income is dependent on them producing sales, because they are the sole proprietor, so they are always working.  If they are not sleeping, their mind is always going.  Know what I mean?  Some people even listen to personal development audios to train their subconscious for success in business.

4) Their life is not what they thought it would be when they got “the bright idea to start a business”

So back to your video about funny cats…will it help you make sales?  That is what you are in business to do.  If you do not learn how to make sales you do not have a business, and you should go back and get a job. I shiver at that thought!  I am psychologically un-employable.

That is not unemployed.  I have worked 22 years at building a business, and I finally found the business that is my passion, blogging and Vlogging(video blogging)

Will sharing cat videos or making speed blogs/vlogs make you sales? 

Maybe on sheer luck, but the percentage of these people, will be smaller than focusing on providing the solutions to the struggles of their business, as business owners is your target market.  They have the struggles above, that your products and services solve. 


Maybe it will help them relax for a minute.  While that is nice, and I am sure they appreciate it.  They’d appreciate money in their pocket a lot more.  Help them with their business.  Give your target market what they are already looking for, leads and sales in their business.

Will they buy from you because you shared a funny video of a cat? 

Probably not, at most it will show you are a real person.  This is part of the multi-faceted “marketing funnel” you will build to grow your business.  It is made of multiple steps or touch points that can be a number of different marketing tactics and strategies.  Social media is social.  You have to be real and not “salesy.” 

1) When they get to the point that you seem to be everywhere, now they are aware of you. 

2) Once they know you exist, they will research you online.  You need to be able to be found in the search engines.  Blogging thousands of times helps you put that online “real estate” up so you can be found as an authority.

3) They will see your banner ad on the blog page. 

You may put up pages like this called a speed blog, when you are in a rush.  Consistency is key.  Put up one new ad or piece of content each day.  Blog posts stay for the life of the Internet.  Ads expire.

Track how many sales you get from blog posts like these by using the tracking code &tid=what they click(image, link, banner-side, banner-top) and the date

here is an example:




If you’d like to learn how to blog about cats from the comfort of your own home and make money doing it, no guarantees your results may vary see our income disclosure or better yet click the picture below for a full income disclosure page.

Who Knows What Goes on inside the mind of a cat

Now back to cats because you know who else likes cats?  People just like me.  I have 4 of them.  There names are from the Andy Griffith Show:


3 of my cats
Andy, Emma and Bea Our Rescue Cats

1) Andy-Russian Blue, :”piece of work” rescue cat, Opie’s brother

2) Opie -Russian Blue Nervous rescue, “scardy cat” Andy’s brother.

3) Bea- The Alpha cat  also a rescue, and the smallest of the 4, also a Russian Blue, found with Emma a tiger cat who was nursing off Bea when we found them.

4) Emma( I just liked that name :D) She is a goofy cat, lies upside down, and stares at the ceiling contemplating life, and always the first one to rub against you when you get up.


Every night when I am done doing my 8 core commitments Bea, Emma and Andy curl up on my lap.  It usually happens within 5 minutes of me sitting down.

See the kind of person I am writing this for? 

This is all psychographic information.  It says who the person is, what they like and do not like, what they value and do not value.


Why bother with all this?  I thought we were here to make money online from the comfort of our own home?  Yes, we are. 


But people have to learn enough about you that they can relate to you and eventually know like and trust you.  So, you have to be real with them and let them in.  Let them get to know you.  Now with that said, keep in mind that there are people online that will try to use that against you as well, and they will try to sell you based on what they know about you.  So be careful about sharing sensitive information about your life online.

Now back to cats because that is one of the reasons you started reading this, Right?


Cats have this amazing ability to go, go, go and then drop down anywhere, and take a 20 minute or less cat nap.  With this little bit of rest they are raring to go!  They really are remarkable creatures.


Cats also love to be curious and live life on auto-pilot. Wouldn’t it be great to live that way?  That is my outcome.  That is what I have in mind for my life and that of my family.


Whatever goes on or happens at the time is just fine with cats. They may be rolling around in the sun on their backs one moment and the next moment jumping up to the top of the door!  They can be wrestling with each other and having a knock-down, drag out fight, and then switch to a love-fest, grooming each other the next.

Cats sometimes need their quiet time too.  They seem somewhat aloof at times, in fact.  They can be staring straight at you and totally be ignoring you!  

Don’t try to understand it unless you have been given the secret cat code 😉

Do not mess with a cat that is on the prowl.  In this state cats are tightly wound up.  They are coiled tight, every muscle in their bodies is ready to fire and pounce out at whatever they are attacking.


Whether they are playing, sleeping or ready to pounce the mind of a cat is a complex and wonderfully intriguing thing to study.  You don’t believe me? Try to figure out your cat the next time they do something unexpected.  They are wonderful creatures.  I wouldn’t change a thing. 


I hope you have enjoyed my blog post about cats.  If you’d like to have your own blog that you can use to sell whatever you want in you business click here and get started setting up your online “real estate.”

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